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Lucky Escape: Wizards Game 41 Blog at Sacramento Kings

Updated: January 22, 2009


8:08: Dom McGuire has gotten good at the corner jumper… long as he omits that hitch he has in his shot at times. 9-4 Wiz.

D-Mac, of course, can potentially be a great defender, but really must work on his lateral movement.

7:37: Blatche spin and gets in air, but the Wiz (Mike James in this instance) are making better cuts, and it’s an easy pass for a layup. 11-6 Wiz.

Wiz start 1-5 on FGs, but go 5-5 since…thanks to the fact that Brad Miller cannot guard Andray…who has 9 points on 3-4 shooting.

5:46: Butler is having his own issues with Salmons, who just drove by him for a dunk. 17-13 Wiz.

Did the Kings just not account for Blatche in their game plan at all? Is Brad Miller that bad of a defender? Is he being left on an island? Don’t know, but Andray has 8 points already.

4:47: Jamison drive…kick to James….pump fake…single dribble…jumper. I mean, I know that probably looked easier against the Kings, but still, where are those fundamentals all other times? 21-15 Wiz.

It’s just hard to tell how bad these two teams really are when playing against each other because the offense looks so easy and that’s the first thing you focus on….I’m sure that turnovers will be more evident soon.

24 out of 46 total points have been in the paint…there goes your evidence of terrible D.

0:38: Butler with a tough, forced, fading, fumbling miss..but D-Mac with an aggressive attacking follow slam. Wiz up 10, 31-21.

McGee, as usual, has shown plenty of activity and energy….good to see him always working when everyone seems to be talking about his lack of minutes.

To end….James gets it to Butler with his back to the basket in the paint, but I don’t like that he dribbles to reset at the three point line and misses at the buzzer. Still 31-21.


Crittenton, Young, Butler, Songaila and McGee start.

2 straight early turnovers for the Wiz……5-4 Wiz to Kings total.

I like how Crittenton is intent on pushing the rock…time will hopefully give him a balance of limiting carelessness (something he’s not doing too much of now).

9:10: Garcia gets an easy offensive rebound and hoop because the Wiz fell into a trap of running and not securing the board…Tap calls timeout. 38-29 Wiz.

Jamison comes in for Butler to play the three.

8:16: Nick Young is moving more crisp….great off ball movement and Songaila hits him with cutting pass for a layup…24 points in paint for Wiz.

6:46: Love to see McGee get up high for boards, but teams know that he’s susceptible to getting the ball knocked away…as happens now.

4:57: The Wiz are still a little bit careless on offense and are giving the Kings some easy transition buckets…timeout Tap. who gets his starters back in the game. 43-35 DC.

2:17: The Kings pull a Wizards and collapse deep in paint thanks to Butler and Blatche…..Jamison gets the first three of the night for the Wiz. 52-42.

2:00: Easy Brad Miller layup….looks like a lack of communication, which ain’t good at all.

Stat I want to see: How many extra opportunities Dominic McGuire creates each game.

Wiz maintain their 10 point lead thanks to 56% from field and 15 points on 5-12 from Butler…..54-44 at half.


9:38: It’s so odd how Andray Blatche can’t focus at times, yet seems to have an uncanny passing ability……gets position in the lane spins and senses a cutting Jamison for an easy layup. 60-48 Wiz.

8:29: Butler drops a trey…..20 points for him.

8:17: But McGuire is too low in his defensive stance in closing out on K-Mart who hits a trey…..gotta play drive but make them thing you’re playing the shot….D-macs hands were not high enough. 65-53 Wiz.

7:22: Blatche fills the lane…they still are not accounting for him. 13-5 Wiz run…..Sacramento isn’t even contesting the passes.

Caron Butler is starting to feel it against Salmons….even the smallest of windows is too much separation. Timeout Kings and the people who are actually three start to let out the boo-birds. 73-56 Wiz.

5:34: More Andray Blatche filling the lane, more Kings ignoring him…..a 5th assist for Butler and 16 points for Andray.

2:22: Kings can’t even run a 4-2 fast-break without some dude named Mike James knocking the ball out of bounds in the midst of a layup attempt.

2:20: Unfortunately, when we all want Andray Blatche to stay on the court, he does what has plagued him the most….commit a foul, his 4th of the game and must sit in favor of Songaila.

Well, the Wiz built on their lead in the 3rd, and that’s all I can ask…..thank you for those 13 points in the quarter AJ. 89-70 DC.


Songaila starts the 4th out with a bad turnover, his 3rd of the game……his play has been a bit down lately, but he always hustles and finds the right positioning on defense. McGee, Crittenton, Butler and Young in addition.

9:55: The Kings makes a big push to get to 12….just a lack of focus on the Wiz and they are not creating inside-out opportunities on offense. Timeout Tap.
Much of the Kings catch up buckets have come in transition. 91-79 Wiz.

15-4 Kings run in first 3:50 of the 4th….GRRRRREAT!!

6:32: WOW….Jamison takes a quick step baseline from the right wing on Brad Miller and jams it right in the face of Shelden Williams. When is the last time Jamison dunked the ball? That one screamed, “I am NOT losing this muther fuckin’ game.”

6:00: D-Mac commits turnover…they poked it from behind…..c’mon McGuire, what’s with all the dribbling?

Game is starting to get physical….and people wonder if either of these bad teams have some quit in them.

4:21: McGuire with a HUGE block on Udrih block and Songaila recovers…D-Mac is so good at one-on-one block timing. Kid also has 11 boards.

But…the Wizards can’t seem to finish close opportunities
…they are 5-14 so far in the 4th (I think)

3:27: Then again, Kevin Martin misses a wide open three….Kings have missed their last 5 shots…..although they’ve been chipping away the whole time – 100-92 Wiz.

3:12: Wiz commit 14th turnover of the game….do either of these teams want this?

3:00: Garcia cuts it to 5 with a wide open trey from the corner

2:00: Garcia misses a 2nd open trey from the same spot.

1:00: Wiz get several great chances at the basket as the ball is bumbled all around by both teams……but just cannot put the ball in the hole.

0:43: And what do you know, Udrih hits a three to make it 104-102 DC…..yep, the Wiz were up 19 at the start of the 4th, damn they are good at blowing leads.

Wiz can’t manage to inbound the ball and must call a timeout.

0:24: Jamison hits a most unbelievable shot….no, not a flip running crazy hook or any of his tricks…he willed himself all the way to the hoop and hit a twisting layup.

0:20: Butler goes for steal, fouls, but Salmons only makes 1 of 2. …Butler gets fouled and makes his two. 108-103 Wizards.

0:15: Udrih makes 1 of 2, but the Kings get the board off the 2nd miss…..Udrih misses a thre
e…….ANOTHER BOARD (Shelden over Andray)……..anf OF COURSE!!! Garcia with a bomb. He has 14 points and it’s 108-107 Wizards with 0:03 left.

Blatche is the one who gets fouled….OMFG!!! but he makes BOTH….crazy kid, crazy. 110-107 Wiz.

3.2 left...Garcia gets a look….tries to drawn a foul by kicking his feet out…no dice, it’s a miss.

110-107 Wizards over Kings…… Box

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