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Shaq and Caron Butler Create Impromptu Kiss Cam Moment

Updated: January 27, 2009

There have been Kiss Cam zingers and incidents that have gotten carried away. But the Kiss Cam is usually like buying a hooker in Vegas……what happens in the Verizon Center stays in the Verizon Center.

Getting caught in an awkward moment, say…cheating with a coworker, is bad enough in an arena filled with 18,000 (well this year in DC, 10,000 or less) — no need to broadcast to a much wider audience on TV.

But the game changes when the Big Aristotle comes to town. Late in the first quarter, Shaq tied up Caron Butler for a jump ball and the cameras were there.

It could have been a tension filled moment between the two players who were once traded for each other. But the Big Diffuser stepped in to give Butler a smooch on his head, letting him know that all was copacetic.

Just look at that elation on Butler’s face. Tell me he’s not enjoying what’s going down.

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