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Wizards Game 33 Blog at Orlando Magic: A Six Point 2nd Quarter

Updated: January 7, 2009
Wes Unseld Jr. whispers sweet coaching nothings into the ear of Ed TapscottWes Unseld Jr. whispers sweet coaching nothings into the ear of Ed Tapscott

Songaila makes his first start of the season……and I know some may be griping about the Lithuanian at the 5 spot, but history tells us that he does play the best defense against Dwight Howard…..then I saw this, which was via this.


Of course, Dom McGuire handles the jump ball, and loses anyway.

11:45: I guess it’d also be nice to keep Blatche out of early foul trouble as D-Song picks up his own early foul…..but makes a jumper on the other end. 2-2 Wizards.

11:17: Someone…looks like Antawn Jamison…..doesn’t get back on D with Rashard Lewis. Songaila can’t guard both him and Howard….Superman ends up with a lob dunk from Lewis.

10:00: Wiz are 4-4 on FGs, but Mike James gets caught on a screen and Jameer Nelson gets open in the corner for three — James must do a better job at fighting through the screen.

9:42: Nelson has too much room…..a pull-up deuce. This game is moving fast. 9-8 Orlando.

6:51: The lob is thrown to Howard….Songaila tries to box him out, gets shoved…..Howard dunks. 14 Tie.

The Wizards are moving the ball well, 6 assists on 7 field goals…..but in worrying about Howard, they are giving the Orlando shooters too much space (3-6 from long distance)……and the attention to Howard doesn’t look like it’s helping much anyway.

5:21: Songaila is doing his best to keep Howard out of the paint when the Wizards are on offense, D-Song is 3-4 on jumpers…..I guess that makes Super Jesus angry because when the Magic are next on offense, Howard throws a high elbow right into the grill of Darius…no call. There is absolutely no reason for Howard’s elbows to be that high — on the replay, it looks inadvertent….less of an elbow and more of a large arm to Songaila’s neck.

2:55: Timeout Wizards…after a unforced turnover. Magic are up 23-18. Things seems to be coming way too easy for Orlando and Washington is having to work too hard for what they are getting.

After the break, they announce that it’s Gilbert Arenas’ 27th birthday….he’s over on the bench dancing around…..”cool” — I’m actually surprised he doesn’t have an ice sculpture or something like that next to him.

Etan Thomas has come in to do a decent job against Howard…at least on offense (4 points). Tapscott gets Young, Blatche and Crittenton in at the end of the quarter.

The first 12 ends with the Wizards down 6, 30-26.


10:42: Not a good sign when Tony Battie is hitting outside jumpers……his second of the night. 32-26 Orlando.

9:25: Tapscott timeout….the Magic are fluidly moving the ball up and down the court…and the Wizards are floundering. Gosh it’d be nice to have a guard who is a true inside/outside, driving/jump shooting scoring threat…..wonder where we can get one of those. 34-26 Orlando.

And despite Mike Wise’s recent column, I still think Gilbert should come back and see time on the court……an idea that Wise didn’t exactly seemed opposed to, as he essentially campaigned to have Gilbert’s minutes limited should he actually return. But still, Wise didn’t have to be such a killjoy, even if he was pointing out what true Wizards fans already know to be obvious.

8:24: JJ Reddick is hitting treys…..splendid. 39-28 Orlando.

7:45: Blatche tosses up a long jumper early in the shot clock…..he did it earlier and I didn’t like it, but he made it…..bad miss this time.

7:00: Nick Young dribbles….looks like bad offense as three Wizards are essentially on top of each other….turnover….Young shows frustration, at whom I do not know. Luckily, the Magic can’t convert two consecutive fast break opportunities. Tapscott calls another timeout to discuss.

6:00: Doesn’t help…Orlando is up 41-28.

Phil Chenier and Steve Buckhantz can’t agree if LeBron traveled or not…..Buckhantz thinks it was a good call, Phil….not necessarily. Whatever.

3:11: Blatche tries to dribble without being aware of guards behind him…turnover……then Orlando turns the ball over. Really, the Magic should be up by 20 by now….it’s only 41-30 Orlando.

2:21: Lazy, telegraphed pass by Juan Dixon…turnover….fast break points. 45-30 Magic.

1:26: Blatche has good intentions with a pump fake and drive….but his idea of a good shot is a runner fading to his left while shooting with his right…..I wouldn’t even like that shot if it were a guard taking it.

Ugh….I stayed up late to watch this game on DVR because….why?

