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Oakland Digs The Long Ball: Wizards Game 40 Blog at Golden State Warriors

Updated: January 20, 2009

Captain Jack says YARRRR! - flickr/Wright Reading
Milestones: MLK day, Inauguration eve, JaVale McGee is 21, Michael Adams celebrates a B-Day as well, Wiz playing the team against which Ed Tapscott got his first win and Captain Jack does not care.


The Good Thing: Wizards don’t have too much of a reason to collapse into the paint on Biedrins
Bad Thing: Blatche is sometimes allergic to blocking out…Biedrins gets a board and then Azubuike gets 2nd chance three. 5-2 G-State.

Not sure what Caron Butler going behind the screen on a shooter like Jamal Crawford has to do with him having to play the two-spot.

Jamison starts out focused against his former team with 6 of the first 8 points for the Wiz…..he’s also being guarded by rookie Anthony Randolph (who has to check out with 2 early fouls). 8-8 tie.

I like how when Dominic McGuire drives, he dribbles with the purpose of getting somewhere.

D-Mac, however, is the victim of abuse from Captain Jack. 13-10 Warriors.

Blatche has had a couple nice drives to the hoop, but can’t finish.

McGuire gets some revenge…snatches the ball right out of Jackson’s hands as he’s going for a layup, pushes in transition and then drops a nice dime to Andray for a layup. 17-13 Warriors.

Steve Buckhantz is going over a laundry list of Antawn Jamison’s bumps and bruises…..too many to even type.

2:19: Great drive and set up by D-Mac to Andray for a dunk. 19-16 Warriors. The improvement of McGuire’s comfort on the court is very noticeable.

Nick Young and Songaila come in to join Butler, Jamison and James.

Golden State is scoring way too early in the shot clock and with too much ease. They take a 28-23 lead after one….Stephen Jackson netted 12 points.


Maggette is making Jamison look like his feet are stuck in concrete…two consecutive buckets. 32-27 Warriors.

9:40: Golden State (Crawford) just hit another three, 5-8 as team from deep…..the Wizards are giving shooters too much space AND not running them off the 3-point line.

9:20: Maggette short jumper after he had Jamison on his heels…..10 points off the bench for Corey. 39-30 Warriors.

8:45: Captain Jack easily splits a double-team and Tapscott calls a timeout. 41-30 Warriors, who are 6-6 to start the 2nd quarter.

7:58: Nick Young drives and sets AJ up for three…..really like to see Young create. 41-33 Warriors.

7:41: Jamison tried to take the baseline away from Maggette…..he took it anyway….AJ’s defense is horrendous.

7:17: JaVale McGee and Butler check in to join McGuire, Young and Crittenton.

JaVale McGee with a drive and monster dunk on an unsuspecting Rony Turiaf. 52-42 Warriors.

3:18: Nick Young hits a very tough baseline fader over four arms….6 points off the bench for Nick.

The Wizards are getting some chances on offense, but aren’t finishing…..and the defense continues to let Golden State have their way. After one half, the Warriors lead 60-48.

Maggette + Crawford + Stephen Jackson = 44 total points (16, 14, 14)


9:30: Despite a Warriors three to kick the 3rd off, the Wiz have cut the lead to 10 with a couple turnovers and poor transition D from Golden State. 65-65 Warriors.

The game is moving at a fast pace and the Wizards are doing a fair job of beating Golden State at their own game…..a Mike James trey makes it 67-60.

8:20: Dominic McGuire picks up his 5th assist on a Blatche roll to the hoop……still, I wish that Andray would get more angry at the rim sometimes.

(D-Mac also has 9 rebounds and 5 points)

7:17: And there we go…..D-Mac gets yet another assist….to Blatche, who throws it down hard with two hands. 74-67 Warriors (now if the Wiz could only contest the Golden State jumpers)

Credit to Blatche on D: he’s had some active hands tonight.

5:55: Caron is starting to warm up with a comfortable step back J. 78-71 G-State, Butler has 7 points in the 3rd, 16 total.

The Wizards have had 3 offensive fouls called on them where the man driving to the basket puts his arm out.

Mike James is a very inconsistent defender….guess that’s better than being bad all the time.

Well, the Warriors opened a couple doors…the Wizards made them drive more on D, forced them to make a couple extra passes. G-State has an 86-79 lead after three.


Early on, Songaila’s tough work in the paint draws foul #5 on Maggette who then picks up a tech (Butler missed the freebie).

9:40: And the Wiz just can’t manage to whittle down Golden State’s lead, as they keep giving up keep buckets….such as a three from Anthony Morrow. 91-79 Warriors.

Nick Young hasn’t forced much tonight, but he’s clearly not in a rhythm. 2-9 from the field?

And Caron breaks the 4th quarter FG ice with a spinning off-balanced, off one foot, fading, running, one-hander….yea, didn’t make sense when I watched it either, but it was nice.

6:46: Captain Jack hits a three….Andray Blatche kinda dunks on Turiaf but shows no emotion….the Wiz don’t get back and Jack hits a transition bucket (he’s got 19 points)……98-84 Warriors, check that….now 101-86….and I’m afraid as usual, the Wiz just don’t have the juice tonight (today).

5:28: UGH! Behind the screen on another shooter….sure hope that wasn’t part of the game plan……this time Nick Young does it and Crawford hits a three. 104-88 G-State.

Well, Blatche is active….either that or he likes playing against the Warriors and their lack of inside game. He has 20 points and 8 boards…..but it’s still 107-94.

4:00: Stephen Jackson is unstoppable.

3:30: Jackson with another three….27 points for him, the Warriors are 13-20 from deep.

The Wizards are looking silly on D….ok, calling the game….no more bloggy-blog bloggin’

The Final: Golden State 119 – Wizards 98NBA.com Box

  • Wiz outscored 33-19 in the 4th.
  • Jackson and Crawford combined for 54 points.
  • The Warriors went 13-21 from deep….and still managed to have 28 assists on 44 field goals.

Key Links:

It was all ugly except this…..[Bullets Forever]

[Washington Times]
Two weeks ago, the struggling Washington Wizards embarked on a stretch that featured eight games against teams with losin
g records. The Wizards saw it as a golden opportunity to make a run toward saving their season.

So much for that.

[Wizards Outlet]
The Wizards, who became only the seventh team this season NOT to score 100 points against Golden State — which is worst in the league in defense — appeared beaten down from the start of the game, but Ed Tapscott said that the mounting losses aren’t a reason for the listlessness.

[Washington Post]
The latest loss featured many of the elements that have contributed to the team’s woeful record, before and after Tapscott took over on an interim basis: poor perimeter defense, a lack of offensive rhythm and untimely breakdowns at both ends of the court.

[Wizards Insider]
Aside from the usual late defensive rotations, the Wizards again fell into a trap of make one pass before jacking up a shot. It played right into Golden State’s hands.

[Wizards Plus, Washington Times]
The Wizards got off to a disoriented start: They couldn’t figure out which way to line up for the playing of the national anthem. The majority of the team faced midcourt, but there was no flag there. In doing so, they had their backs to the flag, which hung from the rafters.

Meanwhile, Oleksiy Pecherov, Darius Songaila, Juan Dixon and Mike James stood facing the flag. Caron Butler lined up with his back to the flag, turned around, then seeing the rest of his teammates turned the other way returned to his original position. Pecherov and Songaila also fell in line and turned their backs to the flag. James and Dixon continued to face the flag, however. …

And Gilbertology has some more Arenas injury update stuff.

[photo source: flickr/Wright Reading]

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