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Oh Those Apathetic Wizards: Game 43 Blog at Portland Trailblazers

Updated: January 25, 2009

Well, who was I kidding with this? Watched the game this morning despite my protests….newsflash: we’re terrible. Keep reading.


Caron starts by shooting a three….miss…no surprise.

McGuire is all over on D…..deflections, etc.

Wiz look sluggish in every aspect.

Caron tries a behind the back pass after getting the ball in the lane off a nice cut…..nope, turnover.

9:00: Timeout. 6-2 Blazers. Pick and roll hand-offs for Portland. No hedging from man guarding the screener. No protection of the basket.

Out of timeout….hard dunk ‘n yell by Caron on a backdoor cut….slices two Blazers. On the other end, Caron’s D gets sliced by Batum.

Maybe I should just starting watching Wizards games with one of those Benny Hill tracks.

3:46: Darius Songaila is coming in….YES! I love it when that guy plays. No, seriously, I do.

Butler drives on Outlaw….spins…and steps on the baseline. That’s how it go.

2:40: Comcast Stat: Wiz – 5 field goals, 6 turnovers.

Hey, the Wiz are on a 9-2 run…..still down 21-17.

The 1st ends 22-17….Batum made some crazy block on Mike James. (16 points in paint for Blaze)


JaVale McGee and Juan Dixon are in….Juanny hits a trey ball.

Oh shit….Tapscott’s trying to cheat. Outlaw came off a screen in the corner….as he’s receiving the ball and going into his shot, Tap, kneeling on the floor, pats Outlaw on the butt….airball.

10:24: D-Song with a long jumper…..money. Hey, it’s tied at 22. Portland natives grow restless.

8:39: Butler bobble….turnover….the 10th turnover for the Wiz. Focus is a muther.

8:08: McGee horrid baseline airball. WANT: his nice form jumper to start working…..how about we start with FTs? He’s terrible at those.

7:39: Well….McGee tried to use proper block out technique on Oden off a missed Brandon Roy FT….problem is, Oden was just able to kind walk into position to get a board and JaVale found himself right under the rim. Board, fouls, FTs, etc….not exactly JaVale’s fault…..but he needs to get lower so he can’t be so easily moved.

6:20: Blaze on a 10-0 run. 34-24.

1:03: Ed Tapscott yells, “FIST 1-3, FIST 1-3” — evidently this play involves Mike James dribbling around and then a Caron Butler 3-point airball at the shot clock buzzer.

Little Victories: just when you thought the Wizards were going to break their season low points for a half (stood at 30), Caron Butler gets fouled firing a trey with 4.7 seconds left. He makes all three and the Wiz are down 39-31. BOOORR-ing. Seeesh, if I’m going to spend time watching this game, at least make it exciting.

15 Wiz turnovers (5 from Butler).
..18 Blazer points.


We got your turnovers in all shapes, ways and forms…such as one on an out of bounds play.

….or one that slips through Jamison’s hands on backdoor cut.

…..or a Greg Oden offensive board (like a turnover)…he has 11, 6 offensive.

9:17: Jamison gets the Wiz on board in the quarter with a long deuce. 43-33 Blaze.

Portland is collecting trey balls like dorks did with pogs back in the day (disclaimer: I collected the shit out of some basketball/baseball cards….but not pogs)

Good ol’ Phil and Buck….

Caron tried to make a steal…went into courtside fans….got some liquid on him.
Phil: “Looks like Caron got some juice on him.”
Steve Buck: “Well, he’s tough.”

Damn….Portland has had three straight dunks….all in the half court offense I believe. 57-42. ‘Nother trey…make that 60-42.

Young pass to Andray, he doesn’t give a shit about securing the ball….Blazer deflection….goes off Andray’s foot out of bounds. Lazy ass bull shit.

Caron hits a couple treys in a row….Blazer fans really want him now. 66-50 Portland.

Points off turnovers….24-7….guess who.

0:31: Great pass from Butler to Songaila for a DUNK!!! Me = Happy. Down effing 19.

Butler hits a trey ball at the buzzer……“Hello Ernie? Hi, this is Kevin Pritchard. Look, I know GMs think that I’m a son ova bitch….but let me make you an offer you can’t refuse for this Tough Juice character.”

Irony: The Wizards are shooting 42% from the field…Portland is at 41%. Points off turnovers…..27-7.


9:41: Nick Young hits a three…..75-61 Blazers. Cut it to 12 on the next possession. I would say that the Wiz are hanging around, but they’re not the type of team that can overcome.

7:17: It’s a Fernandez Circus….lead back up to 19. 84-65.

7:07: We’re at a season high 22 turnovers folks.

Phil Chenier uses some: “All throughout this game, they’ve been kinda hanging around” language….really Phil, really?

4:00: Fucking point guard Andray…..“Hey, let me dribble up the court, trying to be cute, going behind my back and shit….Sure, Outlaw is right up on me, but that ain’t shit to me ’cause I can dribble son….mad handles, word is bond kid. I’m Andray effing Blatche.” ERRR NOPE!! Off his foot and Travis Outlaw Monster Dunk.

Christ, Brandon Roy has 9 steals.

Blazer Dunk, turnover, turnover, Blazer dunk….why are Caron and Antawn still in the game?

It’s over 100-87 Portland. Some may see the score and say, ‘Hey, Portland is good and the Wiz didn’t get blown out’……check that my friend. This game was never even close.


Web Hits:

[Washington Post]
The game was well out of hand by the time an errant pass by Wizards guard Juan Dixon led to a fast break dunk for Trail Blazers forward Travis Outlaw in the final minute Saturday night, but the play symbolized everything that went wrong in a 100-87 loss at the Rose Garden.

[Wizards Insider]
Portland led only 39-31 after a weird first half in which it shot 31 percent and made only one of 10 three-pointers but blew the game open in the third with a 17-7 run that included threes by Nicolas Batum, Roy and Sergio Rodriguez, a dunk by Batum, and two dunks by Greg Oden, who finished with 18 points and 14 rebounds.

[Bullets Forever]
There are games where the scoring deficit isn’t indicative of how close the game was, and then there are games where the scoring deficit isn’t indicative of how one-sided the game was. You can file this one under the latter category. If it wasn’t for the Wizards shooting unusually well on threes in the second half (9 for 11) this game would’ve been much worse and closer to the blowout that it felt like I was watching last night.

[Bust A Bucket]
Well now that was a fun game to watch. For the first time in a while the Blazers took a team apart, although to be fair, the Wizards are awful and didn’t seem to be trying.

[Blazers Edge]
How low-stress was this game? For the first time in three years I didn’t jot down a single note while watching. It’s going to be a low-stress recap too. Be forewarned.

[Rip City Project]
And that’s really all there is to it. The Blazers clocked in at 9 a.m. Johnny on the spot, clocked out at 5 p.m. and got home just in time for dinner. And anyone who thinks the Blazers were “unclassy” in the fourth quarter there, I doubt there’s any hard feelings from the Wizards, who left their starters in as well and have nobody but themselves to blame. Like Mike Rice said, we aren’t going to see them again for over half a year, and when we do, they might have already traded half their team regardless. It’s all gravy.

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