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Caron Butler’s “Look” to Andray Blatche (again)

Updated: November 9, 2008

Against the Milwaukee Bucks, Andray Blatche brought the ball up the court in transition and passed it to absolutely no one……save for some dude on Milwaukee’s bench. If you want to see video of said incident, click away.

As the Wizards headed into a timeout, Caron Butler gave Blatche a “look” as if to say….”Really?….. REAlly?

Some contested that Butler was just turning his head. Some say that it’s hard to tell what Butler is doing with the crappy quality of YouTube. How best boil this down? A screen shot. Sure, it’s silly and perhaps pointless to do so, but I’ve got nothing better to do while watching football on a Sunday.

In any case, the evidence speaks for itself…..that is a stink-face right in the direction of one Andray Blatche.