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Wizards Game 27 Blog at Cleveland Cavaliers: ‘Twas The Night of Disappointment

Updated: December 27, 2008

Dominic McGuire - flickr/Keith AllisonDefinition of irony…TNT playing “Put On (I put on for my city)” by Young Jeezy during a nut sweating LeBron montage before the game. LeBron sure does “put on” for Cleveland, doesn’t he?….that’s why his favorite sports teams growing up were the DALLAS Cowboys, NEW YORK Yankees, and CHICAGO Bulls…..I have no respect for front running bammas.

Initial members of the ‘Please Stop Mean Mugging’ club: Kendrick Perkins and LeBron James.


The Wizards in white jerseys, for BS reasons, are throwing me off.

10:32: Blatche with a pretty two dribble back down and up and under on Big Z…nice, I like. 4-0 Wiz.

9:02: Dom McGuire rebounds providing 2nd chance ops — Mike James for trey. 9-2 Wiz.

8:33: And Dom makes West shoot an airball at the shot clock buzzer.

8:00: Jamison stays hot with a trey…..Quicken Loans Arenas starts buzzing with grumbles…..a Benny Wallace dunk wakes them up a bit. 12-4 Wizards.

7:39: Mike James penetration…..to AJ for a baseline J….The Gentleman came to play tonight. 14-4 Wizards.

Butler forced dribble three attempt…cannot have those this game.

6:00: Two travel calls in a row for the Wiz…James then Blatche.

Cavs fans and Marvelous Marv get hype off Ben Wallace “rejecting” a Jamison pass attempt.

Delonte West is a straight cartoon character….have you ever heard that guy try to talk? Hooked on phonics did not work for him.

4:26: “Great” West hits two 3s in a row, 10-0 Cavs run. 14 tie.

3:24: Delonte West is going wild from the perimeter….The Tsar points out that the Wiz are doing well to stop penetration…..but the shooters are just hitting…guess we gotta live with that. 18-16 Cavs.

Jamison is having right hand problems now…..20 second timeout….jammed it deflecting a LeBron pass.

Stevenson getting the faint boo hands-on-ball treatment.

0:11: With 5 on the shot clock, Varejao gets switched on Mike James…instead of pulling it up (like Gilbert would do), he drives and passes to Andray under the basket for a hoop with one on the shot clock. 25-22 Wiz.


Nick Young and Darius Songaila check in to join Stevenson, McGuire and Jamison.

I really think Stevenson’s leg thing is hurting him…..he just can’t move like an NBA player.

9:21: Young gets called for a carry….dribbling with his head down, not seeing Jamison wide open at the top.

8:49: Young fires up a bad shot…..he has no clue what “flow” is.

8:36: Stevenson actually does the ‘I can’t feel my face’ move after a made fast break layup…what a jerk. 32 tie.

8:06: Poor execution of 2-1 fast break by Nick Young…miss too hard.

6:11: Stevenson airball….he does the ‘I don’t want to get back on D’ move (thinks he got fouled)….Cavs score. 40-34 Cleveland.

The Tsar would take a timeout here….Tapscott does not….Cavs score again…..as usual, bad shots and bad passing are starting to prevail for the Wiz. 42-34 Cavs.

4:49: The Tsar is getting on Blatche for his shot selection…he proceeds to hit something that belongs in the circus. 42-36 Cavs.

Cleveland outscored the Wiz by 11 while LeBron was on the bench….crapola.

Andy Varejao jumper….2nd chance points…Cavs have gotten a lot of them lately. 44-39 Cavs.

2:36: Butler with a forced runner…..somehow gets the ball back..you think he’s going to shoot it, but no, fires it to D-Song for an attempt that is goaltended by Benny Wallace. 44-41 Cavs.

1:00: Caron drives and tries a behind the back pass to Etan…..nope, turnover….TNT cuts to marines in Iraq…a couple of them are holding huge guns….Varejao dunks….Mike James hits a jumper….49-45 Cleveland.

LeBron James…guarded by D-Mac….seconds left….pass….Gibson three…nope. And that’s the half. Hey, thanks for hanging around guys. 49-47 Cleveland.

