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DeShawn Stevenson Story Doesn’t Add Up

Updated: January 29, 2009

DeShawn Stevenson always makes sure that he yells at things - flickr/Keith AllisonWhile it’s far from a feel good story, Mike Wise’s recent piece about DeShawn Stevenson had many thinking twice about the Wizard, now realizing a part of Stevenson’s past that was previously unknown to most.

The gist of the matter is that DeShawn grew up never knowing his father, not an uncommon story (Jalen Rose anyone?). But the tragedy is that the only time he saw his father was via television mug shot as the man was plagued with violence, drug use, and mental disorders, all which ultimately led to him murdering his own mother, DeShawn’s grandmother, over money.

DeShawn was kept in the dark in regard to the incident, and only came to find out from another kid on the playground.

But that’s not what doesn’t add up. There so much information available on the internet, most not trustworthy of course, but what is out there doesn’t exactly jive with some aspects of Stevenson’s 2001 statutory rape case covered in Wise’s story (from which the bolded excepts came).

#1 – Stevenson did not dispute the consensual sex but contends that the girls brought their own alcohol.

Yet, the AP story relates that, according to the police report, in a secretly recorded conversation with one of the girl’s mothers, Stevenson not only admitted having to sex with her daughter, but also to providing the alcohol.

#2 – “I went to her mom’s house and talked to her [the 14-year old] and told her that I didn’t know her age.” -DeShawn Stevenson

Again, maybe the AP story is not factual, but it does say that, “The 14-year-old and her family have known Stevenson and Anderson for four years.”

You know anyone for that long and don’t know their age? Curious in any case.

#3 – A friend called one night and asked Stevenson to meet him at a hotel room, where he was told they would meet up with pretty women. “I was a kid, but I shouldn’t have gone,” he said. “I knew stories of other players who listen to their boys and end up in bad situations.”

She [the 14-year old] told police in June that Stevenson called her on the night of June 6 and asked if she had any “freak friends,” girls “that will do anything sexually,” Fresno police officer David Unruh said during the hearing. via

#4 – “I feel bad about it, but I was a kid, hanging with people I shouldn’t have been hanging with, making bad decisions.” -DeShawn Stevenson

Let’s see, who was in the room that night?….DeShawn Stevenson, former high school teammate DeShawn Anderson, who was younger than Stevenson, and Richard Millsap, also a former high school teammate.

Millsap watched, but did not participate. He must be a good guy, right? Well, except for this, “The 15-year-old told police in June that Stevenson stopped Millsap from trying to have sex with the 14-year-old while she was passed out, Fresno police detective Craig Attkisson said at the hearing.” via

Still, Millsap must be cool because Stevenson still hangs out with him and they make silly little YouTube lip-syncing videos to the sounds of Usher together.

As for DeShawn Anderson, the man towards whom all the fingers seem to be pointed…..he still balls, most recently for the Modesto Bearcats of the ABA.


Look, I realize that most all of this will remain a ‘he-said-she-said’ situation until the end of time. You have teenage girls who might have felt the need to lie because what they did ended embarrassingly and got them in trouble with their parents.

In fact, this excerpt makes it clear that the 15-year old could not get her story straight:

When asked by Deputy District Attorney Becky Gong if she and Anderson had sex, the girl said they kissed and he touched her but “not on my bottom part or nothing like that.”

“I said (I had sex with him) to get back at him, I guess,” she said. “To get him into trouble.”

It’s unclear why she wanted to get Anderson in trouble.

The girl also repeatedly said she didn’t remember all of the things that went on that night.

On the other hand, you have guys who were immediately repentant when faced with impending trouble….and part of the “he said” comes in the form of a taped conversation.

But in the end, Stevenson has grown up, learned his lesson, and most importantly, faced no jail time when all involved parties were culpable, not just the males.

Still, no matter how you slice it, the story doesn’t add up.

[photo source: flickr/Keith Allison]

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