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Wizards Game 3 Blog: at Milwaukee Bucks

Updated: November 6, 2008
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NEW FEATURE: Andray Blatche Threat Level Color Coded Alert System.

Ok….I’m glad they’re starting Andray Blatche (Etan Thomas is out with an ankle….Michael Redd is also out for the Bucks with an ankle). I still got hope for the kid and this time, it’s hope that this elevated status, and past poor performance of course, drive him to succeed.

If I could think of the perfect two words to describe Scott Skiles, it would be ‘piss ant’


11:40: On the first possession, the Wizards do well to communicate assignments off the pressure double Eddie likes to use…..I’m beginning to wonder if this gimmicky defense sometimes works to the Wizards detriment.

But after forcing Charlie Villanueva into a mid-range fade-away, there are two Wizards in front of Andrew BogutAndray Blatche and Caron Butler….Blatche simply does not put a body on Bogut and tries to block him out with one arm…the Bucks can’t take advantage of a 2nd and 3rd chance.

10:47: Was it just me, or did they play the “Ole – Ole” song after Villanueva hit his first bucket?

In the first four minutes, both teams are playing good defense…..except the Bucks are hot and the Wizards are not. 9-2 lead for Milwaukee.

Andray commits a foul on an offensive rebound…..bad call

7:55: Antawn Jamison gets dunked ON by Richard Jefferson.

Blatche is turning the ball over and missing threes. Previously, he was lucky to tip a rebound to AD….Phil complimented Blatche on having “inside position” on Bogut. Well, that time they were side by side, Andray just had longer arms.

Antonio Daniels turnover……I tell you what, I may need to admit to cuppettcj (Bullets Forever user) that I was wrong. It just may be time to start Nick Young instead of Daniels…..it would surely help treat an anemic offense.

4:35: Blatche seems to have good intentions in awareness, he just misjudges the location of the passing lane and Villaunueva cuts, gets a great pass from Ramon Sessions and hits a jumper over Blatche after getting separation. 19-8 Bucks.

3:46: JaVale McGee and Dee Brown check in for Blatche and Daniels….I love making that sub here. AD and AB weren’t playing well, get them out. Usually, Eddie doesn’t make his subs until towards the end of the first.

Well, Phil Chenier said others need to get more aggressive….DeShawn Stevenson just hit Bogut with a wicked left-right-left cross for a bucket. 27-12 Bucks.

Thought: Richard Jefferson is a pretty damn good player without Jason Kidd….or is it playing against the Wizards? 14 points for R-Jeff.

0:43: R-Jeff is killing fools….literally…a bow of his just accidentally split AJ’s lip and he has to head to the locker room.

Darius Songaila checks in.

Dee Brown just got an offensive rebound…..I imagine how incensed I would be if I were a Bucks fan.

End of 1: 30-17 Milwaukee Bucks.

  • Good point: Caron Butler played well, scoring 8 points as he was aggressive…..earned 4 trips to the FT line.
  • Bad point: The Wizards have had a decent effort on D, but I’m still not writing it off as the Bucks just being “hot” in shooting 50%. They also out assisted the Wizards 10-4 and out rebounded them 14-7.
  • Changes? I’m not sure when Butler gets his rest, but I’d like to see Nick Young with this unit (Brown, McGee, Songaila ad Butler).


Eddie likes the unit too….no subs made.

10:55: McGee helps with a huge block on Jefferson….crowd groans, thinking he caught it on the way down…..I reviewed it in the booth, and there is not enough conclusive evidence to over-turn the non-call.

Nick Young checks in for Dee Brown.

McGee is being aggressive…..might I get aboard the USS Start JaVale McGee? Etan Thomas and Daniels would be great vets off the bench….as Andray Blatche fades into the sunset. My hope for ‘Dray got crushed pretty fast, huh?

Juan Dixon checks in for Stevenson.

9:34: NOOOO!! Blatche checks back in for McGee.

8:49: Damn, Caron Butler slammed it so hard his momma in the crowd felt it…..well actually, he just fell down. He received a great pass from Nick Young who brought it the length of the court. Might Young have PG skills? This game has my thoughts in a bizarro world.

Honestly…..the sight of Andray Blatche dribbling the ball up the court and passing it to absolutely no one (save for a Bucks coach) had me say yelling some “NOs”, “OMFGs”, and “ARE YOU KIDDINGs”. The look of wonderment on Caron Butler’s face going into the timeout was classic, hilarious, but also wrapped inside an enigma.

Butler finally gets a rest after helping cut the score to 32-25 Bucks. Dominic McGuire checks in….Richard Jefferson licks his chops and scores immediately.

