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Represent Nick Young On A Street Near You: The ’09 Dunk Contest Campaign

Updated: December 1, 2008

Ok, so the Wizards ’08-09 season isn’t exactly going as planned. Hell, it’s been downright disastrous. So, us of Bullets/Wizards Nation must revert back to small victories, such as when we all rooted for Timmy “Legs” Legler in the ’96 All-Star Three-Point Shootout as the Bullets toiled into the all-star break with a 22-24 record (which looks tragically unattainable at this point).

In any case, the first “little victory” campaign is to get Nick Young into the 2009 All-Star Slam Dunk Contest. And what better way to represent than a t-shirt?

Below you will find a lovely blue “Monumental Air” t-shirt….the very style I ordered before heading out of town for the holidays and received in the mail upon my return.

Nick Young Dunk Contest 09 T-Shirt
The design was crafted by Jake The Snake and is sponsored by the good folks at Bullets Forever. Shirts come in blue or white, with a large or wide logo, and the text on the back of each is:

Dunk Contest ’09
The Nick Young Campaign

With today being Cyber-shopping Monday….or whatever, it’s time for you to get on your horse and purchase one for yourself, the kids, grandma, your dog, your neighbor, and so on……

Click here to head to the store……
Monumental Air 2009, Put Nick Young in the NBA Dunk Contest