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DeShawn Stevenson’s Hair Stylist Hopes to Help Break Slump

Updated: December 10, 2008

Sure, DeShawn Stevenson has sported the Mohawk hair-style before. He’s also worn the jersey of a dog killer and currently yearns for the bearded days of yore. In the preseason, DeShawn broke out an 80s flat-top and is now going with the flat Mohawk look. Dude is unabashed and will try anything to get out of his current slump.

This year, Stevenson is posting career worsts in FG% (31.7) and Usage% (15.9), and his PER is at its lowest level since arriving in DC.

At least the guy can say that he’s dropping a career best Assist% in contrast to a career low Turnover% (his ’08-’09 per game averages are 3.6 and 0.9 respectively). -stats from

Now, I’m not so sure that new hair-doos will help Stevenson more than him just deciding to take better shots. In Tuesday night’s Wizards win against the Detroit Pistons, I only remember DeShawn taking one good shot, the only make out of eight attempts.

Is this what we should come to expect from Stevenson? Is a member of Bullets Forever ready to start a themed website requesting that Stevenson shoot less? Of course, I still know that once in a blue moon, DeShawn will have a 5-9 night from three-point land in a game full of lucky gunning and heat checks.

But my real hope is that evenings of Lock Smith inefficiency will start becoming far and few between, or that the Nick Young Starting Experiment commences soon. Looks like we’ll just have to wait and see which way the wind blows.

DeShawn Stevenson and his new flat Mohawk thingee - Truth About

And now a pic of DeShawn that is not a television screen-shot:

DeShawn Stevenson and his Mohawk doo - flick/Keith Allison[photo source: flickr/Keith Allison]

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  1. Jarrett

    December 10, 2008 at 6:18 pm

    Of all the ridiculous happenings with the Wizards this year, he is the most ridiculous of the supreme clientele.

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