7:57: Nick Young hits Charlie Bell silly with a cross-over…..at this point, it would be acceptable for him to hold his hand in the air and shuffle down the court like Sidney Deane in White Men Can’t Jump while saying “It’s pretty….it’s sooo pretty” while the King says, “That’s a pro move.” to the Duck on the sideline. 35-27 Bucks.

Andray Blatche is absolutely terrible…..Juan Dixon hits a three and gets a steal….brings it down the court, but has nothing and looks to reset. Blatche receives the ball on the outside from Dixon and Juan goes to reclaim with 19 seconds on the shot clock….but no, Andray Blatche does not give him the ball after Dixon has called for it. He decides to dribble towards the corner, make an ill-advised cross-court pass attempt that gets deflected out of bounds by the Bucks….still Wizards ball.

Blatche tries to negate his wrong doing by hitting a mid-range jumper. 37-32 Bucks.

6:16: Blatche goes further into the red as he jumps to shoot, but doesn’t have a ton of space and Villanueva gets there as Andray goes into
his slow, mechanical release. Blatche tries to pass and turns the ball over.

They show a shot of Eddie Jordan grinding his teeth. I feel your pain coach.

On the court: Dixon, Pecherov, Young, Songaila, and McGuire.

4:36: Big Oily earns the Wiz a FT when stepping outside the 3-point line and Bogut staying in the paint….illegal defense.

I’m amazed at Nick Young…he’s not only scoring well, but he’s not turning the ball over and he’s hustling on defense.

Taser ties up a Buck on D for a jump ball and he wins the tip.

Jamison makes it back to the court with his split lip. He draws a foul, but goes 1-2 from the line. Uhh…..Dave Hopla? Getting complacent? Your team is 11-19 from the FT line.

2:25: Well, the team that was once down 18 points is now up 40-39.

Third time is a charm (3rd game) and I’m convinced. The current Wizards starting lineup is not working.

2nd unit draws a shot clock violation on the Buck…..no biggie, right?

1:44: Stevenson checks in for Dixon (McGuire, AJ, Young and Songaila on court).

Nick likes to sa-shay after running into pads.

1:24: Butler back for McGuire.

End Half: The Wiz don’t allow the Bucks to score a FG in the latter half of the 2nd quarter. 45-39 Washington Wizards.

Great job everyone….pats on the back all around……wait, no…not you Andray. And free-throws……16-25? Really? At least the Wiz are up in FG% 44 to 38, and 16-10 on points in paint, 19-6 on bench scoring.


Same starters.
11:13: YEs, Sir! Antonio Daniels steal and dunk on Richard Jefferson….no contact, (funny, because AD earned an And1), but that was definitely ON Jefferson. ON IS ON and maybe that is defined on whether the guy jumps or not. 49-39 Wizards.

Bogut is not playing well….but the Wizards are and there is a smattering of boos in the Bradley Center. Tuff Juice is being poured all over the court….oh, and he also can’t feel his face. 55-41 Wizards.

Another thing I’ve noticed about Bogut, he likes to push a lot when going for offensive rebounds….funny stuff down under.

Wiz up 13….imagine if they weren’t 20-32 from the FT line.

They need to start flying Caron Butler’s family to every game…..I know getting 40 people to travel everywhere would be expensive, but it won’t count against the salary cap. Butler is 8-10 from the field, 6-6 from the line.

Caron Butler walks back on the court after the timeout with the straw completely out of his mouth……that kids, is an instance of swagger. And….I think Butler has the shadow of a developing Mohawk too.

5:17: Jefferson is putting on his own show….four straight points, 61-51 Wizards.

5:03: Dixon and Songaila check in for Daniels and Blatche.

Buck says…”Do you feel the momentum changing?” as the Bucks go on an 8-3 run to cut it to 62-55 Wizards….with perfect timing, Butler gets a steal and his own breakaway dunk.

Dammit….I just realized that Gilbert Arenas has probably been talking trash to Richard Jefferson and that’s why he’s doing so well.

3:00: Nick Young in for DeShawn (with AJ, Butler, Dixon, D-Song).

The Bucks are making their own runs….5 Wizards turnovers leading to 7 Buck points would be one factor. But Jamison is being aggressive with his busted lip. He has 16 points, 8 boards and 2 blocks despite time spent getting stitches.

McGee checks in for Songaila….Nick Young picks up where he left off…….the shot he just hit made him a lock for the Sophomore Game.

McGuire makes a nice cameo and gets a great tip back with 1.5 seconds left. Have the Wizards just sustained “the run”?

End of 3rd: Wizards up 78-66.


