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Jazz Hands Slip Through Wizards Fingers: Game 68 Blog

Updated: March 18, 2009

Jazz Hands Slip Through Wizards Fingers: Game 68 Blog - Truth About It.netQ1

7:14: Andray Blatche gets blocked by Mehmet Okur…..a very sad scene to witness. Okur barely jumped, if at all, and Andray took it to the hoop like a four-year old girl chasing after a puppy.

4th Minute: JaVale McGee has got a couple nice offensive boards, but doesn’t use his body/leverage to his advantage. He’s trying to be all arms and hops. So on one, he missed a forced hook and on the second, he got blocked byOkur (who the hell is this guy, Mutombo?).

In the first…..Utah’s passing looks good (6 assists on 9 made FGs = Swiss Cheese Wiz D)….but Deron Williams has four turnovers (two on the first two possessions of the game) to only one assist.

2:00: McGee gets an offensive rebound with two hands, keeps the ball high with both hands on it, and gets fouled on a missed attempt….now that’s the way to do things.

Utah up 25-15 after one – Jazz up 16-6 on points in paint and 3-0 on blocks.


9:00: Javaris Crittenton needs to protect the ball better….Brevin Knight keeps picking his pocket. Since 1:24 was left in the first, Javaris has 3 turnovers, 2 are Knight steals. (J-Critt gets a tech after the latest)

8:40: Utah should have more assists (than their current 8)…there have been a couple easy misses by Boozer, AK-47 and Millsap.

7:55……Beautiful Play By Utah:

Ronnie Brewer, guarded by Nick Young, comes to set a cross screen on Songaila for Boozer. Songaila tries to go around basket side to get in front of Boozer, while Young gets caught in the paint on the switch.

Boozer then sets a pick on the switch (Young)……while Brewer stops and cuts back ball side towards to corner.

Seeing Young having trouble with Boozer, Songaila continues to move around Boozer on the ball side.

Brewer has choices: go to the corner leaving him free for three (with Young most likely caught on Boozer)…or cut back to the short corner, receive the pass from Korver, which he does.

Boozer sets another (moving) pick on Songaila to keep him from recovering on Brewer…baseline dunk for Ronnie.

If this sounds confusing, screen shots will be forthcoming.

7:33: Nick Young is getting in a nice rhythm with a drive to the hoop……7 points off the bench (6 in the 2nd so far).

Steve Buckhantz quote: “I’m just happy to get Brevin Knight out of the game.”

Blatche walks a fine line between smooth and lazy looking…teeters rather.

2:37: Dom McGuire didn’t put a body on Harpring.….with both AJ and D-Mac under the hoop, Dixon left Brewer who sneaked in to get an offensive board tip from Harping and the put back dunk.

Phil Chenier advocates for injured players to get back on the court this season so they can get their sweat on.

Steve Buckhantz says that Brendan Haywood is in terrific shape

When I see glimpses of “decent” (or good) Andray Blatche…I’m skeptical of consistency and yearning for even more. Unfair on my part? Sure.

Jazz up 46-36 at the half. Songaila – 8, Jamison – 7, Young – 7; Brewer – 9, AK-47/Millsap/Korver – 6 each


Nick Young checks in early — for Mike James at the 9:22 mark.

Wiz have kept Boozer out the paint…how? Don’t ask me….I’ll just go with Songaila as the safe answer.

I know Nick Young can make the crazy shots…..wish he took smarter shots though.

5:51: Jazz up 64-43…timeout…..9-0 run capped by a half court lob by D. Will to CJ Miles…..Darius Songaila was running to be the last man back…but CJ Miles wasn’t his man, was he? No he wasn’t Nick Young, he was YOUR man. Songaila had an eye on Boozer.

4:00: Dixon telegraphs pass…….slop fest. Four turnovers so far in the 3rd, Wiz are 2-11 on FGs.

3:53: Double techs on Songaila and Boozer…..dirty Boozer…pulled Songaila’s arm back….when D-Song pushed Boozer off, Carlos gets him in the neck.

3:26…..Booze drove right to the hoop past D-Song from FT line.

76-59 Utah after three.


More Wizards slop and telegraphing of passes….they’re lazily going through offense like it doesnt matter

8:02: Pecherov with 11 points!!! Off the dribble and over Boozer at the shot clock buzzer.

6:59: Brewer loves steals…look out for that guy. His 16 straight games with at least one steal is the longest active in the NBA.

7:20: Jazz let JaVale get a sweet slam.

6:59: Wiz are getting ridiculous with turnovers….Crittenton has 5 total.

4:45: Kyle Korver is killing….who’s allowing this? 9 points in the 4th.

1:41: Again, McGee keeps an offensive board high with both hands and dunks with the foul. Learn kid, learn.

Wiz kids sometimes look good against the other team’s reserves…..14-4 run to close out the final 3:18 of game.

But Utah wins 103-88.

[photo source: flickr/Theorris]

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