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Andray Blatche: Not Too Hurt To Party

Updated: February 6, 2009

Andray Blatche partying at the Part at 14thSure ol’ Andray may be down and out (strained knee, 2-4 weeks)…..but that doesn’t mean he’s not “out” – if you know what I’m saying……wait, do I even know what I’m saying?

To clarify, I’m not saying that Blatche stepped out of some sort of closet, but that’s probably where he keeps that fly skully and chain.

Anyway…..go ol’ DC Fab spotted Blatche (and Vernon Davis) out at the Park at 14th sometime recently….I’m thinking last night (Thursday, Feb. 5th for you record keepers).

But really, who cares?

If my team was as bad as the Wizards, I’d be out drinking anyway. Wait… team is the Wizards and that’s what I do.

Carry on.