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Updated: December 3, 2008

New Jersey Dirty - flickr/CeeKay's PixDevin Harris is the talk of the town……so who will he be killing tonight? Ok, how about a more optimistic question, how will the Wizards stop him? Well, I recall Dee Brown being able to somewhat contain Tony Parker in the preseason, so….he’s our best bet, the third string point guard out of the Republic of Turkey.

The Free Darko Prediction: The transition out of Milwaukee proves surprisingly difficult for Yi, who has yet to make any friends outside of Brook Lopez. The incessant hazing from relentlessly cruel Julius Hodge does not help the situation. Wizards by 20.

Damn….ok, I’ve been absent the past two games, so I’m not exactly sure how Darius Songaila got that shiner on his right eye…..please tell me it was a practice scuffle.


11:44: Caron Butler allows too much separation, gets caught on a screen he could have avoided, Yi Jianlian mid-range J. Don’t really want to let Yi get open from so close….but Butler answers with a trey on the other end. 3-2 Wizards.

10:03: Devin Harris hits a tough arcing fade over Dee Brown, but Dee played great D to cut off the drive. 5-4 Wiz.

8:44: McGee sets a screen for Brown, gets the defender on his back and fills the lane for a pass and two hand slam in traffic, And 1…missed FT. JaVale really plays with some great composure….already has 4 points and a block (which was on a Lopez hook)…..and just intimidated Devin Harris on a crazy spinning reverse layup attempt and miss.

7:52: Even DeShawn Stevenson starts on….trey ball from the corner, but it was more like the old D-Steve….Wiz moved the ball well and found the open guy. 7-0 DC run, 14-7 Wizards.

6:20: Harris with a burst of speed past Butler and into McGee for the layup and foul. He actually put McGee on his ass…..don’t worry young fella, I don’t fault you for fouling there, but soon, you’ll be doing it with authority and putting point guards on their ass instead. 17-15 Wizards.

Dee Brown is playing great so far….3 assists and is really looking to get the ball out of his hands and into the mitts of others in the right position.

How about this LeBron James ‘powder in the air’ commercial? First of all, he’s copying Jordan. Sure, MJ didn’t throw the talcum in the air like fairy dust (he clapped it), which makes what LBJ is doing worse……but for some reason, even more than the ‘Witness’ campaign, I feel like the ad execs are anointing LeBron for doing…..nothing. The candy man has not won a championship……as a side note, I almost hate the fact that I’ve turned into a LeBron hater, but seriously…..dude’s fakin’, and he’s a baby.

Andray Blatche in the game (for McGee)….and Butler is a man on fire. 4-5 from the field for 8 points in just over 7 minutes. 21-18 Wiz.

4:41: Again, Dee Brown with great D on Harris, but he hits a very difficult mid-range shot…..after 47 against Phoenix, I’m not sure Bruce Bowen can stop the guy now.

I wish Blatche would study tapes of Rasheed Wallace’s jumper….’Dray doesn’t get near as much elevation on his J as ‘Sheed.

Wizards miss….Andray Blatche is kinda running down the court, but he turns towards the ball being brought up court….don’t worry about that ‘Dray, Dee Brown has it covered. How about you worry about Ryan Anderson, who blew right by you and ended up being open for a reverse layup. 23-22 Wizards.

3:01: Funny sighting….Jamison rolls in a trey ball….and Dee Brown is the only one in the paint going for the offensive rebound. Timeout, Wiz up 26-22.

Songaila in for Brown, so D-Steve is the PG, Butler at 2, AJ at 3 and AB at 5.

0:55: Lazy ‘Dray long distance contested jumper with bad fundamentals…..airball.

Wiz end the 1st up 28-27…they were up 7 at a couple points. DC moved the ball better than I’ve seen them in any single quarter this year. Why? Because when they did, it looked routine, rather than something they were trying to do. The result: 55% from the field and 10 assists.

And despite giving up 27 points, the Wiz didn’t seem to play bad D either. New Jers maybe hit a couple threes (3-6 from deep), but I don’t think they got a ton of points in the paint (they got 6)….most of the shots seemed to be mid-range and on the move, just like Tapscott wants.

Caron Butler dropped 12.


Starters: Daniels, Young, McGuire, Jamison, Blatche.

11:27: Blatche and McGuire try a two-man game and bobble the Wizards into a 24-second shot clock violation.

Dominic McGuire needs to go to Bruce Bowen’s Getting Under The Opponent’s Skin School if he wants to have a lengthy career in the NBA as a stopper.

Something in me wishes that Sean Williams played with a joint tucked in his headband…I’d say it’s more possible than Antonio Daniels hitting 5 threes in a game.

Songaila checks in for Blatche. D-Song’s is like a prop plane when he runs…..or maybe like a Dutch Wind Mill. I now want to call him the Spruce Goose.

9:11: Nick Young hits his first shot……that’s a good sign. Heading into the timeout, Wiz up 33-29.

8:17: Jamison finally gets a rest…hasn’t been out yet. Butler checks in for him.

For some reason, Keyon Dooling reminds me of a mini Chris Morris. Yea, remember that guy? You may recall him from the Jayson Williams murder party. Wikipedia says that Dooling is a fan of World of Warcraft…..dork. Wait, as a blogger, do I have room to call him that? Of course I do….I’m on the 50 yard line and there is nothing but open room between me and the goal line.

5:13: AD hits a trey….4 to go. 40-37 Wizards.

McGee has checked back in….AD, D-Song, Butler and Young on the court.

