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Link Dump, Ahhh That Feels Good

Updated: January 9, 2009

The Night Bus - Truth About
Do you Twitter (or Tweet….or whatever)?

If so, you may know that Truth About It has a Twitter feed, but the guys at Hugging Harold Reynolds have organized an outpost where you can find sports specific tweets (Twitter posts) from bloggers ’round the web society. It’s called #sblog tweets…..check it out.

Going to Wizards-Bobcats game on Saturday……will be drinking some Tuff Juice beforehand. Meet me at the Turtle?

The Wire in the form of a video and a 5-minute rap.

Old school Michael Jordan passes it to Cousin Mose Schrute, MD.

At times, I’ve wondered why fans don’t bring whistles to basketball games more….just to mess with sh*t. Well, it happened in Utah….and the NBA refs did a terrible job of handling the situation.

Brendan Haywood says: “You take away LeBron and Ilgauksas and I guarantee they’d have seven, eight wins right now. Hell, give them Ilgauskas and take away LeBron and they’ll have seven, eight wins. Look for a season like this from Cleveland in 2010.”

This both terrifies me and mesmerizes me….much more of the former.

Javaris Crittenton – 3″ + beard = Mateen Cleaveshuh?

Remembering Antonio Daniels as the Brown Hornet.

More Wireabandoned sound stage photos.

Ahh….good ol’ wrastlin’

The management stylistics of Darth Vadar.

H8 LeBron & his chalk.

Why Fox isn’t good at college football coverage.

Bacon Bourbon Brownies (trust me, food you can make….not an ugly after-effect)

Plaxico’s ipod playlist

Is DC the biggest loser?

Wikipedia: Common Misconceptions via Hello Friend

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  1. Mac G

    January 9, 2009 at 6:20 am

    Just start a blog about Wmata and get it over with. I mean, how many people are tweeting away on S route?

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