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Washington Wizards Game Day/Night: A Tepid History With The Miami Heat

Updated: November 14, 2008

For the longest time the Miami Heat had the number of the Washington Wizards. Remember the Wizards when Gilbert Arenas was playing and the team was winning? Yea, those Wizards. Well, when it comes to last year….sorry suckers. SWEEP!

Game time soon….quick history from 07-08:

Game 22: Washington Wizards @ Miami Heat – Dec. 13, 2007
Missed the game, but the game blog was covered by AJ. Wiz came out in the first aggressive on D and running….got them to a 12-point lead after one. As the game would continue, the Wiz held control for the most part with Miami making a run every now and then. Caron Butler started out slow, but caught fire in the 3rd quarter. Ultimately, the final score made the game seem closer than it was; the Wizards had some chances to blow the Heat out of the water. This was also one of those “DeShawn Stevenson playing out his ass” games as he went 6-12 from three point range. Wizards 104 – Heat 91

Game 29: Washington Wizards vs. Miami Heat – Dec. 29, 2007
Missed this game too….wedding…thank god I have a DVR for this season (I know, I’m a laggard). All you really need to know about this one is that Ricky Davis led the Heat in scoring with 22 points and Luke Jackson was second with 14 — and Dwyane Wade did play (ouch for them). The Wizards also got 42 points from their bench. Wizards 96 – Heat 74

Game 68: Washington Wizards @ Miami Heat – March 21, 2008

What do you know….I missed this game too…my Bulldogs in the NCAA Tournament took precedent. Didn’t miss much….let’s see, the Heat at one point had five former NBDL players on the court (not NBDL vets from a previous season….from that season). Nick Young didn’t play because of a bruised thigh, and Caron Butler led the Wizards with 25 point, perhaps taking out anger at the fact that UConn got upset by San Diego in the tournament. Wizards 103 – Heat 86

Quick Jeopardy: “Then they are uninformed and don’t know a lick about basketball. I do this for a living and I’ll tell you: [Eddie Jordan] is one of the best in the business.”

What is……What are the words of a Western Conference scout when Ivan Carter informed him that some of the readers commenters on Wizards Insider thought that Eddie Jordan was a lousy coach?

Game 76: Washington Wizards vs. Miami Heat – April 4, 2008
After not even seeing any of the other Heat games, I actually attended this one with my pops. Gilbert Arenas played with his ‘shiny suit man’ shoes. Stevenson hit four 3s in the 1st. We found out from Caron Butler on the big screen that Andray Blatche has terrible manners because he chews with his mouth open. And yes, Ricky Davis once again led Miami in points….Chris Quinn was 2nd. As they would say in Murrr-lin (Maryland), that’s turrr-eh-ble. Wizards 109 – Miami 95

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