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Washington Wizards at New Orleans: Game 30 in Pictures

Updated: January 2, 2009

Well, I’m not doing a game blog for the Wizards-Hornets match-up……which was soooo last year……because I actually attended the game. I’m down South visiting family for the new year, and my pops lives a couple hours from New Orleans (he’s a Hornets fan), so it was natural that we attended the game.

So in place of a game blog, me and my amateur photography skills present a photographic slide show of what I saw:

Game Observations:

  • Gilbert Arenas was on the bench during the first half……I can’t remember if he was there for the 3rd quarter or not, but he was definitely absent for most of the 4th and down the stretch.
  • Ivan Carter questioned Southeastern Conference loyalty when the local LSU fans booed players from Alabama’s football team in attendance (and then chanted “L-S-U! L-S-U!)…….but Carter forgot to mention that there’s more passion than usual between these two teams. LSU fans absolutely hate former coach Nick Saban with a passion (starting when he left the program to coach the Miami Dolphins). That hatred was magnified once Saban returned to the SEC to coach ‘Bama.
  • Hornets fans were quiet for most of the game until the end when their team started to pull away and a Chris Paul triple-double became imminent, but they were still better than Wizards fans (even in a good year).

    For example: Most teams have a credit card sponsored in game promotion where they show people on the big screen and then choose someone who will win an allotment of cash. I believe it’s Chevy Chase in DC……they do Capital One in New Orleans. However, unlike in DC, I noticed at least dozen instances of signs and t-shirts made specifically for trying to win the Capital One promotion — just one indication that NOLA fans are more into their team and attentive to silly little game details. Of course, Washington, DC being the transient city that it is, I’m not sure if the Wizards will ever have a complete local flavor about them.

  • At least according to some of the Hornets season ticket holders I overhead, the jury is still out on Antonio Daniels……in fact, some mentioned that they would rather have Mike James back. But judging by the icy relationship that James and Byron Scott seemed to have, Ivan Carter hit the nail on the head in that the trade probably worked out for everyone.

Web Hits:

  • “There ain’t such thing as individual victories, ain’t no such thing as moral victories, especially in this game. The only way you’re judged in this game is wins and losses, so we’ve gotta get back and continue to work.” Mike James
  • Mike James had a solid game in his return to New Orleans but fouled out and had a strange meltdown late after referee Derek Richardson tagged him with his fifth foul with 3:49 to go and the Hornets ahead by nine. James had a smile on his face as he exchanged words with Richardson as Paul lined up to shoot free throws but James must have said something magical because Richardson gave him a tech. As this was going on, Hornets coach Byron Scott, who was no fan of James when he was here, just stood in place with a smile on his face, arms crossed. [Wizards Insider]
  • Eh, think we just ran out of gas in the fourth quarter. You can only do so much when you’re missing three starters and you have a Houston/New Orleans road back-to-back, even if both of those teams are really slow-paced. Our crisper offense completely fell apart down the stretch, as did our defense. Not much more to say than that. [Bullets Forever]
  • Not the most exciting basketball game of the season. You kind of got the feeling that only three people were working hard – Mike James to try and prove a point, Tyson Chandler, to get his rebounding touch back, and Peja, to find his three point stroke. [Hornets 24/7]
  • The Hornets pulled out a victory despite an unusually close score throughout the second two quarters of the game. In all honesty, a healthy Hornets team against a beat up Wiz squad should never have yielded as many lead changes as it did. [At The Hive]
  • In case you weren’t aware, the Wizards were one of the only teams the Hornets didn’t beat last season, and Stevenson absolutely, inexplicably, beasted us from three both times. And, as we learned tonight at Ernst Cafe, at the Hornets post game show, the Wizards were also the only team Chris Paul had yet to grab a win against. Guess he doesn’t have to worry about that anymore. [Hornets Hype]
  • “I can’t speak for anyone else but as long as I put that jersey on, man, I have pride. I want to win. This is what I do. I don’t think it’s difficult for the rest of these guys as well. We know it’s been a difficult time and we’ve been struggling, but we’re all going out there and playing hard.” Antawn Jamison
  • “I made mention to [Dominic McGuire] that I wanted him to be my Bruce Bowen — the guy who takes pride in taking the other team’s toughest offensive assignment,” said Tapscott, referring to the San Antonio Spurs forward who is regarded as one of the best defenders in the NBA. “Bowen’s had a very long, illustrious career with San Antonio and won several rings, which are no small part to his contributions as the primary defender on that team.” [The Washington Times]
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