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Washington Wizards Game 18 Blog at Chicago Bulls: Wiz Backcourt Eaten Alive in Paltry Effort

Updated: December 7, 2008

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JaVale McGee
starts off:

  • Blocking a Gooden hook shot on help side.
  • Blocking a Derrick Rose layup attempt and then Rose’s jump shot on a recovery.
  • We haven’t played a minute yet.

10:37: Deng blows by Butler, slashing to the basket in transition. Caron, in my opinion, exerts a minimal amount of effort. 4-3 Bulls.

9:33: McGee closes out fast and gets a 4th block on Gooden’s jumper.

Halfway through the first quarter, the Wizards have gotten some decent looks, just not all of them are falling. The Bulls have made Washington pay in transition. At the six minute mark, the score is tied at 14 after Stevenson hits another long two near the Bulls bench……A guy with the 10th best PER on a team that is 3-15 has the gall to give Chicago’s bench a gnarly stare. Way to go DeShawn.

5:20: McGee throws in a nice lefty hook and looks at his hand afterward. 17-16 Chicago.

5:09: Blatche and Songaila check in for McGee and Dee Brown. Chicago is up 8-2 on the boards.

The Wizards offense has seemingly boiled down to:
A) ISO Caron Butler on the baseline. B) Butler work and jumper from elbow.

1:24: Butler tries to dribble thorough three or four Bulls….poked away, turnover. Bulls fast break points. 24-23 Chicago.

Andray Blatche is playing well so far. He’s securing defensive boards with long arms and two hands. 5 points and 3 boards in about 5 minutes for ‘Dray.

The first ends with the Wiz up 25-24. Butler’s guy, Luol Deng, leads all with 11 points.


Daniels, Young, Butler, Songaila, Blatche to start 2nd.

Teams really focus on Butler….and at least he’s passing well. He picks up his 4th assist on a baseline drive and pass to Songaila for the lay in. 27-24 Wizards.

Why isn’t Ben Gordon a better player?

8:55: Blatche tries to drive on Gooden, jumps to pass, and there’s nothing to do but turn the ball over.

Haywood on the sidelines with Steve Buckhantz and Phil Chenier. The cast comes off on December 22. He sounds like he wants to come back this year…..but not really if there is nothing to play for.

6:56: Andray Blatche has just drawn his second charge of this game. This time, his family jewels pay the price thanks to an Argentinian knee.

5:58: Heading into a timeout, this just looks like a lackluster game between to mediocre teams. Chicago fans definitely seem bored. 38-32 Bulls.

Brendan Haywood is a self proclaimed “stat guy” and looks for a career in the booth after his playing days are over. Steve Buckhantz uses the phrase “gift of gab” for the second night in a row.

5:11: Dominic McGuire loses the Rastafarian goatee in the zone and Gooden dunks. 42-34 Bulls.

We have our Etan, Antawn, D-Mac, Young, Daniels lineup in….oh yea, Larry Hughes is killing, 14 points off the bench. Man….he left us, not the other way around…why does he have to do his old team like this?

The backcourt defensive combo of Young and Daniels continues to get abused.

3:14: Etan Thomas throws down a wicked dunk over Gooden that I have to watch four times. 47-43 Bulls.

The first half ends with the Bulls up 57-52. The script dictates that the Bulls would get up a bunch, and the Wizards would have to play catch-up.

The Bulls Backcourt Big 3 of Rose, Gordon and Hughes combined for 38 first half points.

The Bulls were 7-13 from long distance.
Chicago up 10-2 in fast break points.


11:42: JaVale McGee starts off with a dunk off a pick and roll with Butler…the Bulls don’t have the length to even get close to the ball.

Derrick Rose jumps to thwart a long lob attempt from Brown to McGee on the break, and then Rose goes down the court to knock down a calm and collective mid-range jumper. Comcast shows Ed Tapscott on the bench and he looks like the homeless old man muttering to himself at the bus station. 64-61 Bulls.

Jump to pass turnovers….DeShawn Stevenson just committed one.

Blatche checks in for McGee.

Aaron Gray, 9 rebounds — JaVale McGee, 0 rebounds.

6:03: Blatche sinks a nice hook after using his strength to get position in the paint on Gray. Dare I say that Andray is putting together two consecutive strong efforts? 69-68 Chicago.

5:14: Chapu Nocioni nails a three….Caron Butler displays feigning interest in getting out there to contest. 72-68 Bulls.