The Wizards scored a whole 6 points in the 2nd quarter, on a whole 2 field goals [Worst Quarter of The Year].…..not to mention 10 total turnovers in the first half. Slop, Slop, Slop. Phil says that the Wiz have picked up where they left off in the 4th quarter of the Cavs game……gee, thanks Phil.

Orlando 46, Washington 30 at the half. Jamison “leads” the Wizards with 7 points…..Caron Butler is 0-5 from the field.


Same starting lineup.

Howard dunks his own miss…..Songaila scores on a cut layup….Howard shoves Songaila hard back down the court. Super Jesus is starting to get on my nerves.

10:05: Orlando turns it over….Wizards float a pass too long and turn it right back over.

8:45: Caron gets his first points of the game via a couple free-throws. 50-38 Orlando.

7:50: What? The Choir Boy and Super Jesus are having some nice battles…..the ref keeps allowing Howard to clear out with his arm……but it ain’t happening, D-Song picks up his 5th foul of the game…..yep, already.

6:15: This game has a bad feel to it…..the Wizards seem to be complaining a lot about non-calls when they are on offense…..Dwight Howard is bitching and moaning for some reason too, yet he has about 5 dunks. Wizards timeout.

Fittingly, one of those Southwest, “Wanna Get Away?” commercials comes on…..Yes, yes I do.

5:54: Jamison hits an open FT line jumper….the Wizards are only down by 11, 56-45.

Make that 9….Caron has 10 points in the 3rd…..make that 12, Courtney Lee hits a three…..make that 9, Butler hits a jumper And1 against Lee….make that 12, Nelson trey. All these plays are consecutive, 62-50 Orlando with 4:20 left.

3:38: Caron with ano
ther trey….16 points in the 3rd. 62-54 Orlando.

2:15: McGuire gets his first board of the game.

2:07: Wow….Caron hits an amazing driving layup….18 points in the 3rd….but then he leaves Hedo Turkoglu WIDE open at the top of the arc for three. 65-56 Orlando.

Oleksiy Pecherov and JaVale McGee look completely relaxed on the bench…might as well roll out the recliners and candy dish for those two.

0:01.3: Oh. My. Lord…..Butler hits a pump faking step back jumper from the baseline……shot goes over the backboard and IN….oh yea, dude got fouled too…..the Wizards bench barely gives a golf clap….C’mon Guys!…Shit…Stand up….show some energy….do something!

70-63 Orlando after three….Caron Butler has 21 POINTS….all in the last 12 minutes. Well, even if the Wizards lose (I still don’t get a good feeling about this game), at least I got to see an absolute show from Tuff Juice…albeit brief.


Crittenton, Young, Butler, Blatche and Thomas start the 4th.

11:19: Jay-Jay hits a three and the Orlando crowd collectively pees their pants. 75-63 Magic.

8:31: Caron airballs a three……problem is, he wants to take every shot now and is almost adamantly calling for the ball. So far in the 4th, he’s 1-5…..4 missed jumpers and one made layup. Wiz can’t win without the rest of the team involved in the offense. 77-67 Magic.

Tapscott subs Jamison for Butler.

8:10: Yuck..more JJ points. 79-67 Orlando.

6:07: Other Wizards are trying to score….it’s just not happening. Still 79-67 Orlando.

5:37: Nick Young breaks some ice at the FT line….only a 10 point game.

4:09: Interesting…..Magic turnover…Butler leads the break haphazardly….Dominic McGuire hits a jumper from the corner. 80-71 Magic. Does this team have any fight left in them?

2:40: Butler is still trying to do it…deuce….but the Wizards can’t seem to make a real push. 81-73 O-Town.

2:05: HUGE three by Jamison…….the Gentlemen dabbles in timeliness. 81-76 Magic.

1:52: Jameer Nelson bucks down Mike James to the rack for the layup….83-76.

1:39: Butler impresses the O-Town crowd with a long jumper…..the Magic fans are certainly sitting on their hands. 83-78 Magic.

1:18: Wow….this dude….a loooong deuce for Caron. 83-80 Magic…guess it’s a game, until……

Nelson gets a weird side pick from Howard and breaks free for a layup…… Butler doesn’t have the juice on the other end.

Dwight Howard gets fouled…hits two free-throws….and proceeds to look at and blow on his hand all the way to the bench. What a jerk. 87-80 Orlando….that will just about do it.

33.8 seconds left…the Wizards turn it over or something….who knows.

Bye. 89-80 Orlando Magic. NBA.com Box

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