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Inauguration Photos From The Guy Who Writes This Blog

Updated: January 22, 2009

Once again the presidential inauguration doesn’t have much to do with the Washington Wizards, except for the fact that everyone on the team, from players to coaches, wished they were in DC experiencing history.

I was there for you guys.

But…..if the Wizards were in DC, I’m pretty sure they’d be schmoozing it up close with clowns like P-Diddy, or even this interesting looking feller right here.

I, on the other hand, walked with the masses around the Washington Monument and the WWII Memorial… was cool (and pretty freakin’ cold too).

Pictures: A Google Reader ShareBro put me on a post from Gizmodo featuring the absurd shot below from the inaugural youth ball.

Sea of Cameras at Youth Ball via GizmodoFrom the Gizmodo post: “…..people are more interested in taking photos of something they’re witnessing than actually, you know, witnessing it.”

Ironic……just the previous night, I’d gotten into a conversation with a cousin, who I’d previously only met once in my life some 20 years ago…..really cool dude by the way…..about the future of photography, open source, the ease of digital photography for everyone, and, of course, people being consumed with capturing an event rather than being apart of it.

Being involved with aspects of photography himself, he was able to offer some nice insight, but that’s neither here nor there.

Personally, I like to do everything……be a witness, capture what I’m witnessing, capture others witnessing, and perhaps take pictures of people taking pictures…..of witnesses.

But yes, a bunch of crappy camera phones at a concert, or a ball with Mr. & Mrs. President, or any other mass gathering with a single focus point, is a little bit silly.

All that jazz being said, below is what I captured as part of my Barack Obama Presidential Inauguration experience. I didn’t get the group to which this sign belonged, although I did see them in the distance……and my pictures are nowhere as cool as these shots…..but they are mines, so here goes:

  • JC

    Epic. Slideshow.

  • suzanne weidie

    Wonderful shots, son….i love some of your perspectives.
    oh yeah….crappy cell phone cameras….was that a necessary adjective to describe the quality of the photos that they create..?