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Bow Your Head For A Back Tat

Updated: March 6, 2009

DeShawn Stevenson's Back TatDeShawn Stevenson successfully underwent surgery to (hopefully) repair a herniated disk today.

And while he won’t be wearing his Wizards jersey for another 3-4 months, DeShawn is one of the lucky few who has a jersey with him 24/7.

But it’s not your typical jersey…..the last name has a sweet skin to black gradient and the #2 is filled with dollar signs and bullet holes.

Pray for DeShawn Stevenson, DMX style ….but not this DMX style.

Bow your head and hope that this piece of classy back tat craftsmanship has not been ruined by a backiotomy.

Pray that one day, Stevenson will be back to his sort of defensive playing, non-face feeling, sidekick to Gilbert Arenas who hits open trey balls and doesn’t try to do too much otherwise, self.

  • JC

    As someone who has undergone a backiotomy, I can guarantee he won’t be the swag-inclined clown he once was.