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Apathy Over Losing Mounts: Wizards Game 61 Blog at OKC Thunder

Updated: March 5, 2009
Typical scene from modern day Oklahoma
where the dust bowl continues.

Oklahoma Dust Bowl - flickr/Casino Jones
Started to watch the beginning of the Wizards-Thunder game last night…but fell asleep, bloggers need naps too. I’d intended on waking up at some point and watching from the start…..but then thought, am I really missing anything?

So, the game blog picks at the end of the 2nd quarter.


Why do they play “Whomp, There It Is!” when good things happen at OKC games? (well, when Russell Westbrook does good things) Bet that’s the only hip-hop song (wait, is that song considered hip-hop?) that’s “safe” for the white people in Oklahoma.

As soon as I turn the game on, you got 10-0 Thunder runs, Wizards matador defense, Russell Westbrook dunks…..36-35 OKC.

Of course, the Thunder are in a competition with the Wiz to see who can turn the ball over more.

I’m thinking that Nened Krstic has killed a man….and I’m talking withing the last 6 months.

Lotta ball bobbling going on….ESPN is cuing up the Benny Hill music.

And Dom McGuire ends the half with a great block on Krstic…..44-43 Thunder at the half.


2nd chance points….Wiz up 16-2…go figure.

With the amount that Jamison does on this floundering Wizards team, he must be adding two games for every one on his career.

The Wizards call some sort of timeout….I think Tapscott wants to vent about big white stiffs like Collison and Krstic killing his team.

8:55: Andray Blatche is hovering around the 3-point line doing his best Pecherov impression…..and somehow hits a trey (he must have landed five feet in front on the 3-point line) 52-48 Wiz.

8:05: Andray Blatche hits a 17 foot jumper off a Songaila screen……’Dray would like Nick Collison to guard him every night.

6:45: Andray calmly hits a 15 foot jumper….Collison must have slipped him some young Jermaine O’Neal juice. 55-52 OKC.

5:24: Andray with a baseline layup set up by Mike James penetration….13 total points for AB, 9 straight from him for the Wiz. 59-54 OKC.

4:54: Blatche slips a screen, gets the pass from Crittenton…misses the power layup, but gets his own board and draws a foul. Who IS this dude? I demand to Know! (Blatche goes 1-2 from the FT line)

1:39: Damien Wilkins is blowing up……uh, Dom McGuire….defense? Wilkins gives the Wiz a taste of their own medicine (or at least the Wiz kids) with a Presidential salute. Tapscott Timeout…..and coach looks to be fuming. 68-58 OKC — Wilkins has 7 points in about the last 1.5 minutes.

Ugh….the OKC Thunder dancers are wearing camo — how hunting and gathering.

1:26: Some guy named Nick Young (I know, hard to pronounce) scores his first points of the game….he’s 1-4 on FGs. 68-60 OKC.

End of Quarter….Wilkins had 7….some Swiss guy (Sefolosha) had 9 points in the quarter. 68-62 OKC.


Stuff happens.

11:14: Crazy Nick Young lefty reverse layup cuts the OKC lead to three. 69-66.

10:33: And Jamison ties the game with a trey….25 and 9 for AJ.

9:00: Wilkins gets Dom on a bad pump fake….looks like an easy drive, but D-Song comes to help and holds his ground….this makes Wilkins travel.

8:15: OKC shot clock vio….their 14th turnover.

8:02: Wiz take a two point lead as Young rattles in a J. 74-72 DC.

7:48: Ball off Westbrook’s foot….TO 15.

Blatche misses a J….uh, yeeeeea, how ’bout you NOT do that? (even though you pulled some jumpers out your ass earlier)

7:05: Now I’ll take open big man jumpers from D-Song…he nails and the Wiz are up 4.

Nick Young is gunning shots like it’s on him…..ball movement please.

5:15: Aaaaand 6 straight points by the Thunder since the timeout at 7:05. 78-76 OKC.

Scott Brooks looks like he should be in a Mylanta commercial.

Wizards D has become unaware. 80-78 OKC…5:00 to play……

Jamison gets blocked…he goes crazy thinking it was a goal tend…..Nick Young is the only one with awareness to get the loose ball…..but he throws up some junk.

4:00: Blatche with a reckless spin in the lane….loses ball…..Nick Young recovers….throws up something panicked….shot clock violation.

3:18: But the Gentleman Jamison gets a rip and then a baseline hook. 82-81 OKC.

Seeing cheerleaders try to dance to the beginning of ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ is off-putting.

Well…now OKC is getting tight on offense and D-Mac is securing rebounds….Wiz up 83-82 with two minutes left…..

1:47: But OKC gets a fast break off a Jamison miss…Thunder up 84-83.

Young drives down the middle….too much dribbling in traffic….turnover.

1:13: Wiz get a stop….good D by McGuire on the Swiss dude.

0:57: AHHHH! James drives, but Crittenton is the only one available for a pass in the lane…..he tries to double clutch and a bunch of shit…so he doesn’t draw a foul and OKC gets the ball back.

0:33: Westbrook
gets the slower Mike James on his heels…and has plenty of space to nail a long jumper. 86-83 OKC.

0:11: Jamison throws up something crazy….even for him….Krstic board…..call it a game?

Yep, call it a game. 88-83 Oklahoma City Thunder….without Kevin Durant and Jeff Green (yes, the Wiz are without Butler, Arenas, Haywood, Stevenson, Thomas, Eddie Jordan, a coach, heart, hustle, intensity, etc., etc…..whatever)

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[photo source: flickr/Casino Jones]

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