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Washington Wizards Game 7 Blog at Miami Heat: A Splash of Dwyane Wade

Updated: November 15, 2008
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Playing in a high school gym atmosphere tonight….Miami is worse than LA when it comes to late arriving crowds….and much worse than DC (yes, we are bad too).

Etan Thomas missed his first shot…ok, there’s my 180, bench him (kidding).

Well….the Heat have three layups on their first four baskets: Wade in transition, Beasley drive on a gamble steal attempt by Wiz, Chalmers steal and sweet dunk on Dixon. 8-2 Heat.

The Wiz have settled for a bunch of jumpers, luckily they’ve made a couple, including a quick DeShawn Stevenson trey on a long board and shot clock reset….can’t blame Stevenson too much for taking the shot that fast, he was wide open and uncontested. 10-7 Heat.

Antawn Jamison gets a flip shot in the paint against Beasley….need to take advantage of that matchup all night. 12-9 Miami.

Dwyane Wade is a bad dude….saw him a bunch in the Olympics, but haven’t seen him at his best in an NBA setting in a long time.

The Heat are getting their hands on a lot of balls….the Wizards need to do a better job of taking care of it.

7:07: Etan….doubles Wade off a ball screen. Jamison picks up Haslem down low. Etan turns to cover…and I swear he sees Beasley wide open at the FT line, but he continues to look for his man. Communication? Bad awareness? Beasley jumper. 17-9 Miami.

Also, the Wizards are NOT taking it inside like they did against the Jazz.

See? Six minutes. Get JaVale in now.

Caron Butler jumps the passing lane in the back court and gets a sweet Karl Malone style dunk…..you know, the profilin’ dunk where you put one hand behind your head, elbow out. 17-11 Heat.

The Wizards appear to be exerting effort, but the Heat are beating them to all tips, taps, and loose balls.

3:31: Etan scores….at least he does a good job in establishing deep position in the paint almost every time down the court, instead of prowling around on the perimeter. 22-14 Miami.

Caron Butler
is not the best defender in the world….Marion baseline dunk, assist from Wade, after Butler turned his back on him. 24-16 Heat.

FG% so far MIA 59%, WAS 39%

1:55: Mass subs…Dom McGuire, Dee Brown, JaVale McGee, Nick Young….join The Gentleman Jamison – Bean Burrito immediately scores. 24-18 Heat.

Nick Young looks ready to eat these fools for dinner. He wants to score 30 tonight.

0:20: Andray Blatche checks in for Jamison.

Dequan Cook hits a trey at the buzzer. Nick Young made a good, honest contest (something he’s been doing well this year), but the ball drained after rolling around. 27-20 Miami Heat after one quarter.

Miami is +5 on the boards, +3 in FGM (both teams attempted 20) and +3 in assists after one.


Good pass Andray Blatche…cutting D-Mac gets blocked….McGee to clean up with the dunk. 27-22 Miami.

Great….Chris Quinn is killing now. 33-23 Miami.

9:11: Nick Young with an ill-advised to attempt to split two defenders, and his man setting the pick, turnover…..but McGuire with an awesome fast break block on the other end.

8:45: McGee…distanced post up at the elbow. Drive, spin on Joel Anthony, lengthy move to the basket and hanging runner….sweetness. 34-25 Heat.

Juan Dixon, Jamison, Butler check back in to join McGee and Young….need a run here.

Etan comes in shortly thereafter.

Good Miami defense? Sloppy Wizards offense? Both. Wade scores to push the Heat lead back to 10 at 38-28.

4:57: Nick Young with a nice pass to Jamison for a bucket….more and more, the game is becoming natural for Nick Young.

I must give the Heat some credit, they are playing very good defense….undersized and quick.

There’s been a couple Wade highlights, a nice Beasley put-back dunk, but otherwise, this has been a boring game….the Wizards only scoring 34 points on 38% with a minute left in the half would have something to do with it. They really can’t do anything right.