At the half, Mo Williams says the Wizards aren’t good at rotating….thanks Mo.


Blatche has active hands…blocking fools…deflections.

Tapscott’s goal for the Wizards, ‘Let’s entertain the fans.”

11:04: Delonte West again….on Mike James’ grill, but not sure if it was completely his fault….he was just too far away…foot in the paint on help side as the ball was swung. 52-47 Cleveland.

9:57: YES! Jamison draws the perfect charge…it’s easy to draw one on a driving Ben Wallace.

9:00: Butler puts a transition dunk on Big Zs head…the Wizards are within one until Mo Williams hits a trey. 55-51 Cavs.

8:00: Blatche continues to play well with a steal from Big Z off a Butler miss and nice layup. 57-53 Cleveland.

7:00: Andray Blatche intercepts a pass…..Wiz get a 3-0 break..nice dunk D-McGuire…and the fans boo him for that.

6:32: Stevenson checks back in for James and I do not like this.

5:48: AJ nice drive and pass to Songaila…the Wizards are passing well tonight…..for a change, they’re trying to fit round, and not square, pegs into round holes

Wiz are hanging as D-Song ties the game at 61…..Quicken Loans is very quiet.

4:00: Stevenson gets his three blocked by West….but gets the ball back and a two….more ‘can’t feel my face’ hi jinks. 63 tie.

“Audacious.” Marv calls Stevenson…you can tell that if Fratello were the coach of the Wizards, he might give DeShawn Stevenson the Stephon Marbury treatment….

3:00: Speak of the…..Songaila gets a steal, Wizards in transition…..and Stevenson gets picked off by LeBron….buckets. 65-53 Cavs.

2:20: While they’re interviewing Arenas, Mike James hits a trey to put the Wiz up one…then MJ gets a steal and converts on a layup. 68-65 Wiz.

Crazy sequence: Butler bad pass, Cavs steal….but D-Song is there somehow to get the ball, misses the layup, McGuire o-board, Wally Shizzleback kick ball……

0:44: Mike James fires for TREY!! 71-65 Wizards.

Then the Wiz leave Wally Shizzle-back open. 71-68 Wiz after 3.


Young, Stevenson, McGuire, Jamison, Blatche to start the 4th.

11:00: The Tsar is proud of Nick Young for finding Jamison for a long two. 73-68 Wiz.

10:24: Nick Young hits a three while TNT is checking on the marines in Iraq.

8:17: The Tsar is giving lumps of coal…and Delonte West is hitting threes…...76-73 Wiz.

Stevenson gets hit in the face…dude’s faking…misses two FTs…misses some other sort of shot……a true DeShawn turd fest. Tapscott gets him out at the 7 minute mark.

6:51: Mike JAMES TREY!!! – 5 treys for MJ……D-Mac got it over him on the defense overload. 79-75 Wiz.

Thank god Stevenson is out now. Blatche, Jamison, McGuire, Butler and James in the game.

5:00: Wiz hoping.
…Butler fake….bad shot…can’t draw a foul on LeBron.

4:50: And there goes that Mo Williams guy with an answer. 79-77 Wizards.

4:25: Mike James dibbles…shot clock running down…to AJ….bad three miss.

4:13: And on the other end, LeBron is of course able to hit a bucket And 1. 80-79 Cavs.

3:00: Mike James hits 5 straight points…HE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT HISTORY. 84-80 Wizards.


It was at this point I stopped taking notes on the game and just watched until the disappointing end that had me beating the crap out of my thigh with a fist and dropping f-bombs throughout my apartment. Even this 93-89 loss to the Cavs can’t be as familiar as the others.

I was not frustrated by the refs, rather the ending game scene in its entirety. I can’t say the same for most Wizards fans, including non Wizards fans alike, who were quick to point to a catering to LeBron conspiracy…and perhaps rightfully so. However, 95% of the time, I’m the guy who wants to find excuses as to why the team failed themselves rather than grasping for the possibility of the refs failing the game.

I still want to go back and analyze each of the down the stretch calls in question. But until then, the Pradamaster has a great summation of the game’s closing moments at Bullets Forever.

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