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Gilbert Arenas Now Thinks Voting Is A Joking Matter

Updated: November 10, 2008

Gilbert Arenas Thinks Voting Is A Joke -
Gilbert Arenas is a good guy who means well, but he still remains ignorant to the potential influence of his self-proclaimed marketing savvy.

Back in August, Gilbert blogged that he would essentially rather die than vote…..conveying a disheartening state of confusion about whether a vote counted or not, and admitting that he wasn’t even registered to vote because he didn’t want jury duty. No one laughed.

Arenas then reiterated his anti-voting sediment in late October. Still no chuckle. Thankfully, the pretend “Black President” is more side-show than influential subject. America’s youth disregarded absurd negative associations with the right to vote and their voice was heard.

Lo and behold, Barack Obama gets elected POTUS and people are celebrating in the streets. All of a sudden, Gil is registered to vote, getting the Obama family portrait painted on a wall in his home, and tattooing tributes to the President elect’s message of change on his digits. Gilbert, I thought your knee was hurting… were you able to catch up to the bandwagon so quick?

Michael Lee of the Washington Post wrote: Arenas said on Saturday that his previous comments about not voting because he was afraid of having higher taxes were “a joke that nobody got.”

I guess Gilbert Arenas forgot that part about not wanting to participate in the American justice system, or about no longer paying attention because he doesn’t get the party delegate process, or that his pessimism about democracy just might have made a kid who looks up to him not care. What can I say? Typical Gilbertology.

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  • I Live Inspired

    Gilbert seems to be going the way of Chad Johnson whose once charming antics are now just tired and sort of pathetic.

  • Old Man Stubborn

    I can care less whether Gil votes or not. Honestly, his ignorance on the issue is how many Americans feel, but what steams me is that he says these ignorant things in the public arena — and he isn’t the only BLACK celebrity to do so, Nas proclaimed that voting was “for dummies.”

    Sometimes I think people in Gilbert’s position forget just how influential they, their actions, and their words, are to the kids who look up to them. Generally the kids who have strong role models at the house won’t be misguided, but many of the youth in D.C., Oakland, and many other hoods, live and die on Gil’s every word.

  • I Live Inspired

    I agree with all of it but do you really believe that “many of the youth in D.C., Oakland, and many other hoods live and die on Gil’s every word.” I just don’t think that is true. I feel like the days of the extremely influential star are over. Kids don’t care all that much.

    It’s been over ten years since Charles Barkley said ‘I am not a role model’ and he was wrong then -but these days he would have been right.

  • Old Man Stubborn

    In the age of internet access youth can feel more connected than ever to their stars.

    If Michael Jordan had had a blog in the prime of his career, it would have been the most visited sports internet site in history. Kids love to get close to their athlete role models, and by Gilbert making himself available, he is getting kids to know him better, which in turn allows them to feel more free to want to do as he does.

  • Truth About It

    It seems like the segment that might be most influenced by Arenas’ words is not yet of age to vote….however, that doesn’t mean they can’t be politically active, or at least involved.

    Not to say that everyone must be “active”….but at least don’t be so self-absorbed that you are not aware.