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Darius Songaila is Justin Timberlake……

Updated: January 9, 2009

…..to Kendrick Perkins’ Janet Jackson.

Darius Songaila is Justin Timberlake - via The Sports Hernia Blog
[This is essentially a repurposed photo suited to needs of the Wizards…..all thanks to the guys at The Sports Hernia Blog – “Kendrick Perkins instantly in contention for worst nip slip ever”……great place BTW, put them in your reader.]

And really, what is going on in this picture anyway? Perkins has a stink face, D-Song has his eyes closed and lips puckered, and Antawn Jamison is either trying to avoid an elbow or smooch an erogenous zone…….lot going on…..but there always is, isn’t there?….a lot going on.