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NBA Blogger MVP/ROY Awards Round 5: It’s Unanimous, Guess Who.

Updated: January 14, 2009

First of all, I’d like to thank all who participated in this the 5th round of NBA blogger MVP/ROY voting, the first of 2009. I’m honored to have been the host. Second, the esteemed panel:

Previous Rounds:

Without further ado, here goes……


OJ Mayo's Putting on a Clinic - flickr/satanslaundromat
Quick Bullets

  • 13 different players received votes for Rookie of the Year.
  • OJ Mayo and Derrick Rose were the only two rookies that everyone had in their top 5.

Others receiving votes: Brook Lopez (10), Rudy Fernandez (9), Marc Gasol (8), Greg Oden (6), Eric Gordon (6), Kevin Love (4), Luc Richard Mbah a Moute (3), Roy Hibbert (1)

#5 Michael Beasley (12 points)

Developing chemistry with Wade, knocking down shots from everywhere. Needs to learn not to be such a black hole, though. -Matt from Hardwood Paroxysm

#4 DJ Augustin (14 points)

Quickness and good shooting makes Augustin a game-changer in Charlotte. The kid’s a tough assignment, and the ‘Cats look more competitive than they ever have. -J.D. Mo from The Bob Boozer Jinx

#3 Russell Westbrook
(30 points)

Could wind up being more important than Durant. Yeah, I said it. -Matt from Hardwood Paroxysm

Like a bat outta hell, Westbrook decided smartly to hit the rookie wall early and then jump straight over it into December and January. Look out. -Mookie from A Stern Warning

#2 Derrick Rose (70 points)

Thrown into the fire when Hinrich went down, he’s kept the Bulls in striking distance of the playoffs. Hinrich’s back to take some of the pressure off and this may mean that the ROY goes to Mayo in the end. But up until this point in the season, no rookie has accomplished more than Rose. -J.D. Mo from The Bob Boozer Jinx

This vote is more subjective, but just watching Rose’s game, I always come away thoroughly impressed and feel like he has the most advanced game of any of the rookies. He’s 2nd among rookies in scoring, 1st in assists, and boasts a solid .467 FG%. -RockKing from Waiting For Next Year

#1 OJ Mayo (79 points)

Efficient, deadly, still learning his teammates. He’s probably going to jump to the other list in a few years. -Matt from Hardwood Paroxysm

Kevin McHale GM mistake # 145,852 -Dave from The Dream Shake

Amazing abilities on the court. He has huge upside potential and it will be interesting to see how far this kid goes. As long as he stays away from dirty agents! -Daniel from LA Ball Talk


LeBron James is the cancerous crab - flickr/zakgollop

Quick Bullets

  • 24 different players received votes for MVP, in addition to a Quad Tendon (Carlos Boozer’s), a 5-headed monster of Garnett-Pierce-Allen-Rondo-Perkins, and a Jeff Foster (whatever that is).
  • 5 players were in top 10 of all participating voters (LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade and Dwight Howard)

Others receiving votes: Kevin Garnett (14), Devin Harris (9), Shaq O’Neal (8), Paul Pierce (8), Amare Stoudamire (5), Ray Allen (4), Manu Ginobili (3), Vince Carter (3), Chris Bosh (2), Pau Gasol (2), Josh Smith (2), KG/PP/Ray/Rondo/Perkins (2), Yao Ming (2), Kevin Durant (1), Carlos Boozer’s Quad Tendon (1), Jeff Foster (1)

#10 (tie) Danny Granger (18 points)

No, I do not feel bad about this pick. The man is the Jason Bourne of the NBA. He’s killing everyone, and no one knows he exists. -Matt from Hardwood Paroxysm

#10 (tie) Dirk Nowitzki
(18 points)

Possessing one of the purest shots in the game, could actually move higher if he wasn’t deserving of the name ‘Irk’. -Don from With Malice

#9 Joe Johnson (19 points)

