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Wizards-Celtics Game 20 Recap: All Falls Down

Updated: December 13, 2008

Caron Butler goes down against the Celtics - flickr/Keith AllisonNot that anyone would want to relive such a crappy display of basketball from the Washington Wizards, but if your interested in the Wizards-Celtics game blog, it’s on Bullets Forever. Thoughts on the game….well, pretty much everyone played less than they are capable of, even on their worst day. Antawn Jamison was…..okay, but….here’s a run-down in bullet form:

  • Caron Butler’s defense was horrible….and it’s becoming more than routine. C’mon guy, at least try to stay in front of Tony Allen, and be somewhat cognizant of switches and the fact that you might have to cover someone else.
  • DeShawn Stevenson….it’s nothing but a head game now. But that figures…someone who can get so wrapped up in not feeling his face, among oodles and oodles of lame antics, is bound to go into the mental slump. Thing is, I feel bad for the guy. He’s been a straight warrior in the past, playing hurt, etc., so I can’t really get on him too much…..I just don’t think DeShanw should see the court much anymore, but…….
  • What are the options? Nick Young? That goofy lil’ guy is undependable as they come. Maybe, juuuust maybe starting him would mean something, but he’s still a sub par defender.
  • Which brings me back to Stevenson. The fact is that he still IS the team’s best defender. Yes, that’s not saying much at all. This year, DeShawn has had many more game slippages on D than in 07-08. If only something could get Stevenson going offensively, I would feel more comfortable relying on him as the main stopper…..regardless, we still have to do that anyway, right?
  • JaVale McGee was…..out there. And he had some nice numbers. I’ll give him a pass early in the game for not being strong enough and being a rookie, but to get killed by Patrick O’Bryant at the end of the game? Doesn’t bode well for his focus and intensity on the court…no matter the score. But I don’t think this one game will be indicative of things to come for McGee….I’ve got full confidence in his development.
  • Andray Blatche…..lazy, doesn’t work hard……nothing new. I just don’t think it will ever work with him on a consistent basis. Too bad Ivan Carter blogged about the gaffe that Wizards PR people made. Now, NBA GMs are never going to be willing to take Andray’s “potential” off Grunfeld’s hands (well, not like they didn’t know about the kid’s ways in the first place)…..wait….let me take that back,….there is ALWAYS a GM willing o gamble on potential (Kwame for Caron anyone?)….if only Blatche had the stigma of being a number one pick.
  • Marv Albert called the game “non-competitive” twice within two minutes at the end of the first half….never a good sign when a team is called out like that.
  • New acquisition, Mike James, either looked selfish, or he was trying too hard. I’m going to side more with the latter…..giving the guy a break as he’s with a new team, a bad one at that, and only found out that he was going to play 75 minutes before the game. I’m caught, half of me didn’t expect the guy to have a role with the team, half of me hopes for something better from him. Either way, James didn’t exactly endear himself to Wizards fans.
  • JaVaris Crittenton….okay, we all know his last minute situation as well….but four turnovers and nothing else in six minutes? All I can say is that Ernie Grunfeld’s decision making has proved me wrong before (and I’m not questioning the trade…I actually like it), let’s hope the trend of initial looks being deceiving continues.

Web Hits

  • I’ve seldom seen a locker room clear out as fast as the home one did after last night’s 122-88 loss to the Celtics. That was as close to total humiliation as you’ll seen in the NBA (a blowout loss at home on national TV with fans of the other team taking over your arena after your fans roll out), and word is that some of the team’s vets were not happy about it.

    Yelling could be heard coming from the locker room immediately after the game. And today, co-captains Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison acknowledged that a few of the team’s vets were not happy with the effort they saw. [Ivan Carter, Wizards Insider]

  • Ray Allen is obviously on steroids (how else do you explain his Clemens-like return to prominence?), the C’s road alternates are miserable to look at, and Boston was lucky to get away with this win. Had they not been playing a four-win team, this thing goes into overtime. Your move, Massachusetts. [Kelly Dwyer, Ball Don’t Lie]
  • As if the Washington Wizards needed another reminder that this is definitely not last season, when the team overcame a rash of injuries to win 43 games and make the playoffs, it came in harsh fashion last night with a 122-88 loss to the defending champion Boston Celtics. [Different Year, Different Result – Ivan Carter, Washington Post]
  • Seven Boston players, led by Ray Allen and Paul Pierce’s 22 points apiece, scored in double digits. The Celtics owned significant edges in rebounding (41-26), assists (31-16), points in the paint (44-34) and steals (15-8). Washington’s 22 turnovers led to 32 Boston points. [Balance Celtics throttle Wizards – Mike Jones, Washington Times]
  • “The saying is ‘One person’s trash is another person’s treasure,’ [Being traded] doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with my game. I just hope I can be a treasure in D.C.” –Mike James
  • Here is the season: The Wizards allowed Roger Mason to sign with the Spurs before losing Arenas in September and Brendan Haywood the next month.

    The latter was an especially cruel shock to the system after the Wizards spent the summer believing it would
    be different this season, that they finally would be whole again.

    It was not to be.

    Now the Wizards are left to negotiate the terms of their surrender. [Franchise knee-deep in doubt – Tom Knott, Washington Times]

  • Overall, the Wizards were just awful and did not look like they belonged on the court with the Celtics. [Celtics Blog]
  • As for the game, the Celtics won by 34 (122-to-88) and it could have been much worse. The C’s gave up 35 of those points in the 3rd quarter alone when they got really sloppy. I’m talking John-drunk-on-a-Friday-night sloppy. Fortunately Eddie House started dropping 25-foot bombs from all over the place to prop up the lead. [Red’s Army]

[photo source: flickr/Keith Allison]

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