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Etan Thomas: Ambassador to Ukraine

Updated: November 20, 2008

Remember that video of various Washington Wizards talking about who would make the best President? (It looks like it’s since been removed from the internet.) Joking aside, most who eventually gave a serious answer went with Etan Thomas. Well, now we know why.

Ehh….we really already knew why….Etan is the Huffington Post’s “rebounder with a cause”, a stumper for Barack Obama, and “totally against war”…..basically, the guy is involved. Plus, he has dreads, they make him a politically active statement maker by default.

Flash forward to Wednesday night’s game in Atlanta…….I’m not sure what Oleksiy Pecherov said to Etan. Big Oily, by all accounts, is a silly dude….either that or anything he says with his Ukrainian accent is funny. Who knows, maybe Pech gave his best rendition of “Ukraine is game to you!?” But whatever it was, the American and the Euro shared an international chuckle.

Etan Thomas and Oleksiy Pecherov share an international chuckle - Truth About It.netSo what does Etan do to return the favor of Big Oily’s gift of laughter? “Yo, bartender!” He turns around and not only orders a cold beverage for himself, but gets his new international buddy a drinky-poo as well. That, my friends, is a true diplomat.

Etan Thomas buys Oleksiy Pecherov a drink

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