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Wizards Get Bucked: Game 59 Blog vs Milwaukee

Updated: March 1, 2009

Wizards Get Bucked - flickr/trekguyI watched most of the Wizards game before heading out for the night. They simply didn’t entice me to stay with their lack of energy, effort, and patience/ball movement on offense. So, watching the rest of the game on Sunday, I pick the game blog up here:

5:00 left in the 3rd, the Wizards are down 13 on the road….do they have what it takes?

Well, to start off, Songaila is scrapping, in the paint on the floor, in the midst of a fray of humanity, and comes away with the ball for an assist from his back to Caron Butler for a dunk. 72-61 Bucks.

4:16: Wiz get another turnover….Butler jets down the court, goes straight under the rim, puts Charlie Bell on his back and becomes a very easy target for a pass from Mike James. 73-63 Bucks.

Mbah a Moute muscles Butler under the rim…Blatche goes to help and that leaves Gadzuric available for the put-back. 75-63 Bucks.

Jamison misses two FTs…..McGuire leaves Richard Jefferson just enough room to nail a jumper. And just like that, it’s back to 14 after the Wiz had the ball with a chance to cut it to 8.

2:19: McGuire skies high over everyone to get a board (mysteriously his first of the game) with TWO hands.

1:58: R-Jeff gets a “veteran” call And1 on D-Mac. 80-67 Bucks.

1:11: Wiz let A-Moute cut right through the zone with no communication, but McGuire saves the day with a block.

1:00: Jamison baseline hooks his way to 18 points to go along with 11 boards. 80-69 Bucks.

0:45: Bad communication….Blatche and McGuire double the ball, but get confused on who should be sprinting back to the open man…..lotta pointing going on here…..wide open J by Malik Allen. 82-69 Bucks.

Phil Chenier commends Darius Songaila on his pick and roll defense because he is able to adeptly turn the guard away from a path to the basket.

And the 3rd ends with the Wiz down 13, 83-70 – work more than cut out.


11:20: Juan Dixon with a rare lay-up….every once in a while, Tap will give that dude more run. 83-72 Bucks.

10:45: Ugh…D-Song’s layup cuts to 9, but Dixon is not tall enough to get out on Ridhour’s trey. 86-74 Bucks. Milwaukee is shooting 53% for the game.

9:33: ‘Nother Bucks trey, ‘nother Songaila cut layup…..then Villanueva hits a jumper in Blatche’s grill. 91-76 Bucks.

9:06: Bogans hits second straight trey…..call this one over now?…94-76 Bucks.

Another bullet to the shoes…Nick Young carries the ball….14th turnover of the game.

Chenier and Buck continue to brag about Darius Songaila.

7:16: Blatche moves his feet well on Jefferson and then gets a block on Jamison’s man (bad feet movement), Allen, going for the layup.

6:38: Nick Young travel…..15th turnover….these mistakes by the 2nd year player are a killer. 94-78 Bucks.

Wizards need to keep going to the basket, get fouled, make FTs, and slow down the game.

Wiz up 48-26 on points in the paint…..absurd to be down 14. 5:39 left – timeout.

4:23: Damn veterans….Jamison gets a steal, has what should be an easy 2-1 faster break with Butler against Jefferson….who, knowingAJ can’t dribble, plays close to Butler…..and easily gets the steal on the pass…Bucks get a layup. 100-84.

3:19: Nick Young has been aggressive….changes direction nicely, but always seems to use that arm to push off. I wonder how often they’re going to let him get away with that. 13 points off the bench, 6-7 onFTs for Young. 102-89 Bucks.

The Wizards, indicated by a Jamison miss, are just trying to throw up the first look they get…and a trey by the Bucks on the next possession puts this game officially on ice. 105-89 Bucks.

1:16: Scott Skiles takes a timeout to get that bamma Damon Jones in the game.

Game Final: 109-93 Milwaukee — sweep the season series with the Wiz, first time since ’72.

[photo source: flickr/trekguy]

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