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More Nick Young Please, Oh yea…Wizards Lost – Game 38 Blog at New York Knicks

Updated: January 15, 2009

Nick Young blowin' up ya'll! - flickr/Keith Allison

David Lee gets on board for the Knicks as they move the ball well while Andray Blatche flounders around the paint, quizzically pointing fingers at lost defensive assignments. 2-2.

11:09: Blatche, however, scores the first four points of the game….the latter pair coming on a nice behind the back dribble and pull up on Lee who gave him too much space.

It’s nice to see confidence from Andray, but I see two big problems with him: 1) being able to keep up with the energy/hustle of David Lee, and 2) lack of concentration.

8:44: Nice NY ball movement from a driving Lee to a moving Jared Jeffries leaves Blatche’s head hanging. 11-9 Wizards.

The Wiz are moving the ball fairly well themselves though and have taken a 15-9 lead on a Mike James three.

7:35: Blatche picks up his 2nd foul trying to draw a charge in the backcourt….but lacked the discipline to keep still. Early entry for JaVale Mcee.

6:30: Q-Rich heating up and Butler giving him too much space for a trey. 20-16 Wiz.

4:01: The Wiz are getting careless/weak with the ball (3 straight turnovers)…14-0 NY run, the Wiz have been stuck on 20 since 6:47…..27-20 Knicks.

1:19: Hanging lengthy sweet stoke jumper from McGee over Lee. 31-29 Knicks.

0:00: Harrington 3-point bank shot at the buzzer…..he’s getting hot. 36-30 NY after one.


Knicks hits a couple threes in the first minute, Wiz get down 41-30.

10:15: Caron has 10 points so far on 5-8 shooting, but many of them are long mid-range jumpers.

8:58: Very nice McGee hook over Tim Thomas….his lack of strength made him shoot it from the dotted half circle, but if he can develop some consistency to that…..43-38 Knicks.

7:17: Yuck…the Wizards are floundering as a team now….turnovers in bunches, 3 in a row, 7 for the game.

6:36: Al Harrington is feeling it….back down on Songaila, gets separation for a mid-range fade. 49-41 Knicks.

6:01: Harrington is trailing….still no excuse for the Wizards’ D to get so bogged in the paint….he hits ANOTHER three, 18 points. Wasn’t that guy injured earlier this year? I bet Al thinks D’Antoni’s mouth is pretty. 52-43 NY. Tap Timeout.

5:15: Crittenton tries to force the issue against four Knicks on the break…and Nate Robinson sends his shit flying with a cold stare on top.

4:40: I know the pick and roll is tough to guard, but the Wizards act like they’ve never seen one before….big dunk by David Lee. 54-47 NY.

3:49: Well, at least Nick Young is stroking it….another 3…10 points all in the 2rd. 56-52 Knicks.


(sure, it’s a team thing, but I am still looking directly at you Mike James….”I AIN’T GETTING HURT NANNY……I’M NOT FIGHTING THROUGH SCREENS.”)

2:08: Mike James hits a three…8 points….62-57 Knicks……he’s eating monkey brains and snake surprise in the Palace of Good Place where there’s really a devil man underground ripping hearts out and eating them.

Well, the Wizards are hanging around….thanks to Nick Young with 12 total in the 2nd…..and defense from New York that’s porous as well. 67-66 Knicks at the half.

Butler had 15, James had 10 — Harrington had 21, Lee had 14, Q-Rich had 12.


Q-Rich starts off with a trey…..7 of them for the Knicks in the game.

Phil Chenier points out that Mike James and Crittenton are the only two Wizards who are consistently trying to penetration. Ok, cool….but you know what else is a problem? We’re talking about MIKE JAMES AND JAVARIS CRITTENTON…..PLAYOFFS?

Then again, it’s not like Gilbert Arenas’ ass would be getting through any of these picks.

10:30: Look at me being Cynical Cyrus as James hits a trey to put the Wiz up 73-70….DC is 7-8 from deep.

9:20: Finally, the Wiz take away a passing lane on a pick and roll…………..err…cancel that, charge on Mike James.

7:47: 10-0 Knicks run….etc., etc....80-73 NYK

Nick Young is building confidence……awesome…..he’s scoring in a number of ways…..great…..I just can’t wait until he plays like the guy who’s supposed to be on the court and not the kid trying to make a name for himself in the league. He’s got 16 points, the Knicks are up 84-77.

3:33: Chance 1, chance 2, chance 3, chance 4….the Knicks and David Lee are going to run these Wizards off the floor.

Offensive boards in 3rd: NY 6 – DC 1 …. 87-83 Knicks.

I don’t get it….are they telling Blatche and Crittenton to automatically switch on the P&Rs? Not sure why….Lee keeps getting mismatches down low.

Again…this time Young gets caught on Lee…the Knicks don’t take advantage…..but there is simply no desire to FIGHT on screens and the what-not.

Andray Blatche is being lazy…..Phil Chenier is calling him out for not coming to the ball on offense as if he were hungry for it….NACHOS anyone?

Andray Blatche is incapable of a consistent winning mentality/attitude……write it down, put it in a time capsule, bury it, dig it up later….it will still hold true.

Buckhantz relays a quote from Tapscott on the Wizards’ youth, “They are blissfully free from the ravages of experience.” I like that.

End of 3rd, Knicks up 94-87. No, the Wizards aren’t down by that much, but I just don’t see them winning…no way, no how.


10:33: Nice offensive board and dunk for McGee…..maybe Wizards fans should just start watching games with the scoreboard off and the sound down……ignorance would aid bliss.

What We Got: Nick Young wet buckets….Wizards making unforced turnovers…..Nick Young raining….Knicks can’t take advantage of turnovers.

9:20: Caron hits a trey….how about that, the game is tied at 96…..I’m confused on how to treat my inherent cynicism.

2nd chance points….New York 21 – Wizards 9

8:00: Damn…another bucket for Young…..Pecherov almost jumps off the bench for joy, but the quickly sits back down.

Why does JaVale McGee flop his wrists all over the place when walking around?

I kinda wish NBA players would get excited on the bench instead of all this golf clap shit.

7:01: Nick Young BLOWIN’ UP YA’LL — they done put Jared Jeffries on him. 26 points.

2nd chances killing the Wiz…yup.

5:00: Young = 11/14 from the field…29 points. 108-105 Knicks.

2:39: I think we’re in another situation where the Wiz are exclusively going to Young on offense….he misses a tough one close to the rim on the baseline……

……and on the other end, Nick turns his back on Q-Rich…easy money for three. 119-111 NY….that’s a killer.

1:50: Butler tough/forced airball miss…foul? no call…who knows….tips and stuff…shot clock violation on the Wiz

Great step through layup…New Career High…Nick Young with 31…119-113….need a stop.

NOPE.…Knicks overload….NICK YOUNG loses his corner assignment….Wilson Chandler trey….122-113.…officially over.

Free throws and such, game takes a while to finish….but not for me, I fast forward…some would say that I shouldn’t have even watched in the first place.

128-122 FINAL, New York Knicks. Box

[photo source: flickr/Keith Allison]

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