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LeBron James Pulls An Andray Blatche

Updated: March 5, 2009

Andray Blatche balls, farts and clubs - Truth About It.netYa’ll remember when Andray Blatche was crop dusting the Wizards bench?

LeBron James does.

And just like he copies Kevin Garnett/Michael Jordan with his fairy dust routine, he’s now copying how Andray makes others remember his spirit.

See for yourself.

video hat tip: Epic Carnival

[side bar: LeBron does his fairy dust routine at road games……this must be stopped. But how?

Downward facing fan over LBJ? Well, he can probably circumvent that….plus his fairy dust might get all over the court instead of press row.

Maybe the Wizards techies can cut out the arena lights right before the routine….but then it might look cool or something….and that bamma might use glow-in-the-dark fairy dust.

The Cavs next play the Wizards in DC on April 2nd…on TNT.

In any case, and this major issue will attract more attention once I bring it up on Bullets Forever in the future….along with solicitations from the BF community for ideas that might catch on with the Wizards game personnel. But something must be done. LeBaby James cannot be allowed to flaunt in DC.]

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