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Wizards at Pistons: Game 2 Reactions: Herrmann Found, Jamison Lost

Updated: November 3, 2008

Flickr tells me that the above picture is none other than Walter Herrmann….and I have to believe it. Something tells me that old school Walter Herrmann would totally have a hair-doo like Guile from Street Fighter only to go with the ‘Fabio’ look we’re graced with today.

So a guy with a pony-tail goes off on the Wizards and everyone becomes a drama queen. I mean just look at the picture….the guy is about to dunk with a ball on f-ing fire! It’s no wonder that Herrmann was hitting trey balls and finger rolls on the Wiz. For all we know, he could be the Argentinian Chuck Norris.

Plus, the dude has been through a TON in his life that not many can imagine. In July 2003, Herrmann lost his mother, younger sister, and girlfriend all in the same car crash. Exactly a year later, he had one of the best games of his career, 38 points and 11 rebounds, in leading Argentina in the South American Championships. After the game, he found out that his father had died of a heart-attack.

So, from a guy who almost quit the game of basketball, but was encouraged not to by his older sister, to starring in the NBA today. If such a game had to happen against the Wizards, then so be it.

Besides….there are many reasons as to why a team loses a game. Some may point to Herrmann….some may point to a small Wizards lineup getting out-rebounded by Detroit…..all valid points. But what I would like to touch upon is the baffling defense of Antawn Jamison. It’s evident that the guy is not quick enough to keep up at times. But he’s a veteran, I expect more from Jamison in terms of positioning himself in the right place, at the right time, as the situation calls.

Quarter 1 Instances:

  • Jamison’s man sets a pick, Billups hits an easy two at the elbow. I understand AJ wanting to protect the basket, but it’s not like Chauncey was a couple feet behind the 3-point line….it just took one dribble for him to get to the spot. AJ must deter Billups by leaving less space on screen help…..Chauncey shooting wide-open from the elbow is just as good as a layup.
  • Etan Thomas helps on a curl, Jamison picks up Etan’s man….but when Etan’s help is no longer needed, he is wondering around looking for someone to cover. Should Antawn have communicated to Etan to pick up his man, Rasheed Wallace? I don’t know, but I do know that Rasheed was wide open and nailed a trey as a result.
  • Jamison doubles Billups off a screen….nothing wrong with that as it seemed part of the Jordan-Ayers game plan….but with Billups fully deterred, we find Jamison wrapped in indecisiveness and entrenched in no man’s land. Detroit finds the open man……buckets.

Not sure these instances can get much more frustrating….gaffes such as these are unexpected from Jamision, and they’ve got to be corrected….I’m just not confident it actually happens. Of course, AJ doesn’t necessarily take the full blame for these situations….maybe Daniels needs to do better at getting over screens, and maybe Etan should be more aware.

Antawn once said this about the absence of Brendan Haywood, “We got accustomed to Brendan being out there and talking. I got accustomed to him telling me where to be at.” Well, AJ, the comfort blanket is long gone, it’s time for you to step your game up.

Well….great…now that I’ve called out the classiest, most consistent Wizard (yay me), below is the best of the best Wizards-Pistons coverage from around the web.


[Detroit keeps firing on all cylinders – The Washington Times]
“They’re a very aggressive, physical team at both ends of the floor. They drive on you, post you up, try to pound the ball inside – their guards and their forwards and their centers. And they hit the boards,” Wizards coach Eddie Jordan said. “We got better physically, but we weren’t good enough physically to cover the rebounding edge and stop them.”

[Rotation Situation – Wizards Insider, Washington Post]
I’m sure folks have all kinds of interesting thoughts on last night’s entertaining loss at Detroit, particularly Coach Eddie Jordan’s reliance on a smaller lineup that got the Wizards back into the game and proved effective offensively but also led to a brutal beating on the boards where the Pistons held a 49-23 edge in rebounds and a 28-9 edge in second-chance points.

[Wizards shrink as Pistons win 117-109 – Bullets Forever]
When your best five man unit is Dixon-Young-Butler-Jamison-Songaila, the best case scenario is that they can perform well enough offensively to trade baskets with the other team, because they sure can’t shut them down for an extended amount of time.

[Aftermath Detroit – We’re Off to See The Wizards]
Andray Blatche seemed to be benched and not happy about it. He looked like Kwame Brown used to look on the bench which is scary. Songaila got the minutes instead and did what he does best, knock down open shots. Juan Dixon had Songaila open about 10 times, refusing to pass him the ball, then finally doing it once for a layup.

[Wizards Don’t Have Answer for Herrmann – The Washington Post]
But Wálter Herrmann? Really? Indeed, the ponytail wearing third-year forward from Argentina, who resembles Fabio, helped the Pistons pull away from the scrappy Wizards for a 117-109 victory at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

[Game #2: Wiz get Herrmannated – Pistons Nation Blog]
Walter was part of a Pistons bench that outscored Washington’s 55-44. Jason Maxiell (11 pts, 7 rbs) attacked the rim like he was still playing for a contract. Kwame Brown showed his former mates his quick first step with a couple knifing moves to the
hoop for the big man. Kwame scored 8 points on 4/4 shooting and would have been given more PT by Coach Curry’s own admission had the Wizards not gone to a small lineup.

[Wins, Wizards and Walter – Need 4 Sheed]
Curry scored a point with me by leaving the hot Walter on the floor the whole fourth quarter when he was getting the job done. Last season that wouldn’t have happened.

[Walter Herrmann is a monster vs. Wizards – Detroit Free Press]
“It’s unbelievable,” Herrmann, who also had seven rebounds and four assists, said of the crowd reaction. “When we play smaller, we play very open. I just feel comfortable. When you play a lot of minutes, you are confident every single game.”

[Herrmann puts on the hurt in Washington loss – Examiner.com]
How could the Wizards lose while shooting over 50% from the field and making only 8 team turnovers over the course of the game? Second-chance points. Detroit out-rebounded Washington on the offensive end 16-5, leading to second-chance point opportunities.

[Wizards Find Encouragement in Defeat – The Washington Post]
Dixon and Young played well off one another during their time together on the floor — particularly during the 31-point second quarter — and also gave the Pistons problems with their quickness in the half-court defense.

[Wizards Win 2nd of 4 Quarters Versus Pistons!! – My Swog is Phenomenal]
One thing I think could help is a lineup change. I know it’s too early now, but I just don’t think what we start out with on the court is going to pan out in the long run until Arenas comes back. I say you can keep Daniels at the point, unless Nick strings together a run of “super duper that was so awesome I need to go to the pooper” games, at which point I would say try the switch, especially if Arenas’ return is delayed. I know it’s not his best position, but I gots to leave Stevenson in at the 2. He’s streaky, I know, but he’s been pretty good on average, and I can take that. Besides, he can’t feel his face. I stick with Caron and Antawn at 3 and 4, but at 5, I really gotta pull Etan Thomas.

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