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Wizards-Pistons Game 19 Recap: Darius Songaila is NOT a Choir Boy

Updated: December 11, 2008

Darius Songaila and his textbook leverage are giving Rasheed Wallace fitsHey…..did you guys know that the Wizards beat the Pistons [game blog on Bullets Forever]? In the midst of yesterday’s trade frenzy, I was unable to get down any thoughts on the game.

Once again, the Wiz had to claw their way back. In the first meeting with Detroit, they had to fight back just to be down 10, 31-21, at the end of the first quarter (the Wiz had been down 17 at the 3:30 mark). So, after putting themselves in a 29-14 hole after one quarter on Tuesday, you’ll have to excuse me if I wasn’t exactly confident in the ability to get a win.

But the team kept fighting, and that’s the main reason why people are saying that the Wizards are a much better team than their 4-15 record.

The Washington Post’s Ivan Carter especially noted Darius Songaila’s bucket to put the Wiz up 6 with 2:08 in the 4th as the turning point. I guess timeouts work because it wasn’t 20 seconds prior that the Pistons got three chances at the hoop, converting on the third, capping a quick 8-2 run in 2:15 to bring the Pistons within two points. But Tapscott halted play, Wes Unseld Jr. drew it up, and D-Song came to the rescue.

To withstand a final push from the Pistons and live to tell about it was huge for the psyche of the team.

Where’s the Choir?
“Darius [Songaila] has a certain toughness to him….he sorta looks like a choir boy, and he’s the nicest guy in the world, but put him between the lines and he bangs for as long as he’s out there.” -Ed Tapscott

Damn ‘Sheed!!
Sure, Wallace absolutely abused JaVale McGee on Tuesday….but the kid will learn. Why, because of this quote from Ed Tapscott on Darius Songaila:

“Trust me, we had a film of [Songaila] at halftime showing some of the younger guys, ‘this is how you play Rasheed Wallace.'”

Did You Know? In two games against the Wizards, Rasheed Wallace has scored 17 points and snagged 9 rebounds in 20 total first quarter minutes.

Can Dominic McGuire Let The Beat Build?

“Dominic has very much embraced his defined role. I’ve said to him, when you go in the game, you’re gonna get either the hottest player on the floor, for the other team, don’t assume anything, or you’re going to get the best offensive player,” -Ed Tapscott.

Hits from the Web:

  • The Wizards (4-15) got a season-high 59 points and 18 rebounds from their bench; guard Juan Dixon led the way with 16 points and seven assists…….In addition to Dixon’s effort, forward/center Darius Songaila provided 15 points and five rebounds, Nick Young added nine points, Andray Blatche recorded eight points and five rebounds and Dominic McGuire had six points. [Wizards have a lot in reserve – Mike Jones, Washington Times]
  • “That’s a play we have in the offense called chin special,” Tapscott said. “We called it and I said: ‘Wes, are we going to run it out of bounds? And he said we can try because normally it’s a half-court set. Wes said we should just run the play right out of bounds and that’s exactly what we did. We got the layup on a backdoor cut by Mr. Songaila.” [Wizards Alter the Routine, Result – Ivan Carter, Washington Post]
  • As many of you know I have been a huge Dominic McGuire fan, he plays hard nose defense and his offense is slowly coming around. Yesterday he showed off a great dribble and reverse layup, a soaring putback dunk and something that we talked about all summer, an improved jumper that was a huge shotin the fourth. Of course he also had a block and steal and received a standing ovation when he came out in the fourth. [WashingtonWizardsBlog]
  • “Oh, man. That was crazy. That was crazy. I don’t know what got into me,” [Andray Blatche] said of the play in which he stood on the perimeter, pumpfaked then blew baseline past Sheed and then threw down a tomohawk jam. “It was just there for me and I did it. But then he came back down and hit the [3-pointer] and said, ‘That’s what I do to people that dunk on me.’ It was crazy, though.” [Wizards Outlet, Washington Times]
  • I can handle losing games for the sake of “developing the future,” but when you’re running the starters ragged, benching players like Maxiell and Amir (and complaining about energy afterward), and lack any apparent guiding philosophy, well, that’s hard to stomach. [It starts at the top – Detroit Bad Boys]
  • We all complained about Flip Saunders over working the core guys and under utilizing the bench. Now enter rookie head coach Michael Curry and the lineups have been down right screwy at times. Who decided this veteran group was a good candidate for small ball? The Pistons are a good team and shouldn’t let the opponent dictate the lineup from game to game. Play to your strengths! Who else is sick of three guard lineups? I mean c’mon, DNP-CD’s for Maxiell, Amir, and Kwame?? [Pistons Nation Blog]
  • The Pistons looked out of sync (again) and didnt have any answer on defense in the second half. This is becoming a very bad trend with a team that once coveted their identity on the big D. This might become a rough season. [Pistons Palace]

[photo source: Keith Allison]

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