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Healing the Cursed Wizards Lottery Destiny

Updated: March 31, 2009

Will this Witchdoctor help the Wizards? - Stephan Malik/flickrI know it’s a bit early to start thinking about the NBA Draft….well, not really.

I couldn’t help myself as I watched the calm/cool/collective, yet, tough and banging exploits of Blake Griffin this past Sunday against UNC.

The Wizards want him on that line, they need him on that line.

All the fodder amongst “us” Wizards fans is that we are due for some good luck in the draft.

So naturally, I wrote a killjoy piece on NBC Washington called, Don’t Bet on Wizards Lottery Luck.

Go me.

Essentially, as my data outlines below, the Wizards have been in the NBA Draft Lottery (well, not in the playoffs….so, with a position spoken for in the lottery, 15 times….soon to be 16).

In seven of those 15 times, their spot has been “jumped” by another team. In seven times, their spot has stayed in the same position as their record. And only once, have the Wiz been oh-so-lucky to jump two teams and nab Kwame “Hoe Cake” Brown.

Might pointing out these demoralizing facts, perhaps quelling the hopes of fans, actually lead to positive karma when the draft order is decided during halftime of an NBA playoff game in May?

Or am I really screwing the Wizards over?

I’m no believer in predestination, but in this instance, I’m resigned to the fact that what will be, will be.

That being said, does anyone know a good Witch Doctor?

Or should I be bumping A S.W.A.T. Healin’ Ritual on that fateful day in May?

*Note: Here’s to hoping my data is valid. I got it from the internets, and everything is always right in the World Wide Webby.…and least that’s what the internet told me.

Note #2:
Those viewing the blog post in a reader might have to actually click through to see the stats I’m talking about.

[photo source: flickr/Stephan Malik]

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