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The Look Andray Blatche Does Not Want To Receive From Caron Butler

Updated: November 7, 2008

Dribblin’ the ball up the court again Andray? Hmm……how ’bout that?

Now, you do have decent handles for a guy your size….enough that it just might make one recollect the days of “Point Chris” (Webber). But you, sir, are not Chris Webber (which may be a good thing in some aspects).

Maybe one day when your mind is not boggled, going in a million directions and trying to do too much as the pressure to succeed mounts, I’ll be comfortable with you handling the ball in transition. But until then, you best give up the rock else you’ll keep receiving looks from a baffled Caron Butler.

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  • Brian Wu

    Amen to that.

    Potential is thrown around a lot, but it’d nice for consistency for once.


    Blatche got mad handles, yo.

  • QualityGameDC

    True indeed. Thanks for posting this clip! It inspired me to do an entire blog entry on the matter of Blatche.

  • Truth About It

    Someone had the gall to comment that Butler wasn’t giving ‘Dray a look on YouTube….

    I watched it several times, and Caron was definitely looking at Blatche because of the turnover….perhaps the YouTube quality doesn’t do it justice…..but watching it a couple times, I couldn’t help but chuckle each time.

  • The White Prez

    I can’t even tell what Caron is doing. Darn (keep it clean) you low quality YouTube videos. My eyes have adjusted to the clean crisp highlights.

  • The White Prez

    Also, is that Henson Keith site real, or some virus that will destroy my work computer.

  • Truth About It

    Yea, perhaps I need to get a clean screen shot to drive the point home.

    And yes, the harrisonkeith site is real….he’s got a great picture of Andray with a fist full of 20s, but surrounded by stacks of $5 and $1 bills.

  • Harrison Keith (QualityGameDC

    Yes, the site is legit. It will not give you a virus. The girls AB messes with, might. Sorry AB, had to do it.

  • The White Prez

    Ha, on my blog I get comments that are like. Hello mang. I enjoy love blogs your. See Mine. Then they have a link that is sketchy. Is that picture real?!?