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Wizards Lottery Ball Memes: The Rundown

Updated: March 24, 2009

These memes are looking for the Wizards - flickr/RcktManILThe Wizards lost to the Bulls last night while giving the kiddies floor burn much to the delight of Wizards malcontents who would find negativity in just about anything (and no, despite popular belief, I am not one of those people).

But you’ve got Ivan Carter with his “Race to the Bottom” meme (ok, maybe it’s not really a meme….in fact, even after reading the Wiki, I’m still not quite sure I understand the concept of a meme……who cares…..maybe this guy is right about something … whatever)…..but if you want to create a meme, do it Blowtorch style.

As far as Races to the Bottom….I usually associate those with going to the bar.

But when it comes to the Wizards, and finishing with the worst record in the NBA…..stop it. Stop pointing it out, stop talking about it……it just is.

If Stet Sports didn’t make it clear, go back and understand:

Some say that to ensure such a pick, the Wizards should coast into the off-season and enhance their chances of picking up Griffin with the top spot. But fortune just isn’t the Wizards style. And that’s why the team shouldn’t tank for what fate has already minimized its chances of receiving.

and later on…

The Washington Times’ Thom Loverro spits the same sentiment:

The No. 1 pick in the draft? The Wizards first would have to win the lottery. Even with the odds in their favor, we are talking about the Wizards here – they are more likely to have a Boston Celtics-Tim Duncan pingpong outcome than actually get the first pick.

Face it Wizards fans…..the fate of the team is decided or not, but either way, stop investing hope in tinkering with it…..or even caring. Just flow.
(P.S. – I’ll have my fingers crossed and shots in hand on the fateful lottery ball day in May.)

Last Night’s Bulls Game
(commentary, just like Boogie Down Productions’ P, is for free)

Evidently Antawn Jamison played his ass off.

Kelly Dwyer said this:
Antawn Jamison was the star of this game, he was a little three-happy (3-10 from long range), but his work on both sides of the ball (seriously, active defense from Jamison in the loss) kept Washington in the game, as did his 15-point fourth quarter (with a whole heap of those quick points coming in the final two minutes). [Ball Don’t Lie]

Ivan Carter said:
Meantime, it’s interesting to see Antawn Jamison out there busting his tail as he did last night in the close loss to Chicago. [Wizards Insider]

Wizards fans are undoubtedly asking themselves, “Why is this Jamison cat so go-hard?”

Well folks, he’s a veteran, a gamer, and he’s trying to set a good goddamn example.

No, he’s not exactly the most vocal locker room leader…..although AJ gets his digs in here and there…..but some cats just aren’t like that.

I have no problem with Jamison expecting the young players to see how he, and others such as Darius Songaila, act as professionals without him having to get in their face and hold their hands.

So, for these facts, I’m willing to look past Jamison’s transgressions on defense. He’s not only immobile laterally, but sometimes I just don’t think he can adjust his help-side and recovery D in situations that require quick actions and instinct. moving on….

Jamison on the possibility of Gilbert Arenas coming back on Saturday: “Until I see it, um, what do you want me to say? . . . I know he’s been texting a lot lately . . . It’ll be nice to get a fresh body, and a good friend out there.” [Wizards Outlet]

Awwww!! Puppy Dogs, Rainbows & Ice Cream!!!

Backup guard Juan Dixon had missed two straight games with a strained right Achilles tendon but returned Monday night. After logging nine minutes in the first half, he aggravated the injury and left the game. [Washington Times]

AKA Juan Dixon Doesn’t Feel Like Playing

Like his team, Gordon had an uneven night. He went scoreless in the first half — he didn’t play at all in the second quarter — and then busted through in the second half to score all of his team-high 21 points. [Chicago Sun-Times]

I left the spot @ halftime to go actually play basketball instead of watching the Wizards squander away a dub….later on, I would be too lazy to watch the 2nd half after accidentally seeing the final score. Now, I wanna go back to see who was responsible for letting Ben Gor
don go off (initial guess = Nick Young was heavily involved).

Really loved Crittenton’s attacking style and his final line: 18 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists with no turnovers. He and Rose really went at it for stretches. Rose has serious work to do on that jumper but he’s killer on the pick-and-roll and tonight, he killed the Wizards on it. [Wizards Insider]

I really hope J-Critt works out….although I think the ceiling on his career is a change-of-pace point guard back-up who can play along other “point guards” like ‘Bert Arenas.

Joakim Noah thinks that getting paid to put a ball in a basket is overrated [via DC Sports Bog]

Tell that to some jerk blogger or all those who don’t play in the NBA, jerk.

NBA Draft Glass Half Full for Wizards Fans [B-Shoals @ The Sporting Blog]

Going to Jerk City? - flickr/Joe Shlabotnik

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