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Blogger Q&A: Bust A Bucket – Portland Trail Blazers Blog

Updated: January 24, 2009

Bust A Bucket is a Portland Trail Blazers blog (seems like the Blaze have a ton of blogs – guess that’s what you get when you combine more passionate fans, a better history in the past 2+ decades, and no other major professional sports teams)….oh well. Check ’em out, pretty cool looking site.

Matt of BaB and I exchanged a Q&A session in anticipation of tonight’s game between our two teams. Check out his answers to my questions below. Head over to Bust a Bucket for my return answers.

Portland Skyline [flickr/Jeff.Jones]

The Blazers currently sit right in the midst of the Western Conference playoff fray. Do you see how the current team plays out the year and perhaps make a move in the summer?……..Or try to find a taker for someone now? (I’m assuming that Frye, Outlaw and Rodriguez are the most expendable, correct?)

It’s tough to gauge what the organization will do. Lately, inconsistency has been a big problem and we just don’t know how certain guys are going to contribute going forward. There is also news that Martell Webster won’t be back before March. So, with an injury like that, we probably don’t want to make a move involving Outlaw. The Blazers should be able to make the playoffs this year with the current roster, but a move to bring in a solid contributor for a few guys who don’t get time, would really make us strong.

2) What would be your dream trade scenario? (for another player who is reasonably available….and oh yea, assume that Caron Butler is NOT available, but Antawn Jamison, perhaps, is – if you chose to trade in the direction of the Wiz)

If we did a trade with Washington that didn’t include Butler, it would for sure be Jamison. The only problem is that we already have a power forward so that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Although, if Jamison were willing to be a 6th man somehow I guess that would work. Do you want Frye, Sergio, & Outlaw? Us Portland fans tend not to know the East coast value of certain players. I don’t think a trade with the Wizards would be possible right now.

3) Who on the Blazers deserves more run? (btw….Jerryd Bayless blew up in the summer league….any thoughts on his potential in the real league?)

I am a huge Jerryd Bayless fan. But even with that aside, I think he needs more run. It doesn’t make sense that we would play 3 rookies already, one of which is 19 and from France, but not play Bayless. Bayless is the point guard of the future and the sooner we get him in the line-up and getting solid experience the better off we’ll be. Steve Blake has been injured lately, so it’s given the team and the fans a chance to see what Jerryd is capable of. The main beef is that he isn’t a true point guard, but with Brandon Roy on the court, it doesn’t matter. Jerryd can be a combo guard and do his thing opposite BRoy.

4) Nate McMillan’s grind it out pace seems to be built for the playoffs, yet KnickerBloggertells us that Portland is 23rd in Defensive Efficiency. How do you feel about the job Nate is doing……potential championship caliber coach?

First of all I think Nate is doing a fine job. I don’t believe that coaches have as much effect on the game as we’d like to believe. The fact is, in professional sports, these are grown men who have to make the plays on the court. Our perimeter defense has been horrendous this year. We also struggle with the pick and roll and sometimes simple things like switching on D. I think the team is young and inexperienced and that is a bigger reason for our 23 defensive efficiency. I also think Nate is a championship caliber coach, once he gets another year or two with this team, they will be much better defensively and you will see a trio of Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Alrdidge, & Greg Oden as stars in this league.

5) Who on the team would you most like to go out and have a beer/night on the town with? Who would you most like to bitch slap? (other than Shavlik Randolph…but he can still be your answer)

Now this is a tough question. There are probably a few guys who I’d like to have a beer with. Channing Frye seems like the most down to earth, funny guy, he loves Portland and likes to go out and enjoy the city. Joel Przybilla would be cool, I heard he can drink a fifth of whiskey in 5 seconds, maybe it’s folklore or maybe it’s real, who knows. I think if I had to choose though, it would be LaMarcus Aldridge. I never really hear him talk much and he seems to keep to himself. I like his game and his persona so I’d like to pick his brain. As far as someone to Bitch slap, probably no one, although, there are times where I want to knock some sense into Travis Outlaw when he’s playing. Something tells me he wouldn’t like that so I should leave that alone.

Thanks again to Matt of Bust A Bucket…..I would say good luck to the Blaze tonight, but I doubt they’ll need it. How ’bout….good luck to Portland in making the playoffs in the West.

As for tonight, the Wiz are probably the guy on the sign below.

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