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Chris Paul Effed Around and Got a Triple Double, I Twittered

Updated: March 12, 2009

Chris Paul Effed Around and Got a Triple Double - flickr/Zach KleinWent to the Wizards-Hornets game last night … thanks to KJ the ticket provider, my boy Adam and I had a chance to catch the bedazzledry (word/not a word?) of Chris Paul. Didn’t have a chance to get home and DVR the game, so Bullets Forever will not feature a game blog.

But….I did twitter at the game, which is what all the babies, babies’ mommas and babies’ momma’s mommas are doing.

So, below is the lazy twittering man’s game blog, featuring tweets from the proprietors of NOLA blog, Hornets Hype, ticktock6 (purple) and mW_ (red).

Enjoy…..or not.

Alright, heading out the door to check out the Wizards versus the Hornets…..a shot for every assist by CP3?

Sloppy start. Ya still need to take care of the ball somewhat even if it is the Wizards. Ouch.

Oh come on, Mike James hit like 2 threes ever in New Orleans.

Oh look, James Posey is already having a better game than Monday. I mean, not like it would take much. He was minus freakin 23.

@RockabyeArena Too bad Byron Scott won’t try it. In fact Peja is still out so we’ll never know. Not tonight anyway.

Wizards are sharing & moving the ball well so far….until a Butler ill advised dribble jumper miss & a Posey 3. Wiz up 24-17, 2:42 in 1st

CP3 has been getting into the lane but his passing options have been relatively limited.

@Truth_About_It: nice job by Wiz on that.

Wizards up 28 – 22 on Hornets after one, Jamison has 11 points. AJ had 9 about 4.5 minutes into the game.

Hornets with a novel approach to a 2Q letdown: let the Wiz jump out to a 6 point lead in 1Q.

Well, at least the bench is less douchey? Too bad the starting lineup except TC didn’t seem to care much about that quarter.

@mW_ Did you miss the part where it was a 12 point lead?

Dom McGuire hit a couple nice Js in the 1st Q – the Hopla Effect?

Caron Butler trying to get the crowd hype 4 the play of young Nick Young & young JaVale McGee.

Clearly James Posey’s role on the floor currently is to yell at Hilton Armstrong. I have approximately zero problems with that.

I wonder if JaVale McGee’s MILF of a mom is in the Verizon tonight. Pamela, if ur tweeting, holler at me.

I mean, CP isn’t out there right now to yell at Hilton, so I guess someone’s go to. Sigh.

Jujun = completely despicable!!

of course….I didn’t even realize that Antonio Daniels checked in – CP3 just came back in……

DC fans will always love Juan Dixon – Chris Paul “loves” Dixon’s defense.

@ticktock6 Why are you stressing? u know your team is going to win

@Truth_About_It Eh, I’m not. But they don’t have to look so bored about their crappy play

and just like that, an 8-0 Hornets run – Wiz up 40-38, 3:33 left in half

Juanny Dixon is getting his hair done by Chris Paul – Mike James was doing a better job.

@ticktock6 Tell Tyson Chandler to quit his bitching when Darius Songaila scores on him.

damn….T Chandler is crying like Lebron James

Wiz up 46-45 on Hornets @ the half….wait, weren’t the Wiz up 40 to 30

@ticktock6 Tribe called, they said ‘relax urself girl, please settle down’ (easy for a fan of the sucky Wiz to say)

@Truth_About_It Don’t worry about me, I’m so chill I actually skipped the 2nd quarter to cook chop suey.

this just in: Verizon Center customer service sucks. And they sell 5 day old popcorn

“In this economy” : the Wizards are showing commercials @ halftime

And heeeeere’s CP!

Hornets went on an 11-0 run in 1.5 minutes….both teams scored 5 pts each since. 73-62 NOLA.

I appreciate that Pose is clearly making an effort not to suck as abysmally as he sucked the other night. Still love ya Pose!

Hornets trying to help me stave off a heart attack. I’ll give them 12:35.5 of game time to do that.

Gil, as CP burns Mike James: “Bye, Mike” …. our announcers, in case you weren’t aware, are pretty big douches.

The Hornets are on a 55-28 run since the Wiz were up 40 to 30

NOLA up 85-68 on DC @ the start of the 4th quarter

Please Wizards, keep it close. CP has 21-10-8 to end the 3rd. If he doesn’t sit the 4th, we’re looking at your LEAGUE LEADING 3pl-Dbl.

I hate Mike James. He hits THREE 3 pointers in this game. He rebuilt whole neighborhoods of New Orleans with all his bricks here.

Wiz run! down 8 with 9 left in 4th. Caron and Antawn are scrappy.

wiz-nola turned into a game but the hornets just had a big 5 pt swing. 97-88 hornets with 4:42 left

well….the wizards tried their ass off in the 4th, but that minute 29, 11-0 run by the hornets in the 3rd was a muther

hornets beat wiz like
they were supposed to…..109-98

The big 4-0. Damn, I thought we’d never get there. 30-14-10-4 is Chris Paul’s line.

CP also has a nasty black eye. He’s in the postgame interview blinking and fooling with it. “My eye killing me, I gotta go!” You do that, CP

Thanks, Utah. We’ll take your spot…. What was that again? Oh… you didn’t hear me. Thanks, Utah.

Aaaaand I just kicked the coffee table with my formerly broken pinky toe. That’s going to suck tomorrow.

@ticktock6 wait….why? I missed that twitter twit tweet mini blog. did u kick the table because CP3 has a hurty eye?

@Truth_About_It Dude, no. I fell over it. I’m a huge klutz. Completely unrelated to basketball.

Wiz Links:

[DC Examiner]

Officially, there were 4,918 empty seats at Verizon Center Wednesday night. Actually, there were many more. All that blue represented Washingtonians who missed perhaps the most entertaining performance by a visiting player this year against the Wizards.

[Wizards Outlet]
Tonight showed what a team with an All-Star point guard is capable of. He just raises everyone’s play by making things easy for him. Take Rasual Butler for instance. Twenty-one points, including six 3-pointers. He missed seven of his 13 attempts from 3-point range — nearly all of them wide-open looks. Tyson Chandler scored most of his points on lobs from Paul. CP3 had 13 of his team’s 24 assists and set the pace for a 52.6-percent shooting night by the Hornets.

“I think he was saying, ‘Keep trying, Coach. You might find something that’ll stop me,’ and I was looking in my pocket, saying, ‘It’s just about empty by now, Chris [Paul].'” –Ed Tapscott

[Wizards Insider]
As usual, the third quarter killed the Wizards. The Hornets held a 40-22 scoring edge in the period and used a 9-0 run to break the game open.

Michael Lee Advocates Youth Movement
Okay, maybe not tank in the sense of purposely throwing games for the sake of getting more ping-pong balls in the NBA draft lottery (Although it’s hard to tell the difference right now). But perhaps it is time to start focusing on the future and giving JaVale McGee and Nick Young more consistent minutes. Yes, giving, even if they haven’t earned them. Their sometimes poor and sporadic play might well be the result of insecurity and fear. If they make mistakes, they will not always get much of an opportunity to correct them.

Wizards left searching for answers in a season that has disappeared –
The Wizards ranked fourth in the NBA last season in man-games lost to injuries (225) and are challenging for the top spot again. Prior to their clash Wednesday with New Orleans, the “” Web site listed the tentative starting lineup as: “PG — Player Filling In for Injured Starter, SG — Tough Juice (Caron Butler), SF — Player Filling In for Injured Starter, PF — The Last Man Standing (Antawn Jamison) and C — Player Filling In for Injured Starter.”

Wizards Still Have Title Dreams – Hoops World
Since Wizards GM Ernie Grunfeld put together a core group of guys that were meant to bring the Washington Wizards victory and glory, they’ve seen basically nothing but disappointment and frustration. The biggest theme that seems to be traveling around the Wizards’ organization is bad luck. Granted, teams do go through strings of bad luck where key guys go down, but where there’s a beginning, there’s an end; the thing about Washington, is that there seems to be no end.

[photo source: flickr/Zach Klein]

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