JaVale McGee….Monumental Air? Monster dunk And 1…missed the FT, the Wizards 15th miss from the line. 80-69 Wizards. He actually threw that one in there like the Reign Man used to.

9:12: Taser gets an offensive rebound and Eddie Jordan calls timeout to get the Wizards ready for the final push. 85-74 Wizards.

Wizards 4 on 1 fast break….Butler to Young to McGee……DUnk U.

7:15: Songaila helps Dixon get a steal…..Juanny buckets. Songaila draws a frustration foul on Ridnour. That’s what D-Song do.

Songaila also has picked up 3 fouls and two turnovers in 70 seconds. That’s what D-Song do.

When was the last time Andray Blatche played?

Here’s the BIG PROBLEM…the starters are in….save Songaila instead of Etan or Andray. The Bucks go on a run and cut the Wizards lead to 6, 89-83 with 5:18 to play. D-Song hustles (and does some bad things, I admit….but I still think he tries hard and is reliable) and Jamison and Butler have played well…..but Daniels and Stevenson? Hmmm…….

18 seconds later, the Wizard lead is 4.

Uh oh….Andray is in…..making some moves thinking he’s Hakeem Olajuwon, nothing comes of them.

Stevenson’s here? Thanks for hitting a three DeShawn. 93-86 Wizards.

2:55: Sessions spins like a top and draws an And 1 on Blatche. 95-91 Wizards.

All of a sudden, the Bucks have 24 fast break points, the Wizards 16.

How about that? JaVale McGee checks in for Blatche with 2:30 left in the game.

2:00: Damn…Ridhour’s been hitting. 95-94 Wizards.

1:45: McGee with an O Board…..look at that arm length….incredible. What do you know again? Daniels goes out….for Juan Dixon. AD is kinda shaking his head on the way to the bench…not sure why. Wiz up 96-94.

1:16: File this one under ‘Woulda Been Sweet’ – Butler had Jefferson fooled and went behind his back…but the ball got away from him (develop those handles I guess)…turnover….fastbreak….points. Tied at 96.

0:51.3: 24 Second Violation, Wizards.

Some of the Wizards are coming out of the timeout, ok, it’s Butler, and the look on his face says….‘Not this again.’

0:36: Monster dunk, Australia. McGee tried to go backside, away from the basket, trying to get the steal….no dice. Gotta stay between man and hoop kiddo.

0:21: Jamison ties the game on a tough running jumper…but I still can’t help but wonder why Nick Young is not in the game for some offense.

98 Tie. 21.8 seconds left, Milwaukee ball…..not this again.

Ok….hold on…..leaning over a chair….gotta get the heart out of my stomach. Jamison fell for a pump fake and went flying by BAA- AMoutay (It’s really: Mbah a Moute)….. UCLA kid had an open look, but couldn’t hit it. OVERtime.


Well, here we go, can’t blame Eddie for tinkering with this cuppettcj’s suggestion….Young, Stevenson, Butler, Jamison and Songaila in the game to start.

4:18: Songaila BURIES an open jumper. yessir. 100-98 Wizards.

Then again, Songaila doesn’t cut down an open lane, Butler thinks he will…errant pas….turnover.

3:30: 30 points for
Richard Jefferson and he cannot feel his face. 100 tie.

Nick Young throws up some candy, it gets blocked by Bogut.

3:13: They FINALLY called that arm push thing on Bogut…..that or Jamison went flying…it was more of a push. Wiz ball.

Hmm……what a play by Nick Young. Came down, called a timeout…..before legally going out of bounds. Coulda been a travel. Shoulda been a foul on BAA-Amoutay….none of that. Timeout awarded.

RED ROOSTER!!!. Songaila sets a very high and hard screen for Nick Young. Bogut doesn’t step up and Nick makes him pay…two dribbles off the screen, FT line jumper. 102-100 Wizards.

Songaila is too small to hang with Bogut, but secures a tough rebound off a missed FT. 102 Tie.

1:49: Richard Jefferson is trying to make All-Star….took a step well before the charge half circle and threw it down on a 4-1 Bucks break off a Wiz turnover. 104-102 Bucks. DEMORALIZING?

Wow….the Wiz keep going to Jamison, but he looks like the old’ grizzled vet from the movies who’s too old for this sh–. BAA-Amoutay is killing with multiple buckets. Wiz are fouling now. 110-104 Bucks. Great.

Antawn Jamison is pissed…..lip is bleeding. Ridhour has 20 points, 11 assists, 7 rebounds……..Yep, all that adds up to loss number 3 for the Wizards. Ain’t that a b.

Final = 112-104 Milwaukeeespn.com box score

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