4:30: Daniels with a great touch pass to Nick Young for a three ball. 43-37 Wiz.

Stevenson comes back in for Young.

1:38: DeShawn hits a three after Blatche dribbled the ball about 8 times and then passed it to him. D-Steve lightly touches his face to make sure it’s still there. 48-45 Wizards.

1:06: Stevenson heat check off a pass from Butler….good. 8th made trey for the Wiz.

JaVale McGee is bad at helping on pick and rolls.

0:36: Another Stevenson heat check….brick. 3-5 from deep.

At the half, the Wiz end up on top 51-50. After 12 in the first, Butler
only scored 2 points in the 2nd.


11:45: Stevenson starts firing an open two from top…make. 13 points for that guy.

11:18: McGee jets on break. Butler oop. JaVale dunk. Really? Another one? Don’t you guys get tired of throwing the oop to that dude? 55-50 Wizards.

Very fast start to 3rd as AJ and Butler are running things
….8-0 run in 120 seconds. 59-50 Wiz.

9:12: McGee with a long baseline jumper….what a confident shot….because if he would have missed, I might’ve thought it was rushed.

Uh oh…..Butler’s inside left knee gets banged on a drive by a New Jersey Net. Coming back from the timeout, he’s just getting off the floor and tries to shake it off with a limp-jog (it was actually tape delay)….he seems to be okay and stays in the game. Whew. Wait, let me type that again….WHEW.

7:40: Caron gets in the paint for a composed one-hand runner….love that shot. 63-53 Wiz….the 12-3 run keeps on keepin’ on.

Blatche checking in for McGee.

5:50: Vince Carter gets past the Wiz in traffic and dunks…hits himself in the head twice coming back……Carter feels his face, but DeShawn doesn’t….he hits another three. 70-57 Wizards.

4:46: Stevenson passed up a trigger happy three to make a great pass to AJ right in the paint…..his shot gets goal tended.

D-Song checks in for Butler who has 18 points, 4 boards, and 8 dimes.

I don’t care what ya’ll say, I want a Darius Songaila jersey.

4:01: Things going right….Dee Brown hits the 10th trey ball for the Wiz. 75-60 DC.

3:36: D-Song outlet to Blatche. Stevenson running on the other side, Wiz have a 2-1 break against Dooling. Instead of giving it to the guard and most likely getting the ball back for a bucket, Andray tries to take it himself and Dooling draws a charge on him. Man, I saw that one coming yesterday.

3:08: D-Song clears a bit of space and Dee Brown pulls up for a trey like it was a habit….buckets. Timeout New Jers to a smattering of boos from an empty Izod Center. Wiz up 78-60. 18? Really?

Wow….a Stromile Swift sighting…where has that lost bundle of potential been? 9th year out of LSU……yep, I’m getting old.

1:00: Stevenson with another trey, his 5th,….this one created by a Dee Brown pump fake and dribble drive. 86-62 Wiz. Dare I say this is getting ugly.

Dominic McGuire’s rebound rate must be insane.

End of the 3rd and WHAT a 3rd, the Wiz outscored the Nets 35-12….lotta heroes so far tonight, but Jamison is the steady with 20 points and 11 boards already. 86-62 heading into the 4th.


McGee, Songaila, Butler, Young and Daniels start the 4th.

Both teams sputter a bit to start the fourth…only scoring 4 points each in the first 2:30….until Nick Young makes a nice drive and converts the And 1. 93-66 Wizards.

Quick Thought….how close is Dee Brown to earning a starting job until Arenas comes back? I do like Daniels better coming off the bench.

7:25: Butler gets a lefty layup in transition and taps Lopez on the backside afterward as if to say…”nice try rook”

I have a feeling that with this lead, Nick Young is trying to do too much. He carries the ball….turnover. Phil Chenier says that makes Tapscott a little anxious.

6:22: Young hits a nice fading jumper after dribbling to a good spot. 97-74 Wizards.

5:35: AD sees an opening, drives, hits a running scoop and converts on the And 1….okay, let’s just end this game right here.

The Wiz continue to make some nice plays on offense. Caron backdoor pass to AJ. Caron lob to Nick Young who can’t catch it to convert so taps it to Songaila for the layup.

2:47: Nets finally cut it to 20, 104-84, on a Chris-Douglass-Roberts jumper.

Everyone has played pretty well tonight….but if I had to label a crappiest Wizard of the game, it would be Andray Blatche…hands down.

1:52: Dee Brown with a sweet oop to a running Dominic McGuire…..nice to see the Taser/Cleaner get himself one.

8 points, 7 assists, and ZERO turnovers for Dee Brown….yep, keep AD coming off the bench.

And the game finally ends. Great team work. Great passing. This game was like comfort food…..familiar, delicious, and fills a vital need.

Final 108-88, Washington Wizards. First road victory, first Eastern Conference victory, Dee Brown throws his head band to the New Jers crowd, Juan Dixon stops to autograph a young Wizards fan’s alt. gold jersey on his way to the locker room. Peace.

Side Note: CDR held the ball for the Nets at the end….so they didn’t attempt a shot, leaving the Wiz up by 20 to end the game….the Free Darko prediction rings true!! Strange.


  • 33 assists on 44 FGs
  • Only 7 team turnovers
  • 13-24 from deep

Maybe the Wiz won’t be hot from three every game, but with the first two on point, they can win a lot of games…..even despite getting out-rebounded 41-40 and only getting to the FT line 11 times.

[ESPN.com Box Score]

[photo source: flickr/CeeKay’s Pix]

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