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Rising Down: a photoshopped microcosm of the 08-09 Washington Wizards

Updated: December 17, 2008

The Washington Wizards Are Rising Down - Truth About It.netSo I got home after a dinner on Monday night and caught about the last five minutes of the Wizards-Pacers game….seeing the Wiz down 100-91 at the 5:45 mark didn’t exactly instill confidence in the possibility of a win, but I figured that the deficit was at least manageable.

Three minutes is all it took for the atrocious display that is the Washington Wizards to go from being down nine points to 20 points.

Actions taken by Jeff Foster, Danny Granger, and T.J. Ford were the tipping point which led me to easily conclude that not only were things falling apart, but the Washington Wizards were also rising down.

The photoshop concept, suggested by Bullets Forever user Jon L in the comments section here, derived from a Roots album…..the title of which stems from a book by this guy, similar to books being the basis for titles of previously alluded to Roots albums, Things Fall Apart and The Tipping Point, both also good candidates for some Wizards photoshopping.

Frustration is futile….might as well have some fun with this until the depression sets in.

Link: the original Roots Rising Down album cover.

Wizards-Pacers Web Hits

  • For the first time all season, Caron Butler was visibly frustrated during the game. After the 34 point loss to the Celtics last week, Butler was so upset after the game that he stormed out and brushed past additional reporters waiting to talk to him. Tonight, in the second half when the Wizards were struggling the most, Butler would come down and try to dribble through all five Pacers’ players to make something happen. Because Butler is talented, he was able to score or draw the foul some of the time, but other times he’d turn the ball over or leave his other four teammates open calling for the ball. During garbage time, Butler was visibly upset, and he was chewing on his ever-present straw much harder than usual. [Rashad Mobley, Hoops Addict]
  • “Once again, we came back to 83, and that was digging out of a hole, then two breakaway layups by them just sort of pricked the balloon and let all the air out of the balloon. It seems like there was some fatigue, and I’m disappointed……We’ve got to break this pattern. We’ve got to find a way out.”Ed Tapscott


  • “It is really frustrating, I’ve been in this locker room for four years. In the four years, this is the worst it’s been for us. … Even though we started slow some of the seasons, we always managed to turn it around. The difference between that is we always had effort.” -Andray Blatche
  • Really Andray? Effort? The same person who boxes out every third game? The same player that is about three steps above Kwame Brown in the bust department? The same person whose most famous double-double consists of nachos and hookers? Right. [Stet Sports]


  • This disparity in backcourt play continues to be the main reason for the Wizards’ demise. Dixon has been playing well of late, so this was just an off game for him. Stevenson has been consistently bad all year, yet his place in the starting lineup seems secure. Even on defense, where Stevenson has made such a name for himself in prior years, there is noticeable slippage. Danny Granger and Marquise Daniels routinely went by him and scored at will. [Rashad Mobley, Hoops Addict]
  • So how did the Pacers suddenly stop the bleeding and seize the lead again? Easy, Jim O’Brien went with a small lineup that was giving him the best defense the team has seen in what seems like several weeks. Jack, Quisy, Granger, Rush and Foster worked like crazy at both ends of the court. Along with the defensive effort, this group had plenty of firepower left over for the offensive end. Later in the quarter, T.J. Ford came in for Rush to help close out the W. That’s just what the Pacers did, continuing to extend their effort through the final buzzer when everyone could exhale and savor a W. Finally. [Indy Cornrows]
  • Only 60 more games to go.

Only 60 more games to go.

Only 60 more games to go.

Only 60 more games to go.

Only 60 more games to go.

Pradamaster, Bullets Forever

  • “Theoretically we had good stops on a number of occasions tonight, but we were unable to come up with the ball.”Ed Tapscott

[Wizards Photo Sources: flickr/wizardsdotcom, flickr/Keith Allison]

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