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One Day We’ll Look Back and Laugh: Wizards Game 46 Blog at Philadelphia

Updated: January 31, 2009

one day the Wizards will look back and laugh at this season - Truth About

You’d think that it’d get to the point where when Phil Chenier discusses ‘Keys to the Game’, he’d just say, “don’t lose” — but I guess that’d be lazy.
Tonight’s key: Mike James…yes, an NBA vagabond is our freaking key to the game.

8:43: Caron turnover trying to pass to Jamison….that was just a horrible angle… instinct diminishing.

7:32: I don’t understand how the Wizards can appear to be pointing and communicating, yet completely turn their back on Igoudala who gets a lob from Miller and dunks. 10-7 Sixers.

7:05: Again…basic defensive principles. Mike James shoots, his man, Miller, runs…Butler, being the other guard, needs to take responsibility in getting back on D…against A RUN–NING TEAM. But he doesn’t…..enough of this “I’m not used to playing shooting guard” B.S. — pay attention (I know, he just doesn’t care to).

Caron Butler…looks like the Tuff Juice is losing his fizz because he already has three turnovers in the first.

2:53: Well damn Dominic McGuire….an angry dunk with two hands on Philly. 20-12 Sixers.

Willie Green is killing the Wizards, 16 points in the first quarter. Possible Headlines:

  • Green abundant in Philly despite bad economy
  • Wizards get burned by the sticky-icky as Green is smokin’
  • Green on fire as Philly gets lifted.

I suppose I could go on all day.

32-17 Philly after one. 58%, 16 to 8 – points in paint, 12 to 3 – fast break points….guess who.


Crittenton, Young, Songaila, Jamison and McGuire start the 2nd.

Wizards start with turnovers on their first two possessions.

9:34: The Wiz, however, have gone on an 8-0 run to start 2nd…..Crittenton is helping to give Philly a taste of their own medicine by pushing the ball.

Crittenton may not be able to shoot, but he’s rangy/crafty in getting to the basket….but gets hit in the eye and must step out…in comes Dixon.

Huh? Jamison already has 10 points and 11 rebounds? Good for him. 32-29 Philly.

3:40: Young miss…McGee nice o-board…Young cut to basket….McGee great pass….Young layup miss.

McGee just picked up his 3rd foul….Songaila already has 2. The gods of ‘eff you, be creative’ are smiling down on Ed Tapscott.

Well, the Wiz had a decent 2nd quarter after a very bad start. 46-39 Philly at the half.


11:34: Wizards are running plays for McGuire in the post….miss…but he follows his own shot with a DUNK! (@ Larry Bird’s rebound and put-back of his own shot)

What the hell has gotten into D-Mac?…pass to Songaila…cut….receives the ball back…maneuvers around defenders…..and two hand dunk. 49-45 Philly.

8:44: Jamison open air-ball three…yuck.

D-Mac FTs….and a new career high with 14 points. 53-47 Philly.

7:54: The Wiz got it to 4, but then a Thaddeus Young jumper gets it back to 8. I’d say that were hanging around, but we’ve all been there before.

3:45: Crittenton is getting to the hoop and taking care of the ball….and looking for timely passes to teammates. Now if he’d only develop a jumper to be respected.

3:19: Again…Crittenton wills his way to the hoop in transition….basket And 1. Wiry guy. 63-62 Philly.

2:13: Just spit up my drink….Crittenton steal….push up to Jamison….layup. Wizards Take Lead!! 64-63 Wiz.

2:01: Crittenton again….circus shot in the paint…11-0 run for Wiz. Javaris is getting where he wants on Andre Miller.

Sixer score 5 straight, back on top. 68-66

0:00: Ouch…Sweet Lou Williams buries a VERY tough trey at the buzzer over good D by Crittenton.

74-70 Philly after three.


10:51: Well….Lou Williams keeps going with a a baseline fader. I don’t think there’s a shot that guy can’t hit. 78-72 Philly.

10:25: Williams again off a screen….Buckhantz officially calls that he’s heating up. 7 points (7 Andre Miller assists)

DeShawn with a nice pass to Crittenton for a hoop. DeShawn hasn’t tried to do much at all tonight….a facilitator (4 assists). 80-76 Sixers.

If anything, JaVale McGee must lead the NBA in goal-tending.

9:00: Crittenton another hoop…Buckhantz calls him a water-bug. 13 points for J-Critt.

Then again…McGee with a great block…..and DeShawn with a missed trey. Yup…same ol’

7:40: Crittenton drive and set up for Butler’s J in the corner…..nice work by Javaris, but I am, however, concerned about his jumping to pass at times. 85-82 Sixers.

7:00: Crittenton backs down Miller, pick from Jamison….Critt casually waits for double…and then whips it to AJ for a bucket when they do. J-Critt is making the game look easy. 7 assists.

Crittenton takes a spill, earns trip to the line…and DeShawn sprints over to help him up — like to see that. Critt misses both FTs. Still 87-84 Philly.

5:34: And on the other hand, Javaris is having trouble keeping up with Lou Williams. Trey ball. 90-84. People love some Javaris tonight, but with the missed FTs, that’s a huge 5-point swing on him.

Well, Stevenson’s jumper didn’t get better….0-4 on the night.

4:24: Damn…Critt is even getting offensive rebound put-backs. 91-86 76ers.

2:55: 11-2 Sixer run in last 3:15……yep, that’ll get ya beat.

Not looking good….Jamison teases us with a trey ball….but he’s also guarding Igoudala….and you know what that means…Points. 100-91 Philly.

Epic Ref Fail…..look, I know the season is a farce, but that doens’t mean the refs have to be the same way….no foul call on Butler going to hoop is absurd.

1:15: Igoudala again…..and Buckhantz gives up a bizzaro dagger….which is “Goodnight”

Igoudala scored 10 points in the last 4:05…..and maybe that could be considered more of a “game changer” than Willie Green’s 16 points in the first quarter…..but we already knew the Wiz were going to blow it in the 4th anyway.

Final: 104-94 Philadelphia 76ers over Washington Wizards.

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