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Caron Butler is Bugs Bunny?

Updated: December 24, 2008

Ugh…..I only got to see the last 10 minutes of the Wizards-Bobcats game last night…..the exact segment I could have lived without ever watching. I may get a 4th quarter game blog posted at some point, I may not…..but in any case, the lead part of Mike Jones’ game story in the Washington Times struck me as a bit odd:

Remember the old Looney Tunes cartoon in which Bugs Bunny crawls out of a hole on a baseball diamond, summons spectacular powers as only Bugs can, plays every position on the field and single-handedly defeats a team of gorilla-looking opponents?

It almost seemed like the Washington Wizards got a similar performance out of Caron Butler Tuesday night at Time Warner Cable Arena. Only in this episode, the Wizards came up short and sank to an all-time low with an 80-72 loss to the host Charlotte Bobcats.

Uhh….ooo-kay? First of all, I’d hardly call a 10-19 Charlotte Bobcats squad an opponent of gorilla-esque gargantuan stature. I commented in the game thread on Bullets Forever, curious if such a loss was hitting rock bottom (at least historically, as 4-22 is the worst record through 26 games in team history). I was quickly reminded that the Wizards will be facing the Oklahoma City Thunder on Saturday, a true battle to decide who will be pulling up the caboose in NBA power rankings from ’round the net.

But the Caron Butler to Bugs Bunny comparison…..I suppose that’s assuming Butler’s massively exerted effort was good for the team as a whole. Look, I know the guy didn’t have much help per se, but Butler doing anything alone is not only not conducive to winning, but just doesn’t set the tone for potential team play in the future.

Caron Butler cares….I get it. And that’s why he’s usurped Gilbert Arenas as my favorite Wizard (not to say that Arenas doesn’t care, but Butler does it without the frills). However, what I’ve seen from him lately is not the Caron Butler I know. The Wizards have played 26 games on the year and in the last six, Butler has accumulated over 30% of his turnover total on the season. Saying that the issue is being forced would be an understatement.

As a fan, this season is becoming increasingly depressing with a healthy dose of genuine distraught……so I can’t imagine the frustration on the part of the players who want to win, the gamers who are used to winning.

What’s clear is that this Washington Wizards franchise is on a tragically steep decline, and there is no Ghosts of Christmas 180s anywhere in sight. At this point, holiday wishes and new year’s resolutions should be all about saving face and finding a way to have fun playing basketball again…..because missing the playoffs has become a foregone conclusion.

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