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Wizards Game 21 Blog at Philadelphia: Bell = Rung

Updated: December 15, 2008

Sixers Ring The Wizards' Bell - flickr/Tony the MisfitAfter the loss to Boston, people figured that a matchup against the Sixers would be more of a gauge on what the team is really made of……well, judging by the results, not much.

Pre Game:

“The locker room not a place for the faint of heart…..the veterans took a stand.” -Steve Buck.

Hell, the veterans are part of the problem…..sorta.


JaVale McGee comes out nice….active, rebound, blocks.

10:33: Juan Dixon rattles in an “only a good shot if he makes it” deal. 3-2 Wizards.

The Wizards’ offense is lacking fluidity and is abundant in broken jumpers.

8:08: McGee picks up his second foul against the strength of Elton Brand and gets the quick hook.

Steve Buckhantz confuses an ill advised Butler three attempt with Juan Dixon……not hard to do.

7:55: Caron Butler commits an offensive foul, the 4th turnover for the Wizards.

Yep…5:55: Not gonna win with Andray pulling bad jumpers from deep. 12-6 Sixers. 6 Wizards Turnovers.

Wiz use backcourt pressure….Butler steal…..Dixon jumper, he has all 8 points.

More pressure……easily broken…..Dalembert dunk. 14-8 Sixers.

The Wizards D has been digesting healthy doses of Swiss cheese.

0:00: Juan Dixon hits a shot at the buzzer and somehow the Wizards are within five, 25-20, after being dominated. Brand has 8 points, Dixon with 10.


10:51: Sweet Lou Williams….who always seems hot against the Wizards. Last year, in four games against DC, he averaged 13.3 ppg in 25.0 minutes per game….with a finger roll. 29-22 Sixers.

Mike James getting hot….just throwing up shots….8 points in the 2nd quarter within a span of 4 minutes.

7:51: James to Blatche to Songaila..jumper…..now that’s what I call ball movement….down only 1 after being down 11. 35-34 Philly.

Speights, like Mike James, is not afraid of shooting.

Sometimes Nick Young needs to make quicker scoring moves…..he seems to take up a lot of dribbles, and doesn’t necessarily promote movement in order to create for others.

The Sixers are making use of a size advantage with Brand, Evans, Thaddeus Young, Sweet Lou and Miller against Songaila, McGuire, Butler, Young and James.

5:22: McGuire completely bricks a jumper off the dribble. He needs to be more of a catch-and-shoot guy.

4:30: Wizards getting out-rebounded 21-13.

3:32: Elton Brand is killing Songaila…..6 straight points, 14 for the game. 45-34 Sixers.

1:11: Juan Dixon jumps to pass, the Wizards can do no right.

“Hot Mess” would be an appropriate description of the Wizards…down 11 at the half.


How about we not start JaVale McGee?….he just picks up fouls and gets tuckered out.

Well, Phil Chenier has called what I’m sure we’ve all noticed….a more passive DeShawn Stevenson.

8:48: Elton Brand continues to kill, 19 points…..Blatche is his latest victim…maybe the kid does need to get in the weight room. Over the summer, he looked noticeably stronger, but now, appears to have no muscle definition.

1:05: I’ve stopped paying attention to the game…Wizards down 18.


Since ’96, Thaddeus Young has been the 5th player to leave Georgia Tech after one year…..I think the rest are Crittenton, Bosh, Marbury….and maybe Kenny Anderson? WRONG – Anderson played two years at Tech, leaving in ’91 (thought he sounded to old to be post ’96) — The last is Dion Glover.

Oh yea, Wizards lose 104-89.

NBA.com Box Score

Web Hits

  • It served as a microcosm of all that has gone wrong for the Wizards so far this season: spotty defense, disjointed offense, a lack of rebounding and body language that suggested that a few of the Wizards would have preferred to be anywhere but Philadelphia. [Ivan Carter, Washington Post]
  • The body language on this team is starting to go south quickly. Just watching these guys from the very start, it’s easy to tell that the losing and uncertainty is taking a toll. A reporter sitting next to me offered this thought two minutes into the game: “Look at them, it’s like five Calvin Booths walking up the court.” I like big Calvin but my colleague was right: I saw five guys with slumped shoulders walking up the court with heads down. Not good. [Ivan Carter, Wizards Insider]
  • “Having a bunch of Calvin Booths on the court might be good for the team’s Q rating, but it’s not going to help in the W-L column.” –JakeTheSnake, Bullets Forever
  • The Wizards trudged onto the court with defeat seemingly written all over them from the start of the game – slack-jawed, heavy footsteps and sluggish body language. They watched the Sixers jump out to a 12-3 start after the first six minutes and faced a 21-10 deficit before finally mustering some life and closing out the first quarter with a 10-5 run to pull within 25-20. And it wasn’t that the 76ers were playing particularly well early on. [Mike Jones, Washington Times]
  • “I may not be the brightest bulb but I know how to ride a swerve now.” –Ed Tapscott

[photo source: flickr/Tony the Misfit]

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