#2 is #1 in Hotlanta. Josh Smith may bring the highlights, but JJ brings IT every night. -Mookie from A Stern Warning

#8 Brandon Roy (39 points)

Missed time out injured, but make no mistake: Brandon Roy is the reason the Blazers are as good as they are. -Don from With Malice

Don’t go forgetting about this quiet performer. B-Roy’s numbers line up across the board with the best guards in the game and he has led the Blazers well beyond where they should be. -Mookie from A Stern Warning

#7 Chauncey Billups (45 points)

Hard to believe a changing of the guards could make so much difference, but it’s hard to argue with the results. George Karl will find a way to screw things up in Denver. -J.D. Mo from The Bob Boozer Jinx

A natural born leader. The swagger he has brought to the Mile High City speaks for itself. More than the answer, he’s the solution. -Mookie from A Stern Warning

#6 Tim Duncan (60 points)

I opened him up and saw that his Energizer Battery isn’t set to expire until the year 2015. -College Wolf from

Never underestimate the heart of a champion. I just noted this stat and I don’t know how well documented it is: since 2002-03, in the years the Spurs have won the title, Timmy D has shot 51.9% from the field. In the years they haven’t won, he’s averaged 49.4%. This year he’s shooting 51.5%. With the number of shots he takes, that means a lot. I’m just saying… -Mookie from A Stern Warning

#5 Dwight Howard (106 points)

“Oh, no, Andrew Bynum is the best young center!” “Nuh-uh! Greg Oden is the best young center!” BOOM! “HOWARD SMASH!!!” -Matt from Hardwood Paroxysm

This guy is a beast. Does he make his teammates better? Look at my man Hedo! -Daniel from LA Ball Talk

I’m trying to figure out how he plans on topping last year’s dunks. -Jonny from The Lakers Nation

#4 Dwyane Wade (116 points)

He’s still Ernie Banks. Though the old Cub only wanted to “play two,” while D-Wade wants to “fall down seven times.” -Fish from

His defense has really skyrocketed. He’s taken to the weakside block on the lowpost scorer, and has gotten more aggressive in the half-court trap with his newfound strength and burst of speed. Yeah, some of it is stat padding, but it’s also effective as hell. -Matt from Hardwood Paroxysm

#3 Chris Paul (127 points)

He’s gotten lost because his team isn’t in the 30 win club, but having an outstanding individual season. -Jonny from The Lakers Nation

It seems like every year now you can say “If not for LeBron James, CP3 would be having an all time great season”. 20 points, 11 assists, and 3 steals per game? Not too shabby. -RockKing from Waiting For Next Year

#2 Kobe Bryant (131 points)

Doesn’t it seem like he’s shooting a little less but making a little more? The Drama Queen’s game may be at its finest-ever point. -Fish from

The fact that Kobe has stayed out of headlines proves he has matured. He’s focused and the rest of the league should be scared. -Dave from The Dream Shake

I admit it, I used to be a hater. Now I have nothing but respect — he’s learned to defer to his supporting cast where necessary and is playing more efficiently across the board. -Mookie from A Stern Warning

#1 LeBron James (170 points)

If only because he correctly referred to the “crab dribble” as a “trademark” and not a patent or a copyright. It’s still traveling though. -Dave from The Dream Shake

Crab Dribble or Not He is the King of the Castle -James from Dino Nation Blog

It’s been a while since it has been this clear cut… whatever way you want to cut it. Statistically, team record, flat-out dominance or just raw power — LBJ has got it all. He would have to slow down significantly to lose this award. -Mooki
e from
A Stern Warning

I’m sending Eddy Curry after anyone that doesn’t vote for LBJ as MVP. -Ben from Blazer’s Edge

NOW: Pretty, Pretty Charts (ok, not that pretty)

[only includes those who finished in the top 10 (11) for round 5]

Voting Distribution, Places 1-4


That is all….carry on with your day because you are soooo important.
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[photo sources: flickr/satanslaundromat & flickr/zakgollop]

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