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Wizards Game Blog 23: Sputtering In Motor City

Updated: December 18, 2008


Butler hits a tough falling shot to begin….Steve Buckhantz and Phil Chenier relate that Tapscott wants to get the star forwards (Butler/Jamison) off first…..but why?

Seems like those two should be able to get going at any time…it’s the scoring from the rest of the team which has been the concern.

Caron Butler is trying to do too much…..make, miss, gets caught in the air and has to pass to Blatche with one second on the shot clock — bad decision.

Tapscott says that Mike James is the type of player who “needs” minutes and that’s why he is starting….whatever that means on a 4-18 team.

9:18: This is the second time that Blatche has received the pass with two seconds or less on the shot clock….this time it came from Stevenson. Gooooooo OFFENSE!

I’m glad that Mike James needs minutes….because it only took less than four for Rodney Stuckey to start abusing him to the tune of 4 points and 1 assist. 8-2 Detroit.

7:47: Wizards Timeout — The Pistons are playing great defense…..nothing but turnovers and dribbles before long jumpers for DC, down 10-2.

Gilbert Arenas and JaVale McGee just got caught with their hands in the candy jar….literally. Damn I wish my DVR was working so I could get a screen shot……from somewhere beneath the depths of the bench, Gilbert pulls out a Tupperware that seems to be filled with just about everything from Fritos to Tootsie Pops…….young JaVale gladly accepts the “healthy” offering.

5:30: I like what I see from Andray Blatche so far…..4 points, a couple offensive boards, FTs off a cut to the basket set up by a penetrating Mike James, an assist to Jamison for three. 10-9 Pistons.

Mike James is not bashful about shooting….

4:23: AJ has to go out…..jammed his wrist it looks like, has a soft wrap/brace on it.

3:50: Once again, Rip is eating Caron Butler alive. 7 first quarter points so far.

1:21: AJ is back with a sprained thumb.

0:14: Blatche is looking good with pump fakes, dribble drives and passes to D Song for under basket buckets. 21-21 tie.

Mike James actually played well, some might not like his 3 misses, but he has 3 makes, 2 boards, an assist, and created for others…better than Dixon.


Young, Dixon, Songaila, McGuire, and Jamison to start 2nd.

Communication…AJ and D-Mac both act like they are going to stop the ball (Iverson) on the break, but neither end up doing so and simultaneously more away…Iverson drives and 2 FTs. 25-21 Pistons.

9:11: Dixon drive and score…(he drove earlier and tired to get it to Song, but here was too much traffic)….Dixon and James are trying to use their quickness to get……somewhere……at least I can say that.

8:15: Dixon draws another foul….very aggressive as Phil Chenier point out. 2 FTs, 29-26 Detroit.

Darius Songaila dropping bombs on ya moms…f-ck car alarms. 32-28 Pistons.

Nick young is trying to do a lot….too much dribbling…”laterally” as Chenier puts it.

Detroit is making a run……as Tapscott tinkers with the lineup.

And McGee is getting abused…..a traveling call and Rasheed Wallace is going at him each time forcing the Wiz to over help and commit a defensive 3 seconds.

The Pistons go on a 10-0 run..Jamison misses, Butler offensive fouls, Iverson fake behind the back passes…it’s all there. ….the Wiz, you can tell, are starting to roll their heads and there are signs of giving up. 44-30 Pistons.

Wiz score two buckets and go into the locker room down 10.


11:40: Mike James penetration…nice pass to Blatche. Hey, this guy might work out. 44-36 Pistons.

9:35: Not sure what to make of Stevenson missing 2 FTs and then getting his own rebound and hitting a three. 48-41 Pistons.

Blatche misses a jumper…Rasheed with the ‘olé under the shooter’ defense.

6:44: Mike James gets a three….huh? Wiz only down 6, 50-44.

5:39: Blatche fakes a pass…defender (Stuckey) overplays…then hits James for the back door layup. Wizards still within 6, 53-47

More classic Wizards bench antics that I wish I could grab a screen shot of: Dixon feels the material of whatever Gilbert Arenas is wearing….I’ll just call it a suit…..Arenas goes on to candidly explain something to Juan…..

3:09: James takes shots and misses shots, but he has gotten two cut layups within the offense tonight, 13 points for him. 55-51 Detroit.…until James leaves Afflalo open for a jumper.

Gotta recognize the effort of Andray Blatche tonight.

0:05: Pistons get a shot clock violation….Wiz get lucky because Prince was there for the board thanks to a negligent Blatche.

Nick young takes Affflalo to the hoop for a score at the buzzer. USC against UCLA and Young’s first made FG in 6 attempts. 61-58 Pistons.


10:10: Jamison is having all the problems in the world….his 3-point attempt gets blocked by Prince.

9:22: Wiz lose track of the shot clock…too many passes.

9:09: AI makes the Wizards pay with a jumper. 67-62 Detroit

On the Bullets Forever game thread, we cringe ever time AJ shoots, but then he makes a runner…..I give it to him for being a gamer. 67-64 Detroit.

7:01: Coming back from checking in on the close Celtics-Hawks game…I see that DeShawn is missing fade-away jumpers with 7 on the shot clock…..smoke if you got em DeShawn….nice kid, nice.

“Not a good time for the Wizards to find a lid on the basket” -Steve Buckhantz — Well, shooting nothing but bad jumpers doesn’t exactly help.

5:30: Iverson drives…..Stevenson needs help from Jamison…..Butler can’t get around AJ’s guy, McDyess — Allen to Antonio for an easy bucket. 73-65 — Pistons on a 10-3 run.

4:18: That kind of night has just turned into that kind of night — The Wizards bobble an almost steal, the ball finds itself in Prince’s hands and he his a shot at the shot clock buzzer. Pistons up 10.

“For the Wizards…Mike James is your scoring leader.” -Steve Buckhantz — James has 13 points….WTF Caron Butler, WTF??!?!?!

3:20: Butler and James are having communication issues which includes raised arms from Caron…….Mike James turnover…..Stuckey layup.

2:50: Caron Butler lazy pass…..turnover…..Iverson points. 81-67 Pistons

Well, the Wiz surely made a mess out of this one…what’s new? Steve Buckhantz calls it misery.

Final: Pistons 88 – Wizards 74 [NBA.com Box]

[photo source: flickr/sagittarius]

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