4:16: Daniels gets his sh_t thrown by Ben Gordon and goes down hard on his back (you can find the evidence here)…..initial reports from the doctor indicate that AD needs a backiotomy.

3:26: Ben Gordon hits a long, uncovered, three immediately after an Ed Tapscott timeout. 79-68 Bulls.

0:54: Chapu drives on an uninterested Caron Butler, attracts attention, misses lay-up, and Songaila stands with his feet in cement as Luol Deng gets the rebound and put-back. 85-72 Running Away of the Bulls.

0:22: Chapu trey ball, his third….Caron contests as a courtesy. 88-72 Chicago.

19-6 Chicago run to end the 3rd
, Wiz outscored 31-22 in total for the quarter, 88-74 Bulls.


The 4th starts with another Chapu trey from the corner….nah, don’t worry ’bout him.

The Bulls are moving the ball very well and are absolutely on fire. 92-76 Chicago.

There has been a Juan Dixon sighting.

Nick Young can’t get anything to fall, probably because it appears as if he is trying to “get his.”

8:55: Dominic McGuire gets a nice slam on Chapu (you can also find the evidence here)….payback is a mother.

7:22: D-Mac has himself a two-dunk game….set up by Juan Dixon.

Chicago already has 100 points with 7 minutes still left in the 4th.

Luol Deng is running Jamison ragged….he’s got 25 points. Later on, Deng would send AJ flowers and a box of chocolates for allowing him to break out of his season long slump.

4:34: Dixon hits his 2nd trey….well rested…and the Wiz are only down 10 now. 102-92 Chicago.

Wiz cut it to 8…..they’ve caught a dose of the Bulls’ good ball movement.

So far, Chicago is shooting 53% from both the field and the 3-point line.

3:13: Wow, Juan Dixon is pleading his case for more minutes…..he takes it through the paint and in the lane for a two-hand power layup against three Bulls, Gooden included. 102-96 Chicago.

Wiz cut it to four, but Gooden gets a power bucket And 1 against D-Song.

2:00: But D-Song makes himself available for a long jumper…..his jumper has been wet lately. 105-100 Bulls.

1:36: The Wiz all of a sudden wake up and show some hustle on D, but that still can’t combat ex
cellent Chicago ball movement that leads to yet another Larry Hughes three. 108-100 Bulls.

1:28: Dixon drives, jumps towards the basket, blindly looks to kick it back to Jamison at the three point line….nope, turnover. 1 FT = 109-100 Bulls.

1:14: But the Wiz work the ball around well for a Butler three….they’re just teasing me now. 109-103 Bulls.

0:51: Rose drives off a Gooden ball screen, D-Song steps in to help, Gooden fills the lane, but Jamison does not display the awareness to get position in front of Gooden, who is in the right spot to tip Rose’s miss back in. 111-103 Wizards.

Brendan Haywood is behind the bench….clowning. Good to know that Dee Brown thinks something is funny too.

The Wizards extend the game by making a couple shots, Chi-Town makes their FTs and the final is 117-110.

I don’t know why I have to keep telling myself this….maybe it’s because I don’t want to believe it…..but the Wizards are just a bad team. Simple as that. I don’t necessarily care about close games and the what-not…I’m sure there have been plenty of teams throughout history who have had close games, but can never pull of Ws. And I’m proud that the Wizards seem to show good effort….sometimes, but when you ain’t good, you ain’t good.

There’s a reoccurring theme, in addition to other teams uncanny ability to drain three-pointers against the Wiz (Chicago was 11-20 from deep), and it’s how other teams are allowed to easily move the ball. The Bulls had 31 assists on 43 made FGs and only 9 turnovers.

Cheers, this is our destiny….the Curse O’ Les Boulez.

ESPN.com Box Score

So….would you ever buy a pair of jeans that has Michael Jordan sticking his tongue out near the crotch?

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  • If I’d told you going into last night’s game that the Wizards would shoot 54.9% from the field and win the rebounding battle you’d probably assume that the Wizards got a big win and maybe, just maybe, they were starting to turn the season around. Well, it turns out that giving up 55% on 3 pointers to a team that doesn’t have a single player that even shoots over 50% from the field can negate a lot of good work very quickly. We’ve gotten use to seeing numbers like this, but it still pains you whenever you see it. [Jake the Snake, Bullets Forever]
  • “One of the things you can’t succumb to is frustration. We have to keep a positive attitude.” –Ed Tapscott

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