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Tonight’s Wizards-Bobcats Game is Effing HUGE!

Updated: March 25, 2009
A dead Charlotte Bobcat - flickr/idirtysnowflakeU dead cat.

Hey you!….jerk Wizards fan (pointing to myself in mirror)….What, you have nothing to look forward to? (aside from the season ending)

Oh…I forgot, you’re all jazzed about Gilbert Arenas playing on Saturday. Keep it in your pants hot shot, that’s a ‘believe it when you see it’ situation.

I’m not talking three days from now, I’m talking TONIGHT!

Wait…..that’s right, you’re all BLAH, BLAH, BLAH…. “I want Dominic McGuire to score!!!”


Get off dude’s back.

I really appreciate Rufus on Fire checking into my/our Wizards, and then creating a furor extending from main stream bloggers to main stream media.

….but the Taser doesn’t need all of that….the pressure. He’s got more to worry about….like rebounds, defense, etc., etc….than trying to put the ball in the hoop.

(that being said, I’m really going to be pulling for you to score D-Mac)

Why is tonight’s game so effing huge? Well, this is the first of only two more chances for the Wiz to avoid an epic FAIL…which would be to lose every game against the other teams in their own division, the Southeast (never happened before).

The final chance (if it doesn’t happen tonight) will come against the Miami Heat on April 4th.

Get this shit done boys….the fate of something or another depends on it.

In the meantime, head over to the Bullets Forever game thread to discuss.

“U ain’t gonna score you punk.” -Mike James

flickr/Keith Allison

“Suck on these ya’ll.” -Dom McGuire

flickr/Keith Allison“Nice work kid, but I’m not going to be your coach next year.” -Ed Tapscott

flickr/Keith Allison

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