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Blogger Q&A: Pistons Nation

Updated: December 17, 2008

In anticipation of tonight’s match-up between the Wizards and Pistons, the third on the season, Jessie from the Pistons Nation agreed to answer a couple questions I had about his team. Read on….

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1) The Pistons have gone 9-9 since Iverson has taken the court…..meanwhile, Mr. Big Shot and the Nuggets are 16-4….care to offer any hindsight on the trade?

  • Did you like it in the first place?
  • Would you do it differently?
  • Prior to trading Chauncey, did you seriously think that Detroit had championship material?

Personally I’m not a huge fan of the trade on the hardwood. Chaunce was my favorite Piston, and I’ve never been a big fan of AI’s improv stylings. I don’t believe he fits the team, and it shows on the floor.

The cap space is just too sweet. It’s hard to say if I’d do it differently without seeing who Joe can snag this offseason and next. If only we could have had Mr. Big Shot squeeze Denver for a buyout LOL.

Yes, I did believe the Pistons were a contender before the trade. I think one of the biggest things that helped Boston get by us was Chauncey’s injury against Orlando in the second round. I liked the idea of a bigger role for Tay coming into the season and the continued emergence of Stuckey as a star in the making. I thought we could have used another piece off the bench but didn’t need a major move to be among the final 4.

2) So what’s the deal with Jason Maxiell? Does he no longer find babies delicious? His PER is actually up slightly from last year, but his minutes per game are down from 21.6 last season to 16.9 — I’ve heard rumblings on why he hasn’t been playing more, so what say you?

Michael Curry’s lineup have been in limbo since the trade. Bringing Iverson in has forced Curry to experiment with smaller lineups. The last game against you guys Jason never even came off the bench (along with Amir Johnson and Kwame Brown).

I don’t totally get it. I’m not a fan of small ball or adjusting your team down to the opponent. I say go with your best guys with some in game tweeks.

3) Michael Curry… he on the hot seat….or is it at least getting warm?

Curry is supposed to be a defensive guy but our D is not close to being up to par. We’re having outscore opponents in our victories. No more are we a lock up team. He also seems to let a merit system dictate who stays on the court. Guys have to play hard and be accountable but you can’t glue money players to the bench late in games because a member of the bench is hustling extra hard.

Joe likes M.C. personally and professionally, but the Pistons don’t have a reputation of keeping coaches who they perceive to underachieve. I can see them giving him a season to find his wings but if it doesn’t work there’ll be a lot of coaching candidates available and I don’t think the Pistons would be shy about getting a more seasoned upgrade.

4) Trade Rasheed Wallace…..but if not for Josh Howard……then who? What would be your ideal/fair trade? (Assuming that because of Iverson’s last contract year, the trade would be aimed at making a championship run this year…..or is trading Rasheed in any capacity a definite sign that the Pistons are rebuilding?)

Teams are going to want to acquire Rasheed for two reasons. One, if they’re a contender then Sheed can very easily be that x-factor. Two, he’s a big contract that’ll come off the books at the end of the season.

It would have to be a special trade. We can’t give up a highly skilled big unless it’s for a player of a similar ilk and still expect to make a run at the O’Brien.

[Update: My return answers about the Wizards to Pistons Nation]

Thanks again to Jessie of Pistons Nation, be sure and check out their blog for tonight’s game preview and talk about Rasheed Wallace trade rumors.

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