And it didn’t get any better in those 60 seconds, the Wizards head into the locker room down 49-36.

Fast break points: 7-0 Miami. Beasley and Wade combine for 25 total points.


Hmm….Darius Songaila starts instead of Etan Thomas.

Well, just as I figured Jamison would do to him, Beasley is hitting sweet spinning up and under scoop shots on AJ.

Jamison gives a dose of some of the same to Udonis Haslem. 53-44 Heat.

9:15: Michael Beasley absolutely blows by Caron Butler for a lefty slam on every one of the Wizards. Juan Dixon went running away from the help area.

7:21: Great setup back door from Songaila to Butler for a dunk. D-Song has played well and behind his moxie, along with the toughness of Jamison, the Wizards have cut it to 6, 56-50 Heat.

Stevenson is playing more disciplined defense against Wade in the 3rd….not biting on fakes.

6:23: Nick Young for Dixon…..I really like this sub and him joining Stevenson in the backcourt.

leads the Heat to a quick four (bucket and assist) when the Wiz failed to cut it for four….60-50 Miami, 5:00 left in the 3rd. McGee checks in for D-Song.

Nick Young is trying to get the offense going….Miami is playing good D, but Young seems frustrated that he’s not getting the calls.

Wade triple. Wade amazing putback. He’s 8-9 for the game with 21 points and the Heat are up 15 with 2:55 left. Blatche for Butler – joins Jamison, McGee, Stevenson, and Young.

Marion has been gloving Butler….and the Heat keep getting 2nd chance points….they have 11 offensive rebounds.

This is getting sick fast. Since the Wiz had a chance to cut it to four, the Heat have gone on a 14-1 run.

Wiz can’t do anything right: Stevenson misses an out-of-control layup. Jamison’s layup gets blocked by Haslem. Marion transition floater. Quinn picks Stevenson’s pocket. Heat points….18-1 run in six minutes doggy dog it’s on. 1:10 left, 74-51 Miami Heat.

Pecherov for Jamison…how about that front line with Blatche and McGee. JaVale McGee is a bad FT shooter….why?

The hemorrhaging doesn’t really stop. The 3rd ends with the Heat up 76-53….a 20-3 run heading into the 4th. Something has got to give…..right?


Dee Brown checks in for Stevenson. Does this mean it’s over? Just about…Chalmers lost the ball, recovered it, threw it at the hoop and made a three all in one motion.

McGee finger roll. McGee turn around fading baseline jumper.

Pech hits some sort of trigger trey. Wiz hovering at 20 down. 82-62 with 7:41 left…..but Chris Quinn hits a shot in Dee Brown’s grill, back down 23.

Damn D-Wade…all you really had to do was play that six minute stretch in the 3rd and you can sit out the rest of the game.

Listless, lackluster, no energy BS.

Right now, it seems like the Heat came to the gym to make it rain from three-point land…..judging from the dress of Antonio Daniels and Gilbert Arenas, the Wizards came to make it rain in the VIP room.

Andray Blatche is doing Andray Blatche things…..Eddie Jordan calls Big Oily (who must’ve just checked out) to give the player formerly known as Unbreakable the hook.

With the kids in, you’d expect energy, but they’re not even playing with a semblance of hustle….or anything at all.

3:50: Dee Brown
gets to test his improved jumper…..NOPE.

I mean…the first half didn’t give me the greatest feeling in the world. I thought both teams would be in for a fight when the starting unit in the 2nd half cut the Miami lead to 6….but after that, the game became an old fashioned drumming.


  1. Dwyane Wade (24 points, 4 assists, 1 turnover in 30 minutes).
  2. Miami Defense (Wizards shoot 40.8%).
  3. Miami Rebounding (52-33 Advantage).

Simple as that.

Oh…the game is still going on, Heat up 97-71 with 2:13 left.

Game ends with a 6-0 Wizards run….”yay” – 97-77 is the final. Kinda shocked here….then again, not really.

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