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Back to Reality: Wizards Game 52 Blog at Atlanta Hawks

Updated: February 11, 2009

The Washington Wizards are back to the reality of losing - flickr/drp
Back to reality? We’ll see.


Wow, the Phillips looks emptier that the Verizon these days. The Hawks have the 4th best record in the East…..sad to say, Atlanta doesn’t deserve an NBA team.

Caron misses his assignment to protect the hoop after Songaila goes to double Joe Johnson and Horford gets an easy dunk on Atlanta’s first possession.

Hmm….long missed jumpers from Caron, bad P&R defense from Mike James….S.O.S. (Groundhog Day) – 6-1 Hawks.

9:00: Yep, it’s 9-1 when Tapscott decides to take timeout #1.

Butler is channeling his jump shot game from an injured Michael Redd……except without the makes.

7:31: First FG comes….an open jumper by Songaila set up by Mike James penetration. 9-3 ATL.

Mike Bibby is killing Mike James on the screens….SuperNanny is too slow and lumbering to keep up — then again, on the other end, James hits some crazy spinning, fading B.S. that he never should have taken in the first place. 11-7 Hawks.

The Wiz have increased their persistence on the offensive boards and Atlanta has gone a bit cold….still 17-13 ATL.

1:15: Then again, P&R D — McGuire & D-Song (Joe Johnson three), second chance ATL points — Pachulia boards, and Wiz sloppiness rears its ugly head. 24-13 Hawks.

0:28: Crittenton leads the break to Butler for a dunk (Caron’s got 8 points on 4-8 FGs) 24-17 Hawks — I really like Crittenton’s ball control in the open court, even when faced with a bit of pressure.

End of 1st, ATL 26 (54.5% FG, Joe Johnson – 7 pts., 4 ast.) – WAS 17 (38% FG)


11:00: Caron to the rack…..taking it strong to the hoop more since the beginning of the game. 29-21 Hawks.

10:08: Crittenton sweet push in transition and oop to a flying JaVale McGee for nasty dunk.

9:20: Pachulia layup miss….tip miss…get back….layup miss….tip in. Terrible. Zaza was just tougher than Songaila, McGee and McGuire….well, let’s just say the whole team. Must be that Zaza dude’s birthday or something (it is)….HE’S GOT NINE (9) FREAKING OFFENSIVE BOARDS!

Again, Crittenton to McGee for a lay in transition…..really would like to see more of that in the future. 31-25 Hawks.

6:10: 9-0 Hawks run….the Wizards are looking disorganized. Butler, Jamison, Dixon, McGee and Crittenton on the court. 40-25 Hawks.

Shot clock violations make Ed Tapscott go to his special place.

In other news, the Wizards have 6 turnovers in the 2nd quarter so far.

3:45: The worst part is that the Hawks look like a shiny piece of crap themselves….but they are able to bumble themselves into a Joe Johnson trey. ATL up 20.

Very next play….no joke, Songaila sets a ball screen for Dixon, they run into each other….turn the ball over….Hawks score…..Songaila is somehow hurt by Dixon….Wiz call timeout. 47-25 Hawks.

McGee just gives it away….looks like the kid is holding the ball with mittens. 8th turnover of the 2nd.

0:47.7: Weird….Mike James crosses Bibby over, gets into the paint, and draws a foul — the weird part: Caron Butler pumps his fist like, “we got ’em right where we want ’em” — Riiiiiiight, 51-36 Atlanta.

Joe Johnson hits a shot at the buzzer….1st half end with the Hawks up 53-37.


Wiz possession #1: JaVale McGee weak pass…..turnover. Guess Songaila did something to his shoulder/arm on that botched pick with Dixon as he’s not starting (word comes down that he has a bruised elbow and will not return)

10:40: Crittenton tries to force a bad angle in to McGee from too far away….turnover.

10:00: McGee with a smooth lefty lay-in and move against Zaza….JaVale’s got the athleticism, just needs to better pick his spots. And 1 – The Wiz are only down 14, 56-42.

7:35: McGee rebound and reverse dunk put-back…kid is making his presence felt: 13 points, 8 boards.

7:13: Oleksiy Pecherov checks in for McGee….who just picked up his 4th foul.

5:15: But just when you think the Wiz maybe might could make a push, Bibby freezes Butler and then nails a trey in his face. Back to 20, 66-46 Hawks.

4:13: Nick Young wakes up and hits a timely three to cut it to 68-49.

Well, the Wiz are trying…..the tied the Hawks at 24 in the 3rd. Unfortunately, these efforts are clearly futile. 77-61 Atlanta.


McGee is looking sick.

But the Wiz are just going through the motions as a team.

A lot of those “motions” include letting the Hawks rain threes.

The Wizards: Character, Commitment, Connection, Making All-Stars out of the other team’s bench (39 points for Atlanta’s pine so far — and we have 7 minutes left) — 92-72 Hawks.

Nick Young was off earlier in the game….but now that the Wiz are down and the pressure is gone, he’s bucket man.

Nick Young is also getting abused by Flip Murray.

Wow…Buckhantz and Chenier just gave us the shot attempt count…Atlanta 89, Washington 66.

Crittenton is still hustling….he’s still shiny…..steal, pass and PECHEROV DUNK!! Buckhantz calls him long and lanky.

Defense for both teams has come to a halt.

Game Over: Atlanta 111 – DC 90

Yep, it’s back to reality.

Key Stats:

  • 20 Hawks offensive rebounds
  • Atlanta took 98 shots, making 45 – the Wizards took 74 shots, making 33
  • 28 Atlanta assists, just 16 for the Wiz
  • Only 7 Hawk turnovers

[photo source: flickr/drp]

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