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Washington Wizards Among The NBA Archetype Hierarchy

Updated: December 29, 2008

A couple weeks ago, Rob Mahoney of Upside and Motor released an NBA Archetype Hierarchy chart [click on the link to check out the full blog post and explanations]. Here is Rob’s actual chart:

So naturally, I wanted to categorize each Wizard in primary and secondary roles. But before I get to that, here’s a Rob’s chart with the archetypes the Wizards do not have grayed out (the Wiz obviously have neither an elite point guard nor a refined big man):
Washington Wizards and the NBA Archetype HierarchyAnd now, a fancy graphic representing Wizards players and their primary and secondary archetypes:
Washington Wizards players and their primary and secondary archetypesIf you don’t like graphics, here’s the listing:

  1. Gilbert Arenas – Surreal Scorer; Megalomaniacal small guard
  2. Andray Blatche – Question mark; Skilled, but flawed post
  3. Caron Butler – Salad Bar; Renaissance man
  4. Javaris Crittenton – Question mark; Scoring ‘combo guard’
  5. Juan Dixon – Scoring ‘combo guard'; Chucker
  6. Brendan Haywood – Interior defensive presence; Skilled, but flawed post
  7. Mike James – Scoring ‘combo guard'; Chucker
  8. Antawn Jamison – Renaissance Man; Locker room chemist
  9. JaVale McGee – Raw, project center; Under construction
  10. Dominic McGuire – Intangible role player; Wing stopper
  11. Oleksiy Pecherov – Three-point shooting big; Under construction
  12. Darius Songaila – Hustle Player; Intangible role player
  13. DeShawn Stevenson – Chucker; wing stopper
  14. Etan Thomas – Brute rebounder; Question mark
  15. Nick Young – High talent, low IQ wing player; Chucker

And finally, some explanatory bullets:

  • I promoted Juan Dixon to a ‘Scoring combo guard’ first and ‘Chucker’ second as he’s brought some veteran craftsmanship to his game, but still has the propensity to do the latter.
  • Gilbert Arenas could be filed under ‘Three-point bomber’, but that title is more indicative of a specialized skill, while ‘Surreal Scorer’ is more all encompassing just like Gil. And of course, he just has to be associated with word ‘Megalomaniacal.’ And actually, Gilbert would be a tertiary ‘Chucker’ before being associated with 3-point bombing.
  • Why is Brendan Haywood a secondary ‘Skilled, but flawed post’? Because his offensive moves are still robotic.
  • Some may consider Mike James a ‘Chucker’ first, but his ability to rack up assists and rebounds shifts his offensive gunning to a secondary level.
  • JaVale McGee is obviously a ‘Raw, project center’, which could also be synonymous with ‘Under Construction’, but I felt that this secondary category was more fitting than ‘Skilled, but flawed post’, or ‘Three-point shooting big’ as this juncture.
  • Etan Thomas is not an idealistic ‘Brute rebounder’, but what else can he be? — A question mark.
  • Antawn Jamison is not a vocal locker room chemist, but who says you need to be? (Jamison could also be considered a ‘Mortal scorer’)
  • Oleksiy Pecherov could be a ‘Question Mark’, but given his youth, I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt and labeling him under construction for the time being.

  • JC

    Javaris Crittenton is not going to take this slighting lightly.