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LeBron Traveled, Get Over It

Updated: January 6, 2009
The LeBron James Crab Dribble aka Walking Through the Lane[yes, I’m using this pic in a post, again]

It’s the classic schoolyard gripe of a kid saying, “But Johnny was doing it too!” while neglecting to first and foremost admit his own responsibility in whatever the transgression may be.

What am I talking about?

A blog post by a member of the Cleveland main stream media of course….specifically, Branson Wright of the Cleveland Plain Dealer [via True Hoop].

In a post aptly titled, “LeBron James Travel? What About These?,” Wright shows that he is more than adept at YouTube research. He embeds his top 5 NBA travel clips and asks, “If James did travel, why didn’t the refs blow their whistles…..[for these other travels]?”

To say that in the NBA there have been traveling violations which have not been called, and to point them out, is hardly groundbreaking.

But the problem is that three of Wright’s examples are fast break travels…..sure, they should have been called, but hardly comparable to a 6’8″ freight train barreling through the lane with the assistance of extra steps.

The other two (Billups and D-Wade)? Also legit….albeit, not drives for game winners. Also, they are much harder to judge as travels in real time….especially for Dwyane Wade since he dragged his initial pivot foot in the process of spinning.

Regardless…..all are travels and should be called as such.

So what’s my beef?

Well, much credit goes to the commenters on Wright’s blog post. Many either directly admit that LeBron traveled, or indirectly say that the Cavs should not have been in such a position against the lowly Wizards.

So why can’t LeBron admit the truth about it? And why must those such as Wright fuel the flames with “maybe he did, maybe he didn’t” distractions from the facts?

Why ask why? I don’t know….you got me there.

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