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Is Gilbert Arenas The Boy Who Cried Wolf?

Updated: March 23, 2009

My first thought was: Are you effing kidding me?

As rumors about Gilbert Arenas’ possible return to the basketball court leaked via a supposed text message from Arenas to Comcast’s Chris Miller, then to the world wide web via a Twitter tweet from Comcast’s Andy Siegel, which was ultimately picked up by Mr. Irrelevant and the DC Sports Bog (twitters…internets…boy, if you were ever looking for more signs that newspapers are dying).

“Ur the first to get the truth,” Arenas texted to Miller.

Of course, Gil then told the Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg, “It’s only true if I play on Saturday. If I don’t play, it ain’t true.”

Ahh…if Gilbert only knew what the “truth” was….instead, he offers to play his basketball life out in a comedy of errors.

Evidently, the original plan (the word “plan” is about as synonymous with Arenas as yuppies and the Amish) was that Gil would return against Chicago tonight, as related by the Post’s Ivan Carter:

On Friday, he told me that he wanted to play as soon as tonight against Chicago but then he backed off of that stance a few hours later saying he needed to talk to Ed Tapscott first.

Then, an hour after that, he said he was thinking of not playing at all this season. On Saturday, he said he was thinking of dressing for all of the games but not necessarily playing until he made up his mind about “how he was going to play.”

Undoubtedly, if Obama was attending this Bulls game, as opposed to the last one, Arenas would probably have the grandeur of a boxing-like entrance in the works.

Ok, so back to Gil’s plans to play Saturday against the Piston (and not Monday or Wednesday)….well, it’s not “set in stone” according to the Washington Times’ Mike Jones:

Gilbert Arenas just returned my phone call and said that Saturday’s game against Detroit isn’t set in stone for his return date, but that “that game, playing against Detroit, Saturday’s the plan.”

Not so fast….at least according to Ed Tapscott, who would probably scoff at Ivan Carter’s assertion that, “The man with the guaranteed $111 million contract is calling the shots, not the organization that gave it to him.”

Coach Tapscott is insistent, via the DC Sports Bog, that Arenas needs good practices under his belt before suiting up, and when it comes to if Gil will even play at all, he says:

Um, you’re asking me to look into a crystal ball that I don’t have. If I knew for sure, I’d go to Vegas instead, and make myself rich. But we’ll see. Let’s put it this way, we’re moving in a good direction, and we certainly are hopeful, but we’ll see. Once again, health will be the ultimate determination.”

What does it all mean? Nothing more than hot air that won’t save Tapscott’s behind.

More and more, the trials and tribulations of Gil Arenas are disenchanting the faithful of Wizards Nation….or simply making all apathetic towards the once most popular athlete in DC.

The foundation of Arenas’ sophomoric inconsistency was built upon last season in his surprise return against Milwaukee, unbeknownst to his coach (a fact which Gil would later conveniently dispute), and before the current season when Gil unexpectedly announced yet another knee surgery with the nonchalance of a 5-year old on the playground.

Until Arenas’ presence on the court is tangible, he’ll be nothing more than the boy who cried wolf.

[photo source: flickr/Keith Allison]

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