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Darius Songaila is on FIYAA!!

Updated: March 11, 2009

Just look at those hot spots son! Bask in their warmth…but not too long, you might get a tan.

Not only did D-Song go off with an 8-9 FG, 19 point performance against the T-Wolves, but those stats are from his last TEN games.

Before the All-Star break, Darius “Dirty” Songaila played in 52 games, starting 10, and dropped 6.1 ppg on 50% shooting. In the 11 games since the break, all starts, he is draining 65.9% of his shots and scoring 11.5 points per.

Ernie Grunfeld, you MUST keep this pasty white, Justin Timberlake impersonating, choir boy on this team….he will be a key role player in the future.

Bullets on the Wizards:

  • “Motivation’s not a problem for me, even though our season hasn’t gone the way we wanted, teams are coming after us, seeing us as a game they should easily win. These teams are bringing their ‘A’ games, so we should, too.” -Antawn Jamison
  • [Washington Wizards Blog] Caron Butler told us in the radio post-game Monday that he plans to continue to drive to the basket more.
  • [Bullets Forever] A guy that averages 7.8 minutes per game and has only played in 21 games this season probably doesn’t strike you as a guy that could be having a historic season. Yet when you check the stats, you’ll realize that Oleksiy is closing in on something that very few players have ever done: Going an entire season without recording an assist.
  • [Wizards Insider] In terms of a grade and given his salary, history and role, I’ll give Juan a C for the season.

In Other News:

What the shit kind of Michael Jordan Wizards rip off is this?

[photo via Hype Beast]

Evidently these things are designed by Michael Lau, some toy designer from Hong Kong. Not sure how I feel…they seem cool….but damn MJ! Could you have at least made the playoffs while in DC?


To honor D-Song….and his FIYAA!! (or fire for you proper people), I’m going to let M.O.P. handle the outro. Now I’m off to see the Wiz take on CP3.