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Dilemma of a losing fan. Your 2008-09 Washington Wizards

Updated: January 25, 2009

Went out last night, of course, instead of watching the Wizards-Blazers game. What? Am I supposed to sacrifice my social life for this team? Naw.

But my intentions are good…..DVR the game, stay away from scores (which I did) and watch it the next day.

Getting up in the morning, the first thought is, “Do I really want to watch this team?” I mean, what are their chances of beating the Blazers in Portland? 10%…..at best?…..maybe 7%?

I have no hope.

It’s easy for a fan to lose hope. I still root for the team. I still want them to win. I still get wrapped up in the emotion of games…whether the Wiz are getting blown out or blowing up.

But for some dude like me, losing hope seems natural.

Does the team have any hope? Do they care? Sure they do. This is their job, their lifeline. They are competitors. Then again, they’re getting a fat paycheck win or lose.

Me? I’m just left with thoughts of a futile history (guess it could be worse….should I be thankful that I’ve only been a fan since 1990?)….and thoughts that a basketball team, which for the past four years has pumped life into the city of DC (and the whole DMV area), is now about to be blown into pieces.

Time to rebuild. Time to be thrown back into the depths of the “Clippers of the East” — very ironic that in this time where overall hope is being brought back to the nation’s capital, it’s being sucked out of a single building along “Fun Street” in Chinatown.

So the dilemma of a losing fan. Do I watch last night’s game?….wasting away hours of my precious Sunday?

The sad part is, I’m not sure I